• Technical Conference:  04 – 09 May 2025
  • The CLEO Hub: 06 – 08 May 2025

2024 Invited Speakers - Fundamental Science

FS 1: Quantum Optics of Atoms, Molecules and Solids

    Robert Loew, , Germany, Tutorial
    Rydberg Atom Quantum Optics

    Paul Barclay, University of Calgary, Canada
    Diamond Optomechanics, Phonon Lasing

    Jeff Thompson, Princeton University, United States
    Neutral Atom Quantum Computing with Ytterbium Erasure Qubits

    Zoe Yan, University of Chicago, United States
    Magnetic Polarons in a Triangular Fermi-Hubbard Quantum Simulator

FS 2: Quantum Information and Communication

    Animesh Datta, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, Tutorial
    Quantum Metrology

    Valeria Cimini, Univ degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Italy
    Variational Quantum Algorithm for Multiparameter Estimation

    Urbasi Sinha, Light and Matter Physics group, India
    Spatial and Temporal Quantum Correlations

    Peng Xue, Southeast University (China), China
    Non-Hermitian Quantum Walks with Single Photons and Their Topological Properties

FS 3: Quantum Photonics

    Peter Lodahl, Kobenhavns Universitet, Denmark, Tutorial
    Deterministic Single-photon Quantum Hardware for Scalable Quantum Information Processing

    Silvia Cardenas-Lopez, Columbia University,
    Many-body steady-state behavior in waveguide QED

    Nathalie de Leon, Princeton University, United States
    Nanoscale Covariance Magnetometry with Diamond Quantum Sensors

    Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, PsiQuantum, United States
    Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing with Silicon Photonics

    Andrew White, University of Queensland, Australia
    Rise of the Machines: Making Better Photons by Getting Rid of Experimentalists

FS 4: Optical Excitations and Ultrafast Phenomena in Condensed Matter

    Xiaoyang Zhu, Columbia University, United States, Tutorial
    Exciton Physics

    Ankit Disa, Cornell University, United States
    Engineering Non-equilibrium Magnetic Order with THz Light

    Wanzheng Hu , Boston University, United States
    Manipulating Magnetization and Polarization by Resonant Excitations

FS 5: Nonlinear Optics and Novel Phenomena

    Maria Chekhova, Max-Planck-Inst Physik des Lichts, Germany, Tutorial
    Bright Squeezed Vacuum And Its Applications In Strong-Field Physics

    Rivka Bekenstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    Experimental Simulations of Post-Newtonian Schrodinger Dynamics with Nonlocal Nonlinearities

    Hui Cao, Yale University, United States
    Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Lasing in Semiconductor Microcavities

    Mohammad-Ali Miri, City University of New York, United States
    Analog Information Processing on a Photonic Chip with Programmable Photonic Integrated Circuits

    Sebastian Weidemann, University of Rostock, Germany
    Topological and Non-Hermitian Photonics, Nonlinear Discrete Systems

FS 6: Nano-Optics and Plasmonics

    Bert Hecht, Universität Würzburg, Germany, Tutorial
    Using Light-driven Nanomotors to Propel Microrobots

    Yohannes Abate, University of Georgia, United States
    There’s Plenty of Interaction at the Bottom

    Aitzol García-Etxarri, Denostia International Physics Center, Spain
    3D Topological Photonics

    Maiken H. Mikkelsen, Duke University, United States
    Plasmonic Nanocavities for Ultrafast Single Photon Sources in the Telecom

    Ruwen Peng, Nanjing University, China
    Polarization Manipulation and Multiplexing Via Optical Metasurfaces: From Classical to Quantum

    Bo Zhen, University of Pennsylvania, United States
    Topological Photonics

FS 7: Ultrafast Science of Attosecond, X-Ray Free-Electron-Laser, and Ultra-Intense Light

    Mohammed Hassan, University of Arizona, United States, Tutorial
    Attosecond Electron Microscopy and Imaging the Quantum Electron Motion in Action

    Aleksey Korobenko, University of Ottawa, Canada
    Control and Imaging of Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation at the Nanoscale

    Sha Li, Ohio State University, United States
    High-order Harmonic Generation in Solids Driven by Mid-infrared and Terahertz Two-color Field

    Francoise Remacle, Universite de Liege, Belgium
    Steering Quantum Dynamics Through Electronic Entanglement in Molecules Pumped by Atto and Few Femto Second Pulses

    Bernd Schuette, Max Born Institute, Germany
    All-attosecond Pump-probe Spectroscopy at kHz Repetition Rate

FS 8: Metamaterials and Complex Media

    Jonathan Fan, Stanford University, United States, Tutorial
    Deep Learning for Inverse Design of Metamaterials

    Mikhail Kats, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
    “Thermal” Radiation from Emitters Not Quite in Equilibrium

    Natalia Litchinitser, Duke University, United States
    Metamaterials and Topology of Light