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James Bond meets CLEO

By James Van Howe | Posted: 4 March 2011

The conference program for CLEO 2011 was just released on Wednesday, March 2. Among many other cutting-edge and ground-breaking contributed papers are those from the new conference to debut this May, CLEO: Applications and Technology. Browsing the topic subcategory, Lasers for Government Science and Security Applications, I came across titles that seemed to be the stuff out of a James Bond movie, ATuF2, “Mono-Energetic Gamma-rays (MEGa-rays) and the Dawn of Nuclear Photonics” and ATuF4, “2D+3D Face Imaging for Stand-off Biometric Identification.” Can’t you just picture the mad, evil-scientist-villain (disfigured in some way, stroking his cat) plotting to steal a MEGa-Ray device in one scene, and Q 3D-scanning 007′s face in order for him to gain access into MI6 in another? Maybe I need to do more optics research and watch less movies, however, there’s no question about impact of these papers.

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