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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

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Emerging Photonic Materials

Presider: Harish Subbaraman, Boise State University

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Simultaneous Second and Third Harmonic Generation in Gallium Phosphide Microdisk Resonators (SF2A.1)
Presenter: Blaine McLaughlin, University of Calgary

Gallium phosphide is a nonlinear crystal of growing importance for integrated photonics. We observe and characterize a simultaneous second harmonic generation and third harmonic generation in a gallium phosphide microdisk for the first time.

Authors:Blaine McLaughlin, University of Calgary / David Lake, University of Calgary / Matthew Mitchell, University of Calgary / Paul Barclay, University of Calgary


Hybrid Aluminum Nitride Integration on Silicon Nitride Photonic Circuits (SF2A.2)
Presenter: Menno Poot, TU München

We demonstrate sputtering of high-quality aluminum nitride films onto prefabricated silicon nitride photonic circuits, simplifying their nanofabrication. Hybrid microring devices show reduced bending loss and low propagation losses, enabling future on-chip quantum optics experiments.

Authors:Giulio Terrasanta, TU München / Manuel Müller, Walther-Meißner-Institut / Timo Sommer, TU München / Mathias Althammer, Walther-Meißner-Institut / Menno Poot, TU München


Dual-Layer Thick LPCVD SiN Waveguides for low-Loss Photonics on 200 mm Wafers (SF2A.3)
Presenter: Aleksandrs Marinins, imec

We demonstrate 800 nm thick low-loss dual-layer LPCVD SiN optical waveguides with tunable profile shape to engineer modal properties. We achieved <10 dB/m loss at 1550 nm wavelength and nearly lossless vertical transitions between waveguides.

Authors:Aleksandrs Marinins, imec / Jon Kjellman, imec / Charles Caër, imec / Tangla David, imec / Xavier Rottenberg, imec / Roelof Jansen, imec / Philippe Soussan, imec


Impact of Stoichiometric Silicon Nitride Growth Conditions on Dispersion and Broadband Kerr Microcombs in the Near-Visible (SF2A.4)
Presenter: Gregory Moille, Joint Quantum Institute

We consider the impact of precursor gas ratio on nominally stoichiometric silicon nitride films, and show how it has a significant impact on microresonator integrated dispersion and broadband comb generation in the near-visible.

Authors:Gregory Moille, Joint Quantum Institute / Daron Westly, National Institute of Standards and Technology / Edgar Perez, Joint Quantum Institute / Ashutosh Rao, University of Maryland / Xiyuan Lu, University of Maryland / Kartik Srinivasan, Joint Quantum Institute


Integrated Photonic Neural Networks Using Phase-Change Materials (SF2A.5)
Presenter: Mo Li, University of Washington

This tutorial will review the recent research progress in using phase-change materials in integrated photonics for optical neural networks and provide a perspective of future larger-scale integration.

Authors:Mo Li, University of Washington