• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

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Wednesday, 12 May

5:00 - 7:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada) DST, UTC - 04:00)

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Joint Poster Session II

  1. JW1A.1
    High-Field Charge Transport in InGaAs Nanowires

    Presenter: Rakesh Rana , Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

  2. JW1A.2
    Engineering High-Dimensional Entangled States via Discrete-Time Quantum Walks

    Presenter: Taira Giordani , Univ degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

  3. JW1A.3
    Anti-Bunching of Phase Modulated Frequency-Bin Entangled Photons

    Presenter: Kirthanaa Indumathi , Institut de Recherche FEMTO-ST

  4. JW1A.4
    Giant Raman Wave From SPM Sidelobes in ANDi Fiber

    Presenter: Rasmus Hansen , DTU Photonics

  5. JW1A.5
    Transfer Matrix Method for Kerker-Type Scattering of Metasurface

    Presenter: Xia Zhang , Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

  6. JW1A.6
    Soliton Blockade and Symmetry Breaking in Microresonators

    Presenter: Zhiwei Fan , University of Bath

  7. JW1A.8
    Wide Gamut, Single-Wafer, Flexible Structural Coloration via wet Chemistry With Resolution Beyond Diffraction Limit

    Presenter: Ning Li , KAUST University

  8. JW1A.9
    Dynamic Control of Plasmonic Colors by Voltage Actuation MEMS Cantilevers

    Presenter: Zhengli Han , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  9. JW1A.10
    Topological Protection Versus Degree of Entanglement of two-Photon Edge States

    Presenter: Armando Leija , Max Born Institute

  10. JW1A.12
    Femtosecond non-Collinear Optical Parametric Oscillator in the Visible (VIS-NOPO)

    Presenter: Robin Mevert , Institute of Quantum Optics

  11. JW1A.13
    Dispersive Wave Generation via Intermodal Cross-Phase Modulation

    Presenter: Maximilian Timmerkamp , University of Münster

  12. JW1A.14
    in Situ Measurement of the Cooper Minimum in Argon

    Presenter: Graham Brown , University of Ottawa

  13. JW1A.15
    Mechanism and Sensitivity of Fano Resonance Tuning in High-Contrast Gratings

    Presenter: Hsin-Yu Yao , National Tsing Hua University

  14. JW1A.16
    Planar Schottky Photodiode Based on Multilayered 2D GeAs for High-Performance VIS-NIR Broadband Detection

    Presenter: Ghada Dushaq , New York University Abu Dhabi

  15. JW1A.17
    Numerically Accelerated Development Cycle for Ultra-High Finesse Micro-Fabricated Resonators

    Presenter: Yizhi Luo , Yale University

  16. JW1A.18
    Physical-Layer Security Using Atmosphere-Limited Line-of-Sight Terahertz Links

    Presenter: Zhaoji Fang , Brown University

  17. JW1A.19
    Influence of Nanoparticle Dimensions on Rabi Splitting Strength

    Presenter: Julia Lawless , Trinity College, University of Dublin

  18. JW1A.20
    Accurate Profile Design of Parabolic SNAP Structures Fabricated With a Femtosecond Laser

    Presenter: Yu Qi , Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology

  19. JW1A.21
    Direct Current Frequency Chirping of Diode Laser Injection Locked to WGMR

    Presenter: Oleg Benderov , MIPT

  20. JW1A.22
    Visible Wavelength Beam Steering in SIlicon Nitride Nanophotonic Phased Arrays With a Supercontinuum Laser

    Presenter: Zhenmin Chen , Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL)

  21. JW1A.23
    Compact and Broadband Silicon Photonic Multiplexers Based on Fast Adiabatic Structures

    Presenter: Kazim Gorgulu , Koç University

  22. JW1A.24
    Real-Time Scalable Imaging Through Dynamic Scattering Media at Ultra-low Light Level

    Presenter: Yiwei Sun , Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  23. JW1A.25
    Calibration of Fiber Grating Heavy Metal Ion Sensor Using Artificial Neural Network

    Presenter: SOUVIK GHOSH , City, University of London

  24. JW1A.26
    Reciprocating Reflective Double Gratings Based LCOS Waveshaper With Finer Bandwidth Resolution

    Presenter: Jingquan Xu , Huazhong Uni. of Sci. & Tech.

