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Highlights from the Program Chairs

By James Van Howe | Posted: 30 March 2012

For a few years now CLEO conference organizers have been posting youtube shorts highlighting contributed talks, symposia, research trends, and any new or unique directions for the upcoming conference. This year there are seventeen videos from the program chairs, all worth watching. However, for those who prefer text over A/V, I thought it might be helpful to highlight the highlights here.

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Photonics for Global Health

By James Van Howe | Posted: 3 October 2011

Research performed in the Ozcan group at UCLA holds a unique place in the field of optics and photonics. Besides the typical pursuit of advancing optical technology, another major initiative of this photonics group is solving problems of global world health, particularly in resource-poor countries.

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Stand Up and Clap if you Love Science!

By James Van Howe | Posted: 30 January 2011

Just this past Tuesday, U.S. president, Barack Obama, invoked science and innovation in the State-of-the-Union-Address, as the silver bullet to heal an ailing U.S. economy and crumbling infrastructure. U.S. statesmen and -women alike got up out of their seats repeatedly to give applause for science.

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