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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

M Squared Lasers Ltd.

M Squared Lasers Ltd.

About Us

M Squared is a multi-award-winning photonics and quantum technology company. For over a decade, it has provided the world's purest light to enable scientific progress and power industry – helping to address some of society's greatest challenges. Its laser systems are working to realize the potential of the coming quantum age, improve healthcare and provide the scientific understanding to help halt climate change. The company's expertise spans CW to fs, and DUV to THz wavelengths.

Our award-winning SolsTiS is a step-change in continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire laser technology. It’s compact, ultra-narrow linewidth, fully automated, low noise and widely tunable.





Mailing Address
1 Kelvin Campus
West of Scotland Science Park
Glasgow, GB

+44 (0)141 945 0500

Barbara Chen O'Connell
Operations Manager, US Operations