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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

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Seeing Through Obstructions and Turbulence

Presider: Eric Zhang, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

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Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging With Picosecond Optical-Gated Single Photon Detection (STu2F.1)
Presenter: Shenyu Zhu, Stevens Institute of Technology

We demonstrated a non-line-of-sight imaging and tracking system with picosecond optical-gated single photon detection. It sees through obscureness while achieving high resolution NLOS 3D imaging and position retrieval.

Authors:Shenyu Zhu, Stevens Institute of Technology / Yong Meng Sua, Stevens Institute of Technology / Patrick Rehain, Stevens Institute of Technology / Yu-Ping Huang, Stevens Institute of Technology


Simultaneous Imaging and Localization in a Heavily Scattering Random Medium With Speckle Data From a Moving Object (STu2F.2)
Presenter: Ryan Hastings, Purdue University

Recorded speckle from a moving object hidden in a heavily scattering random medium is used to determine positions and coherently image at high resolution and through an amount of scatter limited only by detector noise.

Authors:Ryan Hastings, Purdue University / Brian Bentz, Sandia National Laboratories / Dergan Lin, Purdue University / Kevin Webb, Purdue University


Compressive Spectroscopic Long-Wave Infrared Imaging (STu2F.3)
Presenter: Jake Charsley, Heriot-Watt University

We report compressive spectroscopic imaging from 7–12 μm with a 4 cm-1 optical resolution, sampled at 25% of the Nyquist rate. Compressed measurements of plastics are presented with 640×512 pixels observed and reconstructed simultaneously.

Authors:Jake Charsley, Heriot-Watt University / Marius Rutkauskas, Heriot-Watt University / Yoann Altmann, Heriot-Watt University / Margaret Smith, University of Glasgow / Christina Young, University of Glasgow / Derryck Reid, Heriot-Watt University


Demonstration of a Real-Time Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) Sensor for Probing Variable Density Fog Clouds (STu2F.4)
Presenter: Kunjian Dai, Clemson University

This paper introduces a sensor for interrogating dynamic propagation environments for real-time detection of time-varying beams with OAM. As an example, a rotating variable fog distribution is created and sensed for induced changes in OAM.

Authors:Kunjian Dai, Clemson University / Keith Miller, Clemson University / Richard Watkins, Clemson University / Aristide Dogariu, University of Central Florida / Eric Johnson, Clemson University


Rotation Measurement Using Spatially Incoherent Light and the Rotational Doppler Shift (STu2F.5)
Presenter: Alex Anderson, University of Colorado at Boulder

We measure the rotational Doppler shift from a spinning target illuminated with spatially and temporally incoherent light. This demonstrates that a well-defined orbital angular momentum spectrum is not required to observe a rotational Doppler shift.

Authors:Alex Anderson, University of Colorado at Boulder / Elizabeth Strong, University of Colorado at Boulder / Brendan Heffernan, University of Colorado at Boulder / Mark Siemens, University of Denver / Gregory Rieker, University of Colorado at Boulder / Juliet Gopinath, University of Colorado at Boulder


Experimental Demonstration of Turbulence-Resilient Object Reconstruction by Optoelectronic Mixing of Sequentially Transmitted Pairs of Laguerre-Gaussian Modes (STu2F.6)
Presenter: Nanzhe Hu, Uninversity of Southern California

We experimentally demonstrate turbulence-resilient object reconstruction by optoelectronic mixing of sequentially transmitted pairs of Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) modes to measure the object’s LG modal signature. The reconstructed object exhibits resilience to turbulence with D/r0 up to 4.5.

Authors:Nanzhe Hu, Uninversity of Southern California / Runzhou Zhang, Uninversity of Southern California / Haoqian Song, Uninversity of Southern California / Jing Du, Huazhong University of Science and Technology / Xinzhou Su, Uninversity of Southern California / Huibin Zhou, Uninversity of Southern California / Hao Song, Uninversity of Southern California / Kai Pang, Uninversity of Southern California / kaiheng zou, Uninversity of Southern California / Amir Minoofar, Uninversity of Southern California / Moshe Tur, Tel Aviv University / Alan Eli Willner, Uninversity of Southern California


Quantitative Phase Contrast Imaging Using Guided-Mode Resonator Devices (STu2F.7)
Presenter: Anqi Ji, Stanford University

We showcase the application of resonant flat optical elements as insertable angular filters that facilitate phase contrast imaging. With high accuracy direct angular filtering, quantitative phase contrast imaging is achieved akin to Fourier optics approaches.

Authors:Anqi Ji, Stanford University / Jung-Hwan Song, Stanford University / Pieter Kik, CREOL / David Miller, Stanford University / Mark Brongersma, Stanford University


Polymer Optical Fibre Bend Sensor Based on Eccentrical Bragg Gratings (STu2F.8)
Presenter: Lennart Leffers, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover

We present a novel bend sensor based on eccentric fibre Bragg gratings in multimode graded-index polymer optical fibres. Dependent on number, position and depth of the gratings, 1D and 3D bend measurements are demonstrated.

Authors:Lennart Leffers, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover / Julia Locmelis, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover / Kort Bremer, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover / Bernhard Roth, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover / Ludger Overmeyer, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover