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    09 – 14 May 2021

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    10 – 14 May 2021

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Topological Photonics I

Presider: Christophe Silien, University of Limerick

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Topological Plasmonics: Ultrafast Vector Movies of Plasmonic Skyrmions on the Nanoscale (FTu1M.1)
Presenter: Harald Giessen, Universität Stuttgart

We introduce a new technique, time-resolved vector microscopy, that enables us to compose entire movies on a sub-femtosecond time scale and a 10 nm scale of the electric field vectors of surface plasmon skyrmions.

Authors:Harald Giessen, Universität Stuttgart


Non-Reciprocal Thouless Pumping in Nonparaxial Topological Photonics (FTu1M.2)
Presenter: Qing Cheng, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

We firstly report a non-reciprocal photonic topological Thouless pumping, guided by the nonparaxial field evolution of our well-designed waveguide-array simulator. This non-reciprocal pumping would point us a promising direction such as nonparaxial topological photonics.

Authors:Qing Cheng, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology / Huaiqiang Wang, Nanjing University / Yongguan Ke, Sun Yat-Sen University / Yiming Pan, Technion


Observation of Coupling Between Topological and Topology-Entailed States (FTu1M.3)
Presenter: Francesco Piccioli, National Institute of Optics (CNR- INO)

We construct Topology-Entailed Trivial (TET) states from superpositions ofcounter-propagating topological interface states. The topological origin of these novel en-tities and their potential as gateway for the interaction with topologically-protected edgestates are illustrated.

Authors:Francesco Piccioli, National Institute of Optics (CNR- INO) / Mark Kremer, Universität Rostock / Lukas Maczewsky, Universität Rostock / Matthias Heinrich, Universität Rostock / Iacopo Carusotto, National Institute of Optics (CNR- INO) / Alexander Szameit, Universität Rostock


Direct Quantification of Topological Protection in Symmetry-Protected Photonic Edge States at Telecom Wavelengths (FTu1M.4)
Presenter: Sonakshi Arora, Delft University of Technology

Experimental characterization of the electromagnetic vector field in topological photonic crystals featuring the photonic quantum valley Hall effect, using phase-resolving near-field optical microscopy, reveals two orders of magnitude higher robustness compared to a conventional waveguide.

Authors:Sonakshi Arora, Delft University of Technology / Thomas Bauer, Delft University of Technology / René Barczyk, AMOLF / Ewold Verhagen, AMOLF / Laurens Kuipers, Delft University of Technology


Higher-Order Topological States in the Extended Two-Dimensional SSH Model and Their Electric Circuit Implementation (FTu1M.5)
Presenter: Nikita Olekhno, ITMO University

We demonstrate that couplings between diagonal next-nearest neighbor sites give rise to higher-order topological corner states observed recently in the microwave experiments with coupled resonator arrays realizing two-dimensional Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model.

Authors:Nikita Olekhno, ITMO University / Alina Rozenblit, ITMO University / Valerii Kachin, ITMO University / Oleg Burmistrov, ITMO University / Alexey Dmitriev, ITMO University / Pavel Seregin, ITMO University / Dmitry Zhirihin, ITMO University / Maxim Gorlach, ITMO University


Spinful Photonic Higher-Order Topological Insulators in the Presence of Spin-Orbit Coupling (FTu1M.6)
Presenter: Ran Gladstein Gladstone, Cornell University

Four spinful photonic C6 photonic higher-order topological insulators are investigated. We show that two are robust to spin-orbit coupling while two are not. We derive a new invariant to predict this effect on corner states.

Authors:Ran Gladstein Gladstone, Cornell University / Minwoo Jung, Cornell University / Gennady Shvets, Cornell University


Multimode Floquet Photonic Topological Insulators (FTu1M.7)
Presenter: Shruti Saiji, University of Central Florida, CREOL

We show that it is possible to have a multimode Floquet photonic topological insulator. We show that the use of high order modes introduces new degrees of freedom that can help to realize novel topological phenomena.

Authors:Shruti Saiji, University of Central Florida, CREOL / Miguel Bandres, University of Central Florida, CREOL


Observation of Splitting of Charge-2 Weyl Points in 3D Micro-Printed Photonic Crystals (FTu1M.8)
Presenter: Christina Jörg, The Pennsylvania State University

We experimentally demonstrate splitting of a charge-2 Weyl point into two charge-1 Weyl points in a 3D micro-printed photonic crystal. We measure its angle-resolved spectrum in the near-infrared via Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy.

Authors:Christina Jörg, The Pennsylvania State University / Sachin Vaidya, The Pennsylvania State University / Jiho Noh, The Pennsylvania State University / Alexander Cerjan, The Pennsylvania State University / Shyam Augustine, TU Kaiserslautern / Georg von Freymann, TU Kaiserslautern / Mikael Rechtsman, The Pennsylvania State University