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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

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Ultrafast Nonlinear Dynamics and Frequency Conversion

Presider: Konstantin Vodopyanov

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Chiral Young's Double Slit Experiment and Polarization of Chirality (SW3R.1)
Presenter: Olga Smirnova, Max Born Institute

I will introduce a new concept of synthetic chiral light, which is chiral already in the dipole approximation, and show how structuring its handedness in space can lead to new extremely efficient enantio-sensitive optical observables.

Authors:Olga Smirnova, Max Born Institute

Quantum Random Number Generation via Dynamically-Controlled Coupled-Resonator-Based Kerr Oscillator (SW3R.2)
Presenter: Yoshitomo Okawachi, Columbia University

We demonstrate real-time quantum random number generation using an integrated silicon nitride coupled-ring-resonator-based degenerate optical parametric oscillator (DOPO). We achieve fast DOPO turn-on/off via dynamic modulation of the cavity decay time using integrated heaters.

Authors:Yoshitomo Okawachi, Columbia University / Bok Young Kim, Columbia University / Yun Zhao, Columbia University / Xingchen Ji, Columbia University / Michal Lipson, Columbia University / Alexander Gaeta, Columbia University


Machine Learning With Multimode Fibers (SW3R.3)
Presenter: Ugur Tegin, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

A novel optical computing framework by harnessing spatiotemporal nonlinear effects of multimode fibers for machine learning is presented. With linear and nonlinear interactions of the spatial fiber modes, a brain-inspired computation engine is experimentally realized.

Authors:Ugur Tegin, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne / Mustafa Yildirim, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne / Ilker Oguz, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne / Christophe Moser, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne / Demetri Psaltis, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne


Modeling Harmonic and Supercontinuum Generation in Polycrystalline Materials (SW3R.4)
Presenter: Jiahui Gu, University of Arizona

We develop a comprehensive model to simulate random quasi-phase-matched frequency conversion in polycrystalline media, and present simulations which shed light on the mechanisms of supercontinuum generation and the properties of generated radiation in zinc-blende materials.

Authors:Jiahui Gu, University of Arizona / Sergey Vasilyev, IPG Photonics – Southeast Technology Center / Mike Mirov, IPG Photonics – Southeast Technology Center / Miroslav Kolesik, University of Arizona


Supercontinuum Generation in Optofluidic Microstructured Optical Fibers (SW3R.5)
Presenter: Saher Junaid, Leibniz institute of Photonics technology

Supercontinuum generation in microstructured optical fiber with CS2 as a core-material is presented. The sample provides a new dispersion landscape with the zero-dispersion-wavelength approaching telecommunication wavelengths allowing for intense nonlinear frequency broadening across near-infrared

Authors:Saher Junaid, Leibniz institute of Photonics technology / Bierlich Jörg, Leibniz institute of Photonics technology / Alexander Hartung, Leibniz institute of Photonics technology / Mario Chemnitz, Institut national de la recherche scientifique / Markus Schmidt, Leibniz institute of Photonics technology


Frequency Comb-Like High Energy gas-Filled Fiber Raman Laser Spanning From 1.68 µm to 2.4 µm (SW3R.6)
Presenter: Yazhou Wang, Technical University of Denmark

A Raman laser with distinct lines at 1683, 1868, 2099, and 2394 nm is reported based on a hydrogen-filled nested anti-resonant fiber, with high pulse energies of 18.25, 14.4, 14.1, and 8.2 µJ, respectively.

Authors:Yazhou Wang, Technical University of Denmark / Abubakar Adamu, Technical University of Denmark / Md Selim Habib, Florida Polytechnic University / Manoj Dasa, Technical University of Denmark / Jose Antonio-Lopez, University of Central Florida / Rodrigo Amezcua Correa, University of Central Florida / Ole Bang, Technical University of Denmark / Christos Markos, Technical University of Denmark


Nonlinear Generation of Energetic Ultrashort Vortex Pulses With Spectral and Topological Charge Diversity (SW3R.7)
Presenter: Havva Begüm Kabagöz, Boston University

We demonstrate the generation of ~170-fs, ~5-nJ pulses of spectrally diverse light carrying orbital angular momentum of user-controlled topological charge by exploiting the selectivity and efficiency of the soliton self-mode conversion phenomenon in optical fibers.

Authors:Havva Begüm Kabagöz, Boston University / Zelin Ma, Boston University / Siddharth Ramachandran, Boston University