CLEO: Applications and Technology

Applications & Technology submission criteria

CLEO: Applications & Technology presents the latest advancements in applied optics and photonics and discusses how these technologies can be used in products.

This area of the conference is where innovative commercial technologies are demonstrated through new components, advanced processing technology and optoelectronic systems. Sessions may provide proof-of-concept prototypes, field trials and test data, and manufacturing advances in areas such as metrology, “green” technologies (LEDs and solar cells), biomedical applications, industrial instrumentation, and other end-user markets.

Attend an outstanding technical program: In addition to an impressive list of invited speakers, Eric Betzig, Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2014, will speak at the Brain Imaging symposium and at the Plenary.  Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate Physics 1997, will join Eric Betzig and a number of laureates and luminaries as keynote speakers at the Plenary. Plus, new Topical Reviews have been added to the Applications & Technology program.


Core Applications & Technology Tracks include:

  1. Biomedical Applications
  2. Industrial Applications
  3. Photonic Instrumentation & Techniques for Metrology & Industrial Process
  4. Laser & Photonics Applications for Energy & Environment

New 2015 Applications & Technology expanded submission criteria announced! Read about it and spread the word.


  • Do-Hyun Kim
    Food and Drug Administration, USA
    Multi-spectral Imaging for Determining End-point of Photo-thermal Damage on Tissue

  • Seung-Woo Kim
    Korea Advanced Inst of Science & Tech, South Korea
    Advanced optical distance measurements using femtosecond laser pulses.

  • Christopher Chunnilall
    NPL, UK
    Title to be Determined

  • Peter Kozodoy
    Glint Photonics, Inc., USA
    Self-Tracking Solar Concentrator Optics

  • Richard Crocombe
    Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA
    Miniature and Handheld Spectroscopic Instruments for Chemical Sensing and Security Applications: Enabled by Photonics

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