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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

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Symposium- Micro-Photonic Positioning, Navigation and Timing I

Presider: Andrey Matsko, JPL

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Photonic Systems Engineering: a Structured Approach to Positioning, Navigation and Timing Using Microresonators (JTu1I.1)
Presenter: Ying Lia Li, UCL

Optical microresonator gyroscopes, accelerometers and frequency combs are ideally suited for positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) applications. Using the example of a microresonator accelerometer, I present a systems engineering approach to PNT commercialisation.

Authors:Ying Lia Li, UCL


A Chip-Based Brillouin Laser Gyroscope With Earth-Rotaton-Rate Sensitivity (JTu1I.2)
Presenter: Kerry Vahala, California Institute of Technology

The physical principles of a chip-based Brillouin laser gyroscope are reviewed. The device can resolve sinusoidal rotations with amplitude as low as 5 degrees/hour and is also used to detect the Earth’s rotation.

Authors:Kerry Vahala, California Institute of Technology / Yu Hung Lai, California Institute of Technology / Myoung-Gyun Suh, California Institute of Technology / Boqiang Shen, California Institute of Technology


Integrated Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Ultra-Stable Brillouin Lasers and Their Application to PNT Applications (JTu1I.3)
Presenter: Daniel Blumenthal, University of California Santa Barbara

We describe a new class of photonic integrated ultra-narrow linewidth, ultra-stable Brillouin laser that enables precision spectrally-pure lasers at the chip-scale and their use in atomic clocks, quantum sensing, and optical gyros.

Authors:Daniel Blumenthal, University of California Santa Barbara


Integrated Optomechanical Sensing for Semiconductor Metrology (JTu1I.4)
Presenter: Andrea Fiore, Eindhoven University of Technology

In this talk we will present recent process on the integration of nano-opto-electro-mechanical sensors with photonic circuits and optical read-out, showing a route towards fully-integrated optical sensing

Authors:Andrea Fiore, Eindhoven University of Technology / Federico Galeotti, Eindhoven University of Technology / Tianran Liu, Eindhoven University of Technology / Maurangelo Petruzzella, Eindhoven University of Technology / Ivana Seršić Vollenbroek, Eindhoven University of Technology / Gustav Lindgren, Eindhoven University of Technology / Francesco Pagliano, Eindhoven University of Technology / Frank van Otten, Eindhoven University of Technology / Rene van Veldhoven, Eindhoven University of Technology / Vadim Pogoretskii, Eindhoven University of Technology / Yuqing Jiao, Eindhoven University of Technology / Abbas Mohtashami, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO / Hamed Sadeghian, Eindhoven University of Technology / Rob van der Heijden, Eindhoven University of Technology


Chip-Scale Optomechanics for Precision Navigation (JTu1I.5)
Presenter: Jaime G. Flor Flores, UCLA

Laser-driven optomechanical transduction has enabled precision measurements at the thermodynamical limits. Here we present measurements of laser-driven silicon optomechanical oscillators in force-acceleration sensing at mg/Hz1/2-levels for inertial navigation, supported by our theory and device nanofabrication.

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Authors:Chee Wei Wong, UCLA / Talha Yerebakan, UCLA / James McMillan, UCLA / Andrey Matsko, UCLA / Jaime G. Flor Flores, UCLA

Miniature High Performance Gyroscopes With Crystalline WGM Resonators (JTu1I.6)
Presenter: Lute Maleki, OEwaves, Inc.

Several groups around the word have been striving to achieve performance similar to fiber gyros and laser gyros in miniature form factors. At OEwaves we have demonstrated that ultra-high quality factor and exceptional transparency of whispering gallery mode resonators fabricated with crystalline material can be put to advantage to realize miniaturehigh performance gyros.

Authors:Lute Maleki, OEwaves, Inc.