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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    09 – 14 May 2021

Grants, Awards and Prizes

Awards and Prizes   l   Grants

Recognition and Support:

The CLEO Conference supports a community of scientists working on the latest advances in the science and applications of lasers and opto-electronics. The goal of co-sponsors and committee members is to create a meeting experience that truly represents the global community. We provide awards, prizes and grants to ensure an experience that is professionally inclusive and geographically diverse.

Awards and Prizes

Students, recent graduates and early-career professionals are encouraged to present their research. The experience offers invaluable opportunities to get your name and research in front of an esteemed, international audience – at a career stage when building professional relationships is most essential for future success. CLEO supports your professional goals with several recognition opportunities.


American Physics Society - Division of Laser Science (APS/DLS)
Poster Presentation and Award
Deadline: Closed for 2021

Undergraduate and graduate students who present at CLEO are invited to participate in a poster competition hosted by the Division of Laser Science of the American Physical Society. Membership in APS and DLS is required to participate. Note: Students are eligible for free, first-time membership here.

Three best-poster awards are given. To be eligible for consideration, students must submit a paper to the CLEO Conference and opt-in to the competition during the submissions process. Recipients receive a certificate and USD 100.

Additional eligibility criteria is provided on the CLEO paper submission site.

OSA Foundation

Maiman Student Paper Competition
Deadline: Closed for 2021

The Maiman Paper Competition recognizes student innovation, research excellence and presentation skills in the areas of laser technology and electro-optics. The competition, established in 2008, is endowed by a grant from HRL Laboratories, LLC, IEEE Photonics Society and APS Division of Laser Science and is administered by The OSA Foundation.  

Authors must opt-in to the competition during the submissions process and opt-in to the competition during the submissions process. Finalists present their papers to a panel of judges virtually the week before the meeting. One winner receives USD 3,000; two honorable mention recipients each receive a certificate.


Tingye Li Innovation Prize
Deadline: Closed for 2021

The Tingye Li Innovation Prize is presented to an early-career professional who has demonstrated innovative research via a paper and reference documents submitted for consideration during the CLEO Conference. The prize, established in 2013, is endowed by Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc., AT&T, The Optical Society, IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Communications Society, Thorlabs, Inc, The Li Family and supporters of the Tingye Li Memorial Fund, and is administered by The OSA Foundation. 

Authors must opt-in to the competition during the submissions process and opt-in to the competition during the submissions process. The grand prize recipient receives USD 3,000, a special invitation to the Chairs' Reception and recognition during the conference.


James P. Gordon Memorial Speakership Program
Deadline: Closed for 2021

The James P. Gordon Memorial Endowment funds a speakership on quantum information and quantum optics to a CLEO invited speaker. This speakership, established in 2014, is endowed by the Gordon family, and supporters of the James P. Gordon Memorial Fund, and is administered by The OSA Foundation.

One recipient will receive an honorarium of USD 1,500. His/her presentation will be recorded and archived in the OSA Media Library.


The co-sponsors and committee believe that all individuals with accepted papers should have the ability to present at CLEO, regardless of financial concerns or family obligations. Speakers can consider the following support options.

OSA Foundation

Incubic/Milton Chang Travel Grant
Deadline: Closed for 2021

Travel grants of USD 500 each are provided to 10 students presenting papers at CLEO. Travel grants are awarded to the presenter and usually the first author of the paper. The program is funded by an endowment from Milton and Rosalind Chang and managed by the OSA Foundation.

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