• Technical Conference:  04 – 09 May 2025
  • The CLEO Hub: 06 – 08 May 2025

Shaping the Future of Laser-Plasma Applications with Structured Light Fields


Marco Piccardo, INESC Microsystems & Nanotech, Técnico Lisboa, Portugal; Harvard University, USA
John Palastro, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, USA
Jorge Vieira, Group of Lasers and Plasma, Técnico Lisboa, Portugal

The intersection of structured light and laser-plasma physics is at the precipice of a new era, driven by the need for advanced control of light fields in many applications. Ultrashort laser pulses interacting with gases can form and mold plasmas, with the spatial profile and temporal waveform of the laser beam playing a pivotal role in defining the plasma structure. With the advent of the world's most powerful lasers in the petawatt range, breakthroughs in laser-driven inertial confinement fusion and advancements in laser-plasma particle accelerators, the demand for exotic beams, such as space-time beams, is escalating.

This A&T Topical Review explores how these advancements can revolutionize current applications and control laser-plasma interactions. We will address key questions: How can the intersection of structured light and laser-plasma physics boost current applications? What specific advancements in space-time beams could be best utilized to control laser-plasma interactions? The goal is to bring together diverse perspectives on the design of light fields in laser-plasma physics and to identify the challenges, opportunities and solutions in this burgeoning field.

Invited Speakers

Mihail Cernaianu, ELI-NP, Romania
Laser Driven Ion Acceleration Using Ultra-intense, High Order Orbital Angular Momentum Laser Pulses

Matthew Edwards, Stanford University, USA
Structured Light from Structured Plasma: Manipulating Extreme Lasers with Plasma Optics

Martin Formanek, ELI Beamlines - International Laser Research Centre, Czechia
Probing Strong Field QED with Flying Focus Pulses

Subhendu Kahaly, ELI-ALPS, Hungary
Structured Light and Light Induced Structures in Attosecond Science

Ronan Lahaye, ENSTA Paris, France
Laser Plasma Acceleration with Structured Light Fields

Aaron Liberman, Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel
First Electrons Accelerated with the Wakefield of an Axiparabola

Howard Milchberg, University of Maryland, USA
Spatio-temporal Optical Vortices and Laser Matter-interactions

Kyle Miller, University of Rochester, USA
Dephasingless Laser Wakefield Acceleration in the Bubble Regime

Jeremy Pigeon, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, USA 
The Ultrafast Flying-focus

Stephane Sebban, ENSTA Paris, France
Using Spatio-temporal Couplings for Controlling Group Velocity in Longitudinally Pumped Seeded Soft X-ray Lasers

Camilla Willim, Técnico Lisboa, Portugal
Intense Laser-plasma Interactions with Structured Light

Yipeng Wu, University of California Los Angeles, USA
Efficient Generation of Intense Spatial and Spatiotemporal Vortex Harmonics Using Plasma Mirrors