  25. JW1A.27
    High Efficiency Silicon Nitride Gratings for Fiber-Chip Coupling in 850-900 nm Wavelength

    Presenter: Siddharth Nambiar , CeNSE, IISc

  26. JW1A.28
    Hybrid Inhibited-Coupling and Photonic Bandgap Hollow Core Fiber for Telecom Wavelength Range

    Presenter: Kostiantyn VASKO , University of Limoges

  27. JW1A.29
    Direct Attachment of Optical Fibers to Photonic Integrated Circuits With in Situ UV Curing

    Presenter: Gregory Bond , Rochester Institute of Technology

  28. JW1A.31
    Experimentally Optimizing QKD Rates via Nonlocal Dispersion Compensation

    Presenter: Sebastian Neumann , Austrian Academy of Sciences

  29. JW1A.32
    Multimode Interferometric Biosensor Based on the Evanescent-Wave of Si3N4 Rib-Optical Waveguides

    Presenter: Hongsik Jung , Hongik University

  30. JW1A.33
    Near-Unity Efficiency Photonic Hourglass Single-Photon Source

    Presenter: Martin Arentoft Jacobsen , Technical University of Denmark

  31. JW1A.34
    Resolving the 12CH4 and 13CH4 Lines of Raman Spectrum

    Presenter: Evgeny Popov , ITMO University

  32. JW1A.35
    High-Order Mode Mode-Locked Fiber Laser Based on Few-Mode Based SESAM

    Presenter: Xianglong Zeng , Shanghai University

  33. JW1A.36
    REplica Symmetry Breaking in Brillouin Random Fiber Laser

    Presenter: Jilin Zhang , Shanghai University

  34. JW1A.37
    All-Fiber Pulsed Visible Vortex Beam Based on Cherenkov Radiation

    Presenter: Xianglong Zeng , Shanghai university

  35. JW1A.38
    Stabilized Fast Light and Superluminal Propagation via Linearly Polarized Brillouin Lasing Oscillation

    Presenter: Zhelan Xiao , Shanghai University

  36. JW1A.39
    Spectrally Purified Brillouin Random Fiber Laser via Self-Tracking Dynamic Fiber Grating

    Presenter: Zenghuan Qiu , Shanghai university

  37. JW1A.40
    Broadband Polarization Beam Splitter Based on Tilted Subwavelength Gratings on the Si3N4/Si Augmented Low Index Guiding Platform

    Presenter: Can Ozcan , University of Toronto

  38. JW1A.41
    Electrical Control of Ultra-Long Spin-Valley Polarization of Trions in Monolayer Molybdenum Ditelluride

    Presenter: Qiyao Zhang , Tsinghua University

  39. JW1A.42
    Polarity-Switchable Ultraviolet Photodetector Towards Spectrum-Distinguishable Photodetection

    Presenter: Xin Liu , University of Science and Technology of China

  40. JW1A.43
    Laser Grooving Technology Study at Dicing Process in GaN Power Devices WLCSP

    Presenter: Yao-Hsing Liu , National Chiao Tung University

  41. JW1A.44
    Picosecond Squeezing at 844 nm With a Periodically Poled LiTaO3 Waveguide

    Presenter: Zicong XU , the University of Tokyo

  42. JW1A.45
    Iridescent Retroreflective Structural Color Based on Micro Concavity Array

    Presenter: Joo-Hwan Ko , GIST

  43. JW1A.46
    Monolithically Integrated Laser Platform for the mid-Infrared

    Presenter: Ruijun Wang , ETH-Zurich

  44. JW1A.47
    Controlling the Extinction Ratio of Microring Resonators by Perovskite Nonlinearity

    Presenter: Feifan Wang , University of Delaware

  45. JW1A.48
    Experimental Demonstration of a Practical Bidirectional Multiple Access Scheme for VLC Networking

    Presenter: Qiguan Chen , State Key Lab of Info. Photon. & Opt. Co

  46. JW1A.49
    Half-Wave-Plate Based Adaptive Polarization Controller

    Presenter: Xuefeng Wang , Huazhong University of Sci & Technol

  47. JW1A.50
    Image Restoration of Undersampled Two-Photon Microscopy With Conditional Generative Adversarial Network

    Presenter: KA YAN CHAN , The University of Hong Kong

  48. JW1A.51
    Narrow-Linewidth Optical Frequency Comb Reference to a Fiber Delay Line

    Presenter: Haochen Tian , Tianjin University

  49. JW1A.52
    A SVM Combined Pixel Accumulation Technique for SPAD Based LiDAR System

    Presenter: Hualong Zhang , Peking University

  50. JW1A.53
    Double-Pulse Operation Enhances Brightness of Hybrid Perovskite Light Emitting Transistor

    Presenter: Maciej Klein , Nanyang Technological University

  51. JW1A.54
    High-Efficiency Plasmon-Enhanced GeSn Photodetectors Operating at 2 µm

    Presenter: Hao Zhou , Nanyang Technological University

  52. JW1A.55
    FMCW Lidar System Based on Cylindrical Lens-Assisted Integrated Beam Steering

    Presenter: Chao Li , Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  53. JW1A.56
    Mirror-Symmetric Patterning of Topological Insulator Reverses Photogalvanic Currents

    Presenter: Xinxing Sun , Nanyang Technological University

  54. JW1A.57
    Ultra-Flattened and Near-Zero Chromatic Dispersion Control by Chalcogenide all-Solid Hybrid Microstructured Optical Fibers

    Presenter: Hoang Tuan Tong , Toyota Technological Institute

  55. JW1A.58
    A Novel Gain Modulation Approach for the 2.8 mm Pulsed Er3+:ZBLAN Fiber Laser

    Presenter: Jun Liu , Shenzhen University

  56. JW1A.59
    Phase Noise Reduction of a Dissipative Kerr-Microresonator Soliton Comb by a Sideband Cooling

    Presenter: Naoya Kuse , Tokushima University

  57. JW1A.60
    Modulation of Terahertz Generation in Two-Color Photoionization Verified by the Spectral Broadening

    Presenter: Chen Gong , Osaka Univeristy

  58. JW1A.61
    Cantilever Edge Coupler for Lithium Niobate on Insulator Platform

    Presenter: Lifeng Chen , Sun Yat-Sen University

  59. JW1A.62
    Coarse Wavelength Division (De)Multiplexer Based on Cascaded Topology Optimized Wavelength Filters

    Presenter: Simei Mao , Tsinghua University

  60. JW1A.63
    Graphene Plasmonic Terahertz Lamps

    Presenter: Yuyu Li , Boston Unviersity

  61. JW1A.64
    SU(1,1) Interferometer by Direct Detection

    Presenter: Nan Huo , Tianjin University

  62. JW1A.65
    Optical Nano-Metrology of Sub-Wavelength Objects Enabled by Artificial Intelligence

    Presenter: Carolina Rendón-Barraza , Nanyang Technological University

  63. JW1A.66
    Imaging-Based Laser Barcode for Cellular Phenotyping

    Presenter: Randall Ang , Nanyang Technological University

  64. JW1A.67
    Backward Pump and Signal Combiner With Negligible Beam Quality Degradation for 5KW-Level Fiber Lasers

    Presenter: Yu Liu , Research Center of Laser Fusion

  65. JW1A.68
    Self-Referenced Distribution of Millimeter Waves Over 10km Optical Fiber With High Frequency Stability

    Presenter: Chunlong Yu , Beihang University

  66. JW1A.69
    Buildup Dynamics of Multiple-Soliton in Spatiotemporal Mode-Locked Multimode Fiber Lasers

    Presenter: Xiaosheng Xiao , Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  67. JW1A.70
    A Compact and Tunable Acoustically Induced Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Based on Sandwich-Like Structure With Uniform Diameter

    Presenter: Xiaofang Han , Nankai University

  68. JW1A.71
    Waveguide Superlattice-Based OPtical Phased Array: Balancing Superlattice Lobe and Crosstalk Suppression

    Presenter: Lemeng Leng , Nanjing University

  69. JW1A.72
    Simulating Optical Field Mode Profiles UsingArtificial Neural Networks for use in OpenSource Eigenmode Expansion

    Presenter: Ian Hammond , Brigham Young University Provo

  70. JW1A.73
    Fock State-Enhanced Expressivity of Quantum Machine Learning Models

    Presenter: Beng Yee Gan , Centre for Quantum Technologies

  71. JW1A.74
    Performing Two-Dimensional Differentiation With Gap Plasmon-Based Metasurface

    Presenter: Chenyuan XU , Wuhan National Lab for Optoelectronics

  72. JW1A.75
    Nanophotonic All-Weather Windows for Energy-Efficient Smart Buildings

    Presenter: Ashish Chowdhary , IIT Guwahati

  73. JW1A.76
    A Compact and Low-Noise Femtosecond Fiber Source Tunable Between 740-1236 nm for Wide Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy Applications

    Presenter: LU-TING CHOU , National Yang-Ming University

  74. JW1A.77
    Generation of Sub-Megawatt Peak Power Femtosecond Pulses From a 24MHz Cr:Forsterite Oscillator

    Presenter: HAO-HSUAN HUNG , Institute of Biophotonics

  75. JW1A.78
    High Coupling-Efficiency Ridge-Waveguide Gratings on Single Crystal Thin-Film Lithium Niobate (TFLN)

    Presenter: Sipan Yang , Department of Micro-nano Electronics, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  76. JW1A.80
    Reconfigurable Topological Edge State in Valley Photonic Crystals

    Presenter: Yang Liu , Nankai University

  77. JW1A.81
    Detection of Near- and far-Field Radiation Pattern of a Silicon-on-Insulator Optical Phase Array

    Presenter: Xiaomin Nie , Peng Cheng Laboratory

  78. JW1A.82
    Femtosecond Synchronization of Three Mode-Locked Lasers and a Microwave Oscillator With Multi-Color Timing Detection

    Presenter: Dohyeon Kwon , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  79. JW1A.83
    End-to-End Optimized High-Speed Single-Pixel Imaging via Pattern Scanning

