• Technical Conference:  10 – 15 May 2020
  • Exhibition: 12 – 14 May 2020

Optical Engineering Scopes


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Applications & Technology (A&T) – Optical Engineering

Applications & Technology offers a forum for the presentation of the latest advances in optical engineering and its application to real world problems. Based on scientific discovery, engineering progress in maturing and implementing technology is presented.


Below are listed representative categories of topics covered at A&T along with the criteria that make these works appropriate for presentation at CLEO. Emphasis is placed on uniqueness, impact of the work and how the work advanced the state of the art.


a. New Products

  • Represents an advance in technology or application beyond that already in the market place and released within the last year
  • Advance described in enough technical detail that new capability is apparent
  • Entails a clearly detailed description of the realization path and the value of the core technology to other endeavours

b. Field Demonstration of Optical Technology

  • Reports significant results in determining a physical quantity ( e.g., hyperspectral land resource sensing, pollution monitoring, wind sensing, etc.)
  • Demonstration of an advanced system/subsystem for sensing, measuring or interacting with physical items such as the environment, objects, etc.
  • Demonstration of new technologies used in manufacturing, quality control, materials modification, etc.

c. Engineering of Optical Technology

New Hardware

  • New or significantly improved sensor representing a improved capability (increased sensitivity, range, size, weight, major cost reduction, etc.)
  • New or improved componentry demonstrating an advance in performance
  • Newly packaged component/subsystem enabling wider use and/or non-laboratory deployment
  • Novel optical designs applied to optical/EO systems/subsystems

New Processing

  • Advanced processing or control algorithms for optical systems enabling new capabilities
  • New algorithms for enhanced data mining (big data)
  • New optics designs and/or measurement techniques
  • Advanced optically-based diagnostic approaches

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