• Technical Conference:  05 – 10 May 2024
  • The CLEO Hub: 07 – 09 May 2024

Invited Speakers - Applications & Technology

A&T 1 Biomedical Applications

    Shamsul Arafin, Ohio State University, United States
    Photonic Integrated Circuits at MWIR and Green Wavelengths for Biomedical Applications

    Bingying Chen, University of Texas Southwestern, United States
    Oblique Plane Microscopy, Structured Illumination Microscopy

    Zach Marin, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, United States
    Autonomous Light-Sheet Microscopy

    Euan McLeod, University of Arizona, United States
    Lensfree Nanoscopic Imaging and Sensing

    Benjamin Miller, University of Rochester, United States
    A Disposable Photonics Approach to Sensors for Diagnostics and Drug Discovery

    Yu Yao, Arizona State University,
    High-speed Compact Muller Matrix Microscope Based on Metasurfaces for Bioapplications

    Shuwen Zeng, French National Centre for Scientific Re, France
    Ultra-sensitive Plasmonic Biosensors Based on Two-dimensional Nanomaterials-enhanced Phase Singularity

A&T 2 Laser-based Manufacturing, Machining and Nanoprinting

    David Bruneel, Lasea,
    Femtosecond Lasers for High Productivity

    Godai Miyaji, Tokyo Univ of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
    Fine-periodic Nanostructure Formation on Solids with Few-cycle Femtosecond Laser Pulses

    Aiko Narazaki, Natl Inst of Adv Industrial Sci & Tech, Japan
    Data-driven Ultrashort Pulse Laser Processing of Glass Materials Toward Stable and High-throughput Manufacturing

A&T 3 Optical Instrumentation for Measurements and Monitoring

    Benjamin Eggleton, University of Sydney, Australia
    Vital Sign Detection with Broadband Photonic Radar

    Kristinn Gylfason, Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan, Sweden
    Photonic Waveguide Based Gas Sensors

    Jean-Pierre van Helden, Leibniz Inst Plasma Science & Technology, Germany
    High-Resolution Dual-Comb Spectroscopy

A&T 4 Environmental Sensing Applications of Optical Measurements and Instrumentation

    Arup Chakraborty, Indian Inst of Technology, Gandhinagar, India
    Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy As a Potent Technology to Meet the Challenges of Air Quality Monitoring in India

    Low-cost and Realtime Detection of Bacterial Contamination in Drinking Water: How to Improve Specificity ?

    William (Mint) Kunkel, Bridger Photonics, Inc, United States
    Aerial Gas Mapping LiDAR for Methane Emission Source Localization, Quantification, and Large Scale Statistical Characterization

    Pablo Sobron, Washington University,
    From Starlight to Seafloor: Space-Tech’s Leap in Rapid Environmental Sensing for Net-Zero.

    Alexander Spott, University of California Santa Barbara, United States
    Silicon Photonics Across the Infrared for Ultra Compact Sensors

    Rui Yang, University of Oklahoma, United States
    Mid-infrared Interband Cascade Devices for Sensing Applications

A&T 5 Quantum Technology in Transition

    Elizabeth Donley, National Inst of Standards & Technology, United States
    An update on International Work Toward Redefining the SI Second

    Barbara Goldstein, NIST, United States
    NIST on Chip Program Overview

    Thomas Kornack, TWINLEAF LLC, United States

    Robert McConnell, Massachusetts Inst of Tech Lincoln Lab, United States
    Integrated Technologies for Miniaturized Trapped-ion Quantum Sensors

    William McGehee, NIST, United States
    Toward Long-term Stability in Chip-scale Atomic Beam Clocks

    Vincent Menoret, exail, France
    Quantum Inertial Sensors for Field Applications

    Judith Olson, Infleqtion (ColdQuanta Labs), United States
    Tiqker: the Commercial Optical Atomic Clock

    Ethan Pratt , SandboxAQ, United States
    Magnetocardiography (MCG) in the hospital Emergency Department

    James Shaffer, Quantum Valley Ideas Lab, Canada
    Radio Frequency Measurement with Rydberg Atom-Based Sensors

    Lisa Woerner, DLR, Germany
    Quantum Sensors for Space Exploration

A&T 6 Advances in Semiconductor Technology

    Mikhail Belkin, Technische Universität Munchen, Germany
    Mid-infrared Photonic Integration and Nonlinear Optics on InP

    Tin Komljenovic, Nexus Photonics, Inc, United States
    Heterogeneous Photonics in Visible and Beyond

    Kei May Lau, Hong Kong Univ of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
    Contributions to III-V Compound Semiconductor Heterostructure Materials and Devices

    Xian Xiao, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, United States
    Tensorized Optical Neural Networks and Their Applications