• Technical Conference: 

    07 – 12 May 2023

  • Exhibition: 

    09 – 11 May 2023

Submit Papers


Submission for 2023 Special Symposia, A&T Topical Reviews, and Panels has closed.


Curate a Technical Program for Presentation in 2023:

CLEO welcomes all members of the optics and photonics community to suggest topics or ideas for three technical programs: Special Symposia, Applications & Technology Topical Reviews and Panels.

Proposals, which must be submitted by Friday, 05 August, will be evaluated by CLEO General and Program Chairs for possible presentation next year.

Special Symposia

Comprised of invited and contributed papers, Special Symposia cover areas considered to be topical and of special interest to CLEO attendees. Submissions should consist of timely, cutting-edge topics and/or new material in rapidly advancing areas. (See topic categories.

A&T Topical Reviews

Comprised of invited and contributed papers, Applications & Technology Topical Reviews emphasize significant recent advances in the application of photonics technologies to address current, real-world problems. Submissions should consist of timely, cutting-edge topics and/or new material in rapidly advancing areas related to applications and technology.


Composed of a panel of specialists and a moderator, Panels provide an interactive, open forum to address topics that are not covered by traditional presentations, but are of interest and importance to the CLEO community. Panelists represent disparate, opposing viewpoints and formal presentations are not permitted. The informal format of Panels promotes expression of conflicting or opposing opinions and significant audience interaction. A submission should consist of a topic, not necessarily technical, for which there is no clear consensus. It should be relevant to all CLEO attendees including exhibitors.

Submission Guidelines

All proposals must be submitted by the deadline of Friday, 05 August 2022 at 12:00 (EDT, UTC-04:00).  Proposals, which are submitted on an online form, will include the following information.

  1. Contact/primary organizer's information
  2. Organizer's name, affiliation, country and email address (Each Symposium, Topical Review or Panel should have 2-3 organizers.)
  3. Title and abstract
  4. Response to why this is a necessary and important topic now (in contrast to other years), and is this topic suited for an interactive workshop format. (If yes, list controversial questions that may be discussed.)
  5. Which existing topic subcommittees (any combination of A&T, S&I and FS topics), if any, would this topic be most aligned with? (It is not a requirement that the proposed session be aligned with any existing subcommittee.)
  6. Proposed invited speaker list and talk titles. Proposed speaker list must be diverse and inclusive, 20 percent women and ideally speakers from underrepresented groups. Do not contact speakers until notification of acceptance of symposium proposal. All invited speaker lists will require approval of the Program Chairs before invitations can be extended.

Questions? Contact cstech@optica.org.