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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

Vescent Photonics, Inc.

Vescent Photonics, Inc.

About Us

Vescent is a leading designer & manufacturer of lasers and control electronics for precision optical physics and quantum sensing.  We offer a series of Distributed Bragg Reflector cw diode lasers which features ultra-stable wavelength output and broad mode hop-free tunability at a number of key wavelengths.   

We also feature mode-locked lasers and frequency combs.  The MLL-100 Mode-Locked Laser is based on a fiber architecture for performance and reliability.  It produces more than 100 mW average power consisting of a train of sub-100 femtosecond duration at a repetition rate ranging from 80 to 250 MHz.

The MLL-100 is the engine from which our FFC-100 Fiber Frequency Comb works to provide a supercontinuum spectra spanning more than an octave in the NIR.  The FFC-100 uses an ƒ-to-2ƒ interferometer to detect ƒCEO.  Locking electronics stabilize both the self-referenced ƒCEO and ƒopt to a narrow-band laser for a fully stabilized frequency comb ready to participate in dual comb spectroscopy, time keeping, frequency ruler work. 

We are also the exclusive US Distributor for Menhir Photonics who offer the Menhir-1550 low-phase noise mode-locked laser.  This unique oscillator offers clean soliton pulses at gigahertz repetition rates.

In addition to lasers, Vescent is well known for the highest performance in diode driving electronics, servo controllers and eo modules.  The D2 series of analog control electronics features our flagship D2-105 Laser Controller with best-in-class noise performance. 

Vescent has also introduced the new SLICE line of control electronics.  SLICE offers sub-millikelvin temperature stability, megahertz-bandwidth PZT control, and economical diode drivers.  All with a friendly graphical user interface.

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Michael Radunsky
Vice President of Sales & Marketing