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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

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Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions - Implementations & Funding

Presider: Wilhelm Kaenders, TOPTICA Photonics Inc

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Building Practical Quantum Computers With Trapped Ions (JF2G.1)
Presenter: Winfried Hensinger, University of Sussex

I will discuss progress in building practical trapped ion quantum computers. The machines we develop are based on the use of global microwave fields where voltages are applied to a microchip to execute quantum gates.

Authors:Winfried Hensinger, University of Sussex

Direct Observation of Trapped ion Micromotion and Multi-Qubits State With a TimePix3cam Single-Photon Sensitive Camera. (JF2G.2)
Presenter: LIUDMILA ZHUKAS, University of Washington

Here we demonstrate the use of Tpx3cam, a novel single-photon sensitive camera, in trapped ion experiments. We perform detection of multiple-qubit state as well as observation of micromotion in a linear ion chain.

Authors:LIUDMILA ZHUKAS, University of Washington / Maverick Millican, University of Washington / Svihra Peter, Czech Technical University / Andrei Nomerotski, Brookhaven National Laboratory / Boris Blinov, University of Washington


Design and Fabrication of Silicon Gratings for the Optical Addressing of Trapped Ion Qubits (JF2G.3)
Presenter: Yu Dian Lim, Nanyang Technological University

Grating couplers are fabricated for the optical addressing of trapped ion qubits, where their respective feasibility is evaluated. From the obtained results, optical addressing of 1 to 2 ions is possible along various axes.

Authors:Yu Dian Lim, Nanyang Technological University / Hong Yu Li, Agency for Science, Technology and Research / Peng Zhao, Nanyang Technological University / Jing Tao, Nanyang Technological University / Guidoni Luca, Université Paris Diderot / Chuan Seng Tan, Nanyang Technological University


NISQ Ion-Trap Quantum Computers (JF2G.4)
Presenter: Kristin Beck, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Trapped atomic ions are a leading platform for quantum computing. In this talk, I will introduce the platform, present recent algorithm demonstrations, and describe new directions in device design.

Authors:Kristin Beck, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


A Venture Capital Perspective on Quantum Computing (JF2G.5)
Presenter: David Moehring, Cambium Capital

I will present our investment thesis on quantum computing from the perspective of venture capital, and how it differs from government funding.

Authors:David Moehring, Cambium Capital