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Postdeadline Submissions Open
Postdeadline Abstract and Summary Submission
Deadline 21 April 2014 12:00 EDT (16:00 GMT)

The purpose of postdeadline papers is to give participants the opportunity to hear new and significant material in rapidly advancing areas. Only those papers judged to be truly excellent and compelling in their timeliness are accepted for postdeadline presentation. If you believe your work meets these requirements, you are encouraged to submit a postdeadline paper.

All accepted postdeadline submissions are presented as oral presentation during a session on Thursday, 12 June.

Paper Preparation: Details on submission requirements, peer review, and the style guide.

Fast Facts about Submitting a Paper to CLEO: 2014

Choose Your Conference

CLEO: QELS-Fundamental Science is a descendent of the Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS), which has been traditionally collocated with CLEO. QELS has long been a leading venue for presenting the newest research results in physics-related areas of optics, modern spectroscopy, atomic and molecular manipulation and control, quantum optics, optical materials, interactions of electromagnetic radiation with matter, ultrafast phenomena, and nonlinear optics. More recent additions include fields such as quantum information science, nanophotonics, and metamaterials.

CLEO: Science & Innovations is the "classic" CLEO which for over 36 years has reported applied research results on all types of lasers, optical materials, and photonic devices. Topics include laser processing of materials, terahertz technologies, high-field and ultrafast optics, optical communications, biophotonics, optical sensing and metrology, micro- and nano-photonics and nonlinear optics.

CLEO: Applications & Technology presents the transition of fundamental and applied research innovations towards products, including development and demonstration of new components, systems and applications of lasers and electro-optics technology. Emphasis is on pre-commercial or non-commercial technology validations in relevant environments, including demonstrations of component or breadboard systems in the laboratory, prototype demonstrations in operational environments, field test results, and engineering and manufacturing advances (for example, space qualification of lasers and components).

Benefits to Presenting Your Contributed Work
Important Submission Information
Notification Timeline
  • Every accepted paper is published in OSA’s digital library, Optics InfoBase, the largest peer-reviewed collection of optics and photonics research
  • Presented work is also submitted to IEEE’s Xplore Digital Library
  • Presented work is indexed in Ei Compendex, Scopus and several other indexing service partners
  • Opportunity to share your work at the leading, peer-reviewed conference on lasers and electro-optics
  • Share your research and collaborate with the top echelon in the field. CLEO has a loyal attendee base which includes the top leaders in the industry
  • NO late submissions will be accepted for any reason
  • NO revisions will be accepted for any reason. Check your paper before submitting
  • Follow the style guide.
  • Submit electronically through the ScholarONE system
  • A complete submission consists of title, 35 word abstract, and a 2-page summary
  • Primary Author Notifications will be sent the week of 4 April 2014
  • Postdeadline Paper Author Notifications will be sent 9 May 2014