• Technical Conference: 

    9 - 14 May 2021

  • Exhibition: 

    11 – 13 May 2021

Virtual Conference: Poster Guidelines

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At the 2020 CLEO Virtual Conference, posters will be presented in 16 separate Poster Sessions grouped by topic.  The groupings are intended to provide each poster presenter the potential for a larger and more focused audience.  As such, the final IDs and poster presentation times shifted in order to accommodate this.  Please be sure to note your current/new poster presentation ID and time.

Presenters will receive three opportunities. Each poster presenter will be able to:

  • provide a one-page Poster PDF that can be published as supplemental material to the abstract and two-page summary.
  • submit a two-minute recorded presentation. (Optional)
  • participate live in Q&A during the poster session. (Optional)

Poster PDF Requirements

Note: your Poster PDF should be one page only.

All poster presenters should provide a one-page Poster PDF. CCR is the audio visual company that will be facilitating your session.

  • Please remit your poster file(s) to CCR at least one week prior to the conference. (You should have received an upload link on 28-29 April from cstech@osa.org.) If you have not received the upload links, please contact cstech@osa.org and confirm  the email address these instructions should be sent to.  
  • Name your poster file using your presentation number followed by “-1” (e.g., JW2A.19-1).

While we don’t have a specific template, there are a number of companies that offer free templates to assist you in creating your Poster PDF. The A0 poster size formatted vertically is the most popular based on the usual, physical dimensions for the CLEO Conference.


Online Resources

All registrants will be able to access both your paper and your Poster PDF from your presentation listing on the mobile app or CLE website schedule. In addition, OSA will upload your Poster PDF to OSA Publishing's Digital Library as supplemental material to the actual paper.

Optional Recorded Two-Minute Video

Poster presenters will be given the option to provide an optional two-minute video describing their poster. 

The two-minute video must include a PowerPoint as accompaniment, which is limited to no more than four slides. Each slide must have your final abstract ID (e.g., JTu2B.5) and your last name. No live presentations will be given.

Individuals who supply a two-minute video will also be given the option of participating in live Q&A. 

Pre-recording Your Presentation in Zoom (Deadline to Remit: 4 May)

The 2020 CLEO Conference will be presented using the Zoom web conferencing platform. If you have never used Zoom, instructions on creating an account and basic features can be found here. In order to record your presentation, you must first download and install the Zoom client. For directions on recording your presentation, view the Virtual Presentation Guidelines page.

Recordings must be uploaded by 4 May.

Dynamic e-Posters

Dynamic e-Posters will be presented as scheduled with a slight modification. The sessions will start at 11:00 during the appointed day. Dynamic e-Poster presenters will be given 10 minutes to speak and are allocated an additional two minutes for Q&A.

Presenters may either choose to:

  • present live or
  • provide a recorded presentation

Note: even if you choose to present live, you should provide a recorded presentation that can be used as back up should technical difficulties prevent you from presenting live.

Dynamic e-Poster presentations will include live Q&A if the presenter is online for the session.

For directions on recording your presentation, view the Virtual Presentation Guidelines page.


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