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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

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MIR Emitting Lasers

Presider: Emily Sistrunk Link, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Kerr-Lens Mode-Locked Tm:(Lu,Sc)2O3 Ceramic Laser Generating sub-60-fs Pulses at 2.08 µm (STh2L.1)
Presenter: Valentin Petrov, Max Born Institute

We report on a purely Kerr-lens mode-locked Tm:(Lu,Sc)2O3 ceramic laser emitting at 2083 nm. Nearly Fourier-transform-limited 58-fs pulses are generated with an average output power of 220 mW at a repetition rate of 84.8 MHz.

Authors:Yongguang Zhao, Max Born Institute / Hanlin Yang, Institute of Chemical Materials / Wei Jing, Institute of Chemical Materials / Hui Huang, Institute of Chemical Materials / Jiachen Liu, Tianjin University / Zhongben Pan, Max Born Institute / Zhengping Wang, Shandong University / Xinguang Xu, Shandong University / Xavier Mateos, Universitat Rovira i Virgili / Pavel Loiko, Universite de Caen / Yicheng Wang, Max Born Institute / Li Wang, Max Born Institute / Weidong Chen, Max Born Institute / Uwe Griebner, Max Born Institute / Valentin Petrov, Max Born Institute


Fully-Stabilized Mid-Infrared Optical Frequency Comb With Dynamic Offset Frequency Tuning (STh2L.2)
Presenter: Mikhail Roiz, University of Helsinki

We demonstrate an approach for mid-infrared frequency comb generation based on femtosecond Optical Parametric Generation seeded by a continuous-wave laser. The offset frequency can be stabilized, continuously tuned and modulated without its direct detection.

Authors:Mikhail Roiz, University of Helsinki / Krishna Kumar, University of Helsinki / Juho Karhu, University of Helsinki / Markku Vainio, University of Helsinki


Multi-Branch, 1-µm-Pumped, Few-Cycle mid-IR OPA System for Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopy (STh2L.3)
Presenter: Zsuzsanna Heiner, School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof

We present a broadband vibrational sum-frequency generation spectrometer covering the 2.7-13 µm range based on the combination of an ultrafast Yb pump laser, novel wide-bandgap non-oxide crystals, and the technique of chirped sum-frequency generation.

Authors:Zsuzsanna Heiner, School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof

Highly Efficient mid-Infrared Difference-Frequency Generation Based on Passively Synchronous Seeding (STh2L.4)
Presenter: Yinqi Wang, East China Normal University

A watt-level ultrafast mid-infrared source was implemented based on difference-frequency generation with passively synchronous seeding, which favored a much lower pumping threshold and a maximum power conversion efficiency of 77%.

Authors:Yinqi Wang, East China Normal University / Jianan Fang, East China Normal University / Ming Yan, East China Normal University / Kun Huang, East China Normal University / Heping Zeng, East China Normal University


Review of Thermal Parameters of Li-Based Nonlinear Crystals for High Power 8 µm Sources (STh2L.5)
Presenter: Mark Prandolini, Universität Hamburg

A review of the thermal parameters of Li-based nonlinear crystals is presented and preliminary results demonstrate a 8 µm laser system with 2 µJ at 200 kHz supporting a Fourier limit of under 100 fs.

Authors:Mahesh Namboodiri, DESY / Torsten Golz, Class 5 Photonics / Jan Buss, Class 5 Photonics / Michael Schulz, Class 5 Photonics / Robert Riedel, Class 5 Photonics / Tim Laarmann, DESY / Mark Prandolini, Universität Hamburg


10 μm Lasing in Multi-Atmosphere CO2 Optically Pumped by a Tunable 4.3 μm Laser (STh2L.6)
Presenter: Dana Tovey, UCLA

Lasing is studied in CO2 pumped at ~4.3 μm by a tunable Fe:ZnSe laser. Gain is measured at ~10 μm at pressures ≤12 atm where gain bandwidth is broad enough for potential picosecond pulse amplification.

Authors:Dana Tovey, UCLA / Jeremy Pigeon, Stony Brook University / Sergei Tochitsky, UCLA / Gerhard Louwrens, UCLA / Ilan Ben-Zvi, Stony Brook University / Chan Joshi, UCLA / Dmitry Martyshkin, University of Alabama at Birmingham / Vladimir Fedorov, University of Alabama at Birmingham / Krishna Karki, University of Alabama at Birmingham / Sergey Mirov, University of Alabama at Birmingham


45 dB Single-Stage Single-Frequency Cr:ZnSe Amplifier for 2.2-2.6 mm Spectral Range (STh2L.7)
Presenter: Viktor Smolski, IPG Photonics Corp

We report 45 dB single stage Cr:ZnSe amplifier operating over 2.2-2.6 μm spectral range seeded by CW Cr:ZnSe single frequency laser. The maximum output energy of 1.6 mJ was demonstrated in 25 ns pulses at 1000 Hz repetition rate.

Authors:Viktor Smolski, IPG Photonics Corp / Igor Moskalev, IPG Photonics Corp / Sergey Vasilyev, IPG Photonics Corp / Jeremy Peppers, IPG Photonics Corp / Mike Mirov, IPG Photonics Corp / Yury Barnakov, IPG Photonics Corp / Vladimir Fedorov, IPG Photonics Corp / Dmitry Martyshkin, IPG Photonics Corp / Sergey Mirov, IPG Photonics Corp / Valentin Gapontsev, IPG Photonics Corporation