    Presenter: Kangning Zhang , UC Davis

  80. JW1A.84
    Reference Wavelength Free Refractometry in Fiber Optic Directional Couplers

    Presenter: Garima Bawa , IIT Kanpur

  81. JW1A.85
    Ultrafast Phenomena Induced in Crystal by one-Shot Three-Dimensional Imaging With Optical Frequency Comb

    Presenter: Takashi Kato , The Univ. of Electro-Communications

  82. JW1A.86
    Ptychographic Spectral Phase Retrieval by Deep Learning

    Presenter: Wei-Cheng Chao , National Tsing Hua University

  83. JW1A.87
    Near-Infrared Wavelength Selective Absorber in Tamm Plasmon Structure With Porous a-Ge

    Presenter: sohee kim , GIST

  84. JW1A.88
    a Highly Sensitive Differential Photoacoustic gas Sensor Based on Modified non-Local Euclidean Medians Algorithm

    Presenter: Le Zhang , Xidian University

  85. JW1A.89
    Red Blood Cell Storage Monitoring by High-Throughput Single-Cell Image-Based Biophysical Profiling

    Presenter: Evelyn Hok Yee Cheung , The University of Hong Kong

  86. JW1A.91
    All-Optical Coherent Lifting of Spin-Degeneracy in CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals

    Presenter: Megha Shrivastava , IISER Bhopal

  87. JW1A.92
    Unlocking the Ultrafast Charge Transfer in Colloidal CsPbBr3/GO Heterostructure

    Presenter: Naresh Maurya , IISER Bhopal

  88. JW1A.93
    Bandgap Renormalization and Trap-Induced Absorption in MoWS2 Single-Crystal

    Presenter: Pravrati Taank , IISER Bhopal

  89. JW1A.94
    High-Dimensional Quantum Cryptography Based on Multiplexing of Polarized Structured Photons

    Presenter: Shuang Huang , Nankai University

  90. JW1A.96
    Effect of Thickness of a Dye-Doped Polymeric Film on the Concentration Quenching of Luminescence

    Presenter: Sangeeta Rout , Norfolk State University

  91. JW1A.97
    Towards Training Fault Tolerant and Noise Immune Diffractive Optical Neural Engines

    Presenter: Soumyashree Panda , IIT Gandhinagar, India

  92. JW1A.98
    Existence of a Fundamental Tradeoff Between Absorptivity and Omnidirectionality in Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Kunal Shastri , Cornell University

  93. JW1A.99
    The Formation Mechanism of Femtosecond Laser-Induced Periodic Structures on Germanium

    Presenter: Zhixuan Li , Nankai University

  94. JW1A.100
    Ultrafast Charge-Transfer Mediated Indirect-Excitons in CsPbBr3/MoS2 Heterostructure

    Presenter: RIYANKA KARMAKAR , IISER Bhopal, India

  95. JW1A.101
    Integrated Ge-Sb-S Chalcogenide Raman Laser

    Presenter: Bin Zhang , Sun Yat-Sen University

  96. JW1A.102
    Continuously Tunable Random Fiber Laser Based on a Partial-Reflection Random Fiber Grating

    Presenter: Jiancheng Deng , Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  97. JW1A.103
    Power Scalability in Random Raman Fiber Laser Based on a Random Fiber Grating

    Presenter: Jiancheng Deng , Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology

  98. JW1A.104
    Highly-Sensitive Infrared Photon Counting by Nondegenerate two-Photon Absorption Under mid-Infrared Pumping

    Presenter: Yinqi Wang , East China Normal University

  99. JW1A.105
    Ultrasmall O-Band CWDM 4λ MUX Based on Mosaic Structure for Dense Optical Interconnects

    Presenter: Kodai Nakamura , Hokkaido University

  100. JW1A.107
    High-Quality-Factor Chalcogenide Microresonators With Low Parametric Oscillation Threshold

    Presenter: Bin Zhang , Sun Yat-Sen University

  101. JW1A.109
    A Structural Bamboo-Like Microfiber Grating Fabricated by one-Step-Tapering Fiber Preform

    Presenter: Yanyan Zhi , Jinan University

  102. JW1A.110
    1.23-Tb/s per Wavelength Single-Waveguide on-Chip Optical Interconnect Enabled by Mode-Division Multiplexing

    Presenter: Hanzi Huang , Shanghai University

  103. JW1A.111
    Observation of Transverse Anderson Localization of mid-Infrared Light in a Chalcogenide Transversely Disordered Optical Fiber

    Presenter: Asuka Nakatani , Toyota Technological Institute

  104. JW1A.112
    25.6 Tbps Pre-Compensated Waveform Propagation Using Optical Frequency Comb Synthesizer/Analyzer

    Presenter: Nasrin Sultana , Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University

  105. JW1A.113
    Erbium-Doped LNOI as a Gain Platform for Integrated Optics

    Presenter: junmin xiang , Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  106. JW1A.114
    Multi-Color Method for the Correction of Air Refractive Index Based on Dispersive Interferometry of Optical Frequency Comb

    Presenter: Shilin Xiong , Tsinghua University

  107. JW1A.115
    Dynamic-Widefield-Magnetometry Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Defects in Diamond

    Presenter: Madhur Parashar , Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

