• Technical Conference: 

    09 – 14 May 2021

  • Exhibition: 

    10 – 14 May 2021

LightTrans International UG

LightTrans International UG

About Us

Optical Modeling and Design beyond Ray Tracing with VirtualLab Fusion Software

LightTrans offers solutions for modeling and design in optics and photonics. Our products and services include optical design software, optical engineering, training and consulting.

VirtualLab Fusion provides a platform for connecting inbuilt and customized electromagnetic field solvers. This approach enables fast physical optics with ray tracing embedded in a well-defined way. Many fields of application benefit from the fast physical optics paradigm: diffraction, interference, coherence, polarization in modelling and design of AR & VR lightguide glasses, microscopy, interferometric setups, diffractive and metalenses, gratings and more!

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Mailing Address
Kahlaische Strasse 4
Jena, Thuringia, DE

+49 3641 531290

Diana Apelt
Chief Sales Officer
+49 3641 531290