  108. JW1A.116
    Intelligent Breathing Dissipative Soliton Generation Utilizing an Evolutionary Algorithm

    Presenter: Junsong Peng , East China Normal University

  109. JW1A.117
    Fourier Transform Spectral Analysis Based Fiber Nonlinearity-Insensitive OSNR Monitor

    Presenter: Zhuili Huang , Chongqing University

  110. JW1A.118
    Effect of Residual Mechanical Jitter on Incoherent Beam Combination Through Different Atmospheric Turbulences

    Presenter: Sanchita Ghosh , IIIT hyderabad

  111. JW1A.119
    High Accuracy Intrusion Pattern Recognition Using a Dual-Stage-Recognition Network for Fiber Optic Distributed Sensing System

    Presenter: Tao He , Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology

  112. JW1A.120
    the Ultimate Precision of Rangefinders and LiDARs Based on Time-of-Flight Measurements

    Presenter: Zingway Pei , NCHU

  113. JW1A.121
    Broad-Range Self-Sweeping Linearly Polarized Ho-Doped Fiber Laser.

    Presenter: Anastasia Vladimirskaya , Institute of Automation and Electrometry

  114. JW1A.122
    an Accurate Disturbance Source Locating Method Based on Machine Learning for Complex Environments

    Presenter: Yijie Liu , Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology

  115. JW1A.123
    a High-Performance Broadband Photodetector (UV-NIR) Based on Few Layer GaGeTe

    Presenter: Srinivasa Tamalampudi , New York University Abu Dhabi

  116. JW1A.124
    Strong Purcell Enhancement in a“Nanopost” Single-Photon Source

    Presenter: Yujing Wang , Technical University of Denmark

  117. JW1A.125
    Quantum Key Distribution Using Time-Gated SPADs Over Turbid Underwater Channels

    Presenter: Shuangfeng Jiang , The university of Edinburgh

  118. JW1A.126
    Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation From a Dielectric Encapsulated Multilayer Gallium Selenide


  119. JW1A.127
    Transmission Asymmetry in Nano-Opto-Mechanical Metamaterials

    Presenter: Jinxiang Li , University of Southampton

  120. JW1A.128
    Stimulated Emission With Evanescent Gain in the Total Internal Reflection Geometry

    Presenter: Mikhail Noginov , Norfolk State University

  121. JW1A.129
    Temporal Cavity Soliton in an Active Fiber Resonator

    Presenter: Nicolas Englebert , Universite libre de Bruxelles

  122. JW1A.130
    Self-Pulsing in Coupled Kerr Ring Resonators

    Presenter: Jesús Yelo Sarrión , Université Libre de Bruxelles

  123. JW1A.131
    All-Dielectric Slot Metasurface With Ultra-High-Q Resonances

    Presenter: Francesco Dell Olio , Polytecnic University of Bari

  124. JW1A.132
    20-W, 168 fs Yb:CALGO Regenerative Amplifier With 1-MHz Repetition Rate

    Presenter: geyang wang , Xidian University

  125. JW1A.133
    Disentangling Charge Transfer, Heat Conduction, and Strain Effects at WS2/Graphene Interface

    Presenter: Ruiling Zhang , Tsinghua university

  126. JW1A.134
    WDM Integrated Silicon Nano-Slab Photodetector for Short-Reach Datacom on Silicon Nitride-on-SOI Platform

    Presenter: Avijit Chatterjee , Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

  127. JW1A.135
    Performance Analysis of CdTe Solar Cell Using Copper Telluride Back Surface Field for Efficiency Enhancement

    Presenter: Sudarshan Jain , Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur

  128. JW1A.136
    Investigation of Mach Zehnder Modulator Frequency Chirp

    Presenter: Lam Bui , Central Queensland University (CQUniversity)

  129. JW1A.137
    Compact, Energy-Efficient, and Low-Loss Thermo-Optic Silicon Optical Phase Shifter

    Presenter: Huaqing Qiu , Technical University of Denmark

  130. JW1A.138
    Timing Jitter of Fractal Superconducting Nanowire Avalanche Photodetectors in the 2-Micrometer Wavelength Range

    Presenter: Liang Xu , Tianjin University

  131. JW1A.139
    Quantum Absorption Estimation for Saturable Samples

    Presenter: Jake Biele , University of Bristol

  132. JW1A.140
    Germanium-Tin Lateral p-i-n Waveguide Photodetectors for Mid-Infrared Silicon Photonics

    Presenter: Guo-En Chang , National Chung Cheng University

  133. JW1A.141
    A Low Complexity Diagonalized Kalman Filter for Joint Equalization of Ultra-Fast RSOP and Large PMD in Presence of Residual CD

    Presenter: Qi Zhang , Beijing University of Posts and Telecomm

  134. JW1A.142
    Fair Sampling With a Highly Parallel Laser Simulator

    Presenter: Vishwa Pal , Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

  135. JW1A.143
    Characterization of a Tunable Comb Source Based on a Silicon Micro-Ring Assisted Fiber Laser With Optical Injection

    Presenter: Chu Chen , National Chiao Tung University

  136. JW1A.144
    Simultaneous Combination and Nearly Self-Similar Pulse Compression of Five Pulses at Different Wavelengths

    Presenter: Jiayao Huang , Peking University

  137. JW1A.145
    Improvement of GaN Epitaxial Layer and AlGaN/GaN HEMTs by Patterned Sapphire Substrate Technology

    Presenter: Hsin-Jung Lee , National Taiwan University

  138. JW1A.147
    a Compact, Selective and Embedded-System Enabled Photoacoustic Sensor for Multiple Trace Detection

    Presenter: Xueshi Zhang , Xidian university

  139. JW1A.148
    Thrombin Detection on Ball Resonator Using Optical Backscatter Reflectometry

    Presenter: Madina Shaimerdenova , Nazarbayev University

  140. JW1A.149
    Exercise Vital Signs Detection Employing FMCW Radar and Artificial Neural Networks

    Presenter: King Leong Li , National Chiao Tung University

  141. JW1A.151
    Combining PM-IRRAS With Optical Imaging Techniques for Operando Studies of CO Oxidation

    Presenter: Lisa Rämisch , Lund university

  142. JW1A.152
    Fabrication of Sub-Wavelength Resolved Silver Acrylate Composite Microstructures

    Presenter: Arun Jaiswal , IIt Bombay

  143. JW1A.153
    Experimental Comparison of Conventional and Femtosecond Optical Tweezers

    Presenter: Ajitesh Singh , Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

  144. JW1A.154
    Joint Multi-Parameter Measurement With a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Assisted by Parametric Amplifiers

    Presenter: Zhe-Yu Ou , Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

  145. JW1A.155
    Magnetically Tunable Goos-Hanchen Shifts in Topological Quantum Materials

    Presenter: Muzamil Shah , Lahore University of Management Sciences

  146. JW1A.157
    Novel Coupling Schemes Between the Topological Cavity and Valley Modes in a Terahertz on-Chip Waveguide

    Presenter: hao xiong , Nankai University

  147. JW1A.158
    Switchable Polarization Eigenstates in non-Hermitian Plasmonic Systems With Phase Change Materials

    Presenter: Yuto Moritake , Tokyo Institute of Technology

  148. JW1A.159
    Electro-Optical Modulation in Lithium Niobate Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Bofeng Gao , School of Physics and TEDA Applied Physics Institute, Nankai University

  149. JW1A.160
    Controlled Light Transport and Emission Using Photonic Structures With Short-Range Order


  150. JW1A.161
    PT-Symmetric Double Ridge Semiconductor Lasers Emitting at 980 nm

    Presenter: Wan-hua Zheng , CAS Institute of Semiconductors

  151. JW1A.163

    Billiard-Like Resonances in Metallic Nanostructures and Their use for Efficient Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics

    Presenter: Ihar Babushkin , Leibniz Universität Hannover

  152. JW1A.165
    Optically Pumped Spin VCSELs for Reservoir Computing

    Presenter: Yigong Yang , Soochow University

  153. JW1A.166
    Particle Swarm Optimization of SPM-Enabled Spectral Selection to Achieve Octave-Spanning Wavelength Shift

    Presenter: Xincai Diao , Institute of physics CAS

  154. JW1A.167
    Stability of Lithium Niobate Integrated Photonics in Nonlinear and Metrology Applications

    Presenter: Victor Brasch , CSEM

  155. JW1A.168
    Cascaded Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Ring Resonator With MXene for Temperature Sensing

    Presenter: Q. Wu , Beihang University

  156. JW1A.169
    Inversionless Gain in a Microscale Vapor Cells

    Presenter: Eliran Talker , Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  157. JW1A.170
    Loss INduced Switching Between Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Critical Coupling in Chalcogenide Waveguide

    Presenter: Bin Zhang , Sun Yat-Sen University

  158. JW1A.172
    Shingled sub-Diffraction Multi-Dimensional Optical Data Storage in Glass

    Presenter: Jichao Gao , Huazhong University of Sci. and Technol.

  159. JW1A.174
    AI Enhances Femtosecond Spectral Interferometry

    Presenter: Guoqing Pu , University of California, Los Angeles

  160. JW1A.175
    Uncorrelated Photon Pair Generation in Asymmetric Heterogeneously Coupled Waveguides

    Presenter: Xiangyan Ding , Harbin Institute of Technology

  161. JW1A.177
    Angular Spectrum of Bound State in the Continuum for Near and Far Field Analysis

    Presenter: Pravin Vaity , DCMP & MS, TIFR, Mumbai

  162. JW1A.178
    Dual-Layer SiNx-on-SOI Grating Coupler as an Efficient Higher-Order Fiber Mode Multiplexer

    Presenter: Lirong Cheng , Tsinghua University

  163. JW1A.179
    a Novel Approach to Reduce Attenuation Loss in Silica-Based Microstructured Optical Fibers

    Presenter: Debashri Ghosh , CSIR-CGCRI

  164. JW1A.180
    Demonstration of Mapping Spin-Based Pancharatnam-Berry Phase to Modal Orbital Rotation in a few Mode Fiber

    Presenter: Jian Wang , WNLO,HUST

  165. JW1A.181
    MUlti-Wavelength Tunable Fiber Laser Based on Four-Leaf Clover Suspended Core Fiber Filter

    Presenter: Zijuan Tang , Beijing Jiaotong University

  166. JW1A.182
    Phononic Integrated Circuitry With an Etchless Fabrication Process

    Presenter: Ziyao Feng , The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  167. JW1A.183
    Polarization Sensitive Photodetection Using Semiconducting Monolayers

    Presenter: Sreejyothi Sankararaman , Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad

  168. JW1A.184
    Learning-Based Cell Detection in Digital Pathology

    Presenter: Zhenbo Ren , Northwestern Polytechnical University

  169. JW1A.185
    Ultra-Thin Silicon Photonics Meta-Detector for Perfect 850-950 nm Band Tunable Absorption

    Presenter: Roy Avrahamy , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

7:00 - 8:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada) DST, UTC - 04:00)

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PhD-Level Transferrable Skills that Stand Out During Economic Downturns

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Special Event

Role and Applications of Lasers in Additive Manufacturing

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Special Event

7:00 - 8:30 (Eastern Time (US & Canada) DST, UTC - 04:00)

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Workshop: Analog vs. Digital Photonic Information Processing

Workshop: Achieving Level 5 Autonomy in Self Driving Cars

Workshop: Is quantum technology ready for prime time?!

9:00 - 11:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada) DST, UTC - 04:00)

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Advanced Photon Detection

Presider: Martin Stevens , National Inst of Standards & Technology
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Impedance-Matched Differential SNSPDs for Practical Photon Counting With sub-10 ps Timing Jitter.

    Presenter: Marco Colangelo , MIT

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Shot-Noise Limited Hot Electron Bolometer Integrated on Silicon-on-Insulator Photonics

    Presenter: Francesco Martini , IFN-CNR

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    On-Chip Integration of Reconfigurable Quantum Photonics With Superconducting Photodetectors

    Presenter: Carlos Errando-Herranz , KTH Royal Institute of Technology

     Presentation Details   Paper

    Highlighted Talk

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Superconducting Nanowire Photon-Number-Resolving Detectors Integrated With Current Reservoirs and YTron Readouts

    Presenter: Kai Zou , Tianjin University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Quantum Detector Tomography of High-Dimensional Multiplexed Superconducting Detectors

    Presenter: Timon Schapeler , Paderborn University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Splitting Exceptional Points by Photon-Number Resolved Detection of Multi-Mode Coherent States

    Presenter: Konrad Tschernig , Max-Born-Institut Berlin

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Robust Performance of Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors Under High Magnetic Fields

    Presenter: Claire Marvinney , Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Novel Spectroscopy Techniques Developed for Materials Research

Presider: Matthew Day , The University of Michigan
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Extremely Non-Adiabatic Switch-Off of Deep-Strong Light-Matter Coupling

    Presenter: Joshua Mornhinweg , University of Regensburg

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Moiré Pattern of Interference Dislocations and Superfluidity in Condensate of Indirect Excitons

    Presenter: Jason Leonard , University of California at San Diego

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Super-Linear Behavior of Exciton Emission in Electrically-Gated Two-Dimensional Material

    Presenter: Zhen Wang , Tsinghua University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Predicting 2D THz Spectra Due to Nonlinear Phononics With First-Principles Calculations

    Presenter: Lauren Davis , Brigham Young University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Superradiant Cathodoluminescence

    Presenter: Aliaksei Horlach , Technion

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Single-Photon Radiative Auger Emission From a Quantum Dot

    Presenter: Clemens Spinnler , University of Basel

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Room-Temperature Exciton Polariton Condensate and Lattices in Halide Perovskite Microcavities

    Presenter: Qihua Xiong , Nanyang Technological University


Topological Photonics II

Presider: Ksenia Dolgaleva , University of Ottawa
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Arbitrary Control and Direct Measurement of Topological Windings of a non-Hermitian Band

    Presenter: Kai Wang , Stanford University

     Presentation Details   Paper

    Highlighted Talk

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Floquet Harper-Hofstadter Butterflies and Non-Hermitian Phase Transition in Quasicrystals

    Presenter: Sebastian Weidemann , University of Rostock

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Nonlinear Topological Pumping With Photons

    Presenter: Marius Juergensen , Pennsylvania State University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Photonic Topological Insulators Controlled by Nonlocal Nonlinearity in Synthetic Dimensions

    Presenter: Liat Nemirovsky Levy , Technion

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Two-Dimensional Floquet Topological Insulator With PT-Symmetry

    Presenter: Alexander Fritzsche , University of Würzburg

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Anomalous Floquet Thouless Pumping

    Presenter: Yiming Pan , Technion

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Dynamical Topological Phase Transitions in Nonlinear Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Lattices via Soliton Interactions

    Presenter: domenico bongiovanni , Nankai University


Nonlinear Photonics I

Presider: Tobias Herr , Center for Free-Electron Laser Science
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Non-Linear "Thermal Ratchet" for Light

    Presenter: Moshe-Ishay Cohen , Technion Israel Institute of Technology

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Collective Dynamics in Nonlinear Resonators Coupled in Spatial and Synthetic Dimensions

    Presenter: Aleksandr Tusnin , EPFL

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Non-Linear Response of CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots Driven by Intense Terahertz Pulses

    Presenter: Claudia Gollner , TU Wien

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Formation Dynamics and Snapshots of Self-Injection-Locking Dark Solitons

    Presenter: Boqiang Shen , California Institute of Technology

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Real-Time Imaging of Surface Waves With Nonlinear Near-Field Optical Microscopy

    Presenter: jacob FR , Technion

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Mid-IR Supercontinua in Dispersion-Engineered as2S3-Silica Nanospike Waveguides Pumped by fs Pulses at 2.8 μm

    Presenter: Pan Wang , MaxPlanck Institute for Science of Light

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Establishing a Rigorous Relation Between Thermodynamic and Electrodynamic Pressures in Highly Multimoded Nonlinear Dielectric Waveguides

    Presenter: Huizhong Ren , CREOL, University of Central Florida

  8. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Thermalization of Orbital Angular Momentum in Highly Multimoded Nonlinear Optical Fibers

    Presenter: Fan Wu , University of Central Florida


Nanophotonic Platforms for Light Manipulation

Presider: Giulia Tagliabue , Rcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Gradient Index Subsurface Micro-Optics

    Presenter: Lynford Goddard , Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High Performance Silicon Flat Optics at Visible Wavelengths

    Presenter: Arturo Burguete Lopez , King Abdullah Univ of Sci & Technology

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    All-Optically Controlled Active Liquid-Crystal Plasmonic Metasurface Platform

    Presenter: Mukesh Sharma , Tel Aviv University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Nanoelectromechanical Tuning of Dual-Mode Resonant Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Tianzhe Zheng , California Institute of Technology

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Controlling All-Optical Switching Speeds in an Epsilon-Near-Zero Enhanced Metasurface

    Presenter: Soham Saha , Purdue University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Phase Tuning of Huygens Metasurfaces by Optical Anisotropy

    Presenter: Ziwei Yang , Australian National University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Reconfigurable Unpatterned Metasurfaces via Acoustoelectric Gating of Graphene

    Presenter: Amun Jarzembski , Sandia National Laboratories



Presider: Arka Majumdar , University of Washington
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Terahertz Emission From Ultrafast Time-Varying Metamaterials

    Presenter: Juan Sebastian Totero Gongora , University of Sussex

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Optical N-Invariant of Graphene's Viscous Hall Fluid

    Presenter: Todd Van Mechelen , Purdue University

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Giant Electrogyration in a Nanomechanical Metamaterial

    Presenter: Eric Plum , University of Southampton

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Ultra-Strongly-Coupled Long-Range, Low-Loss Polaritonic Modes in Gold and Indium Tin Oxide Bi-Films at NIR Frequencies

    Presenter: Saumya Choudhary , University of Rochester

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Towards Strong-Coupling Regime in Singular Site-Controlled InGaAs Quantum Dots-Nanocavities

    Presenter: Wei Liu , University of California, Los Angeles, California

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Strong Coupling in a Self-Coupled Terahertz Photonic Crystal

    Presenter: Maria Kaeek , Tel-Aviv University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Second-Harmonic Generation Enhancement Through Stretching in Patterned Arrays of GaAs Nanowires

    Presenter: Gregoire Saerens , ETH Zürich

  8. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Halide Perovskite Metamaterial Directional Emitter

    Presenter: Yixin Chen , Texas A&M University


Advanced Optical Imaging of Cancer

Presider: Rupsa Datta , Morgridge Institute for Research, Univer
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Confocal Visible/NIR Photoacoustic Microscopy of Early-Stage Tumor With Structural, Functional and Nanoprobe Contrasts

    Presenter: Jiangbo CHEN , City University of Hong Kong

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Near Infrared Photoimmunotherapy of Cancer

    Presenter: Hisataka Kobayashi , National Institutes of Health

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Emerging Advances in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy of Skin Cancers: Machine Learning-Based Image Analysis, Imaging-Guided Laser Ablation

    Presenter: Milind Rajadhyaksha , Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Intracellular Doppler Spectroscopy and Deep Learning for Personalized Cancer Care

    Presenter: David Nolte , Purdue University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Classifying Breast Cancer Cell Lines of Different Metastasis Potentials Using Visible Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning

    Presenter: Binlin Wu , Southern Connecticut State University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Improved Visualization of Brain Tumors With Innovative Fluorescence-Based Techniques

    Presenter: Georg Widhalm , Medical University of Vienna


Atmospheric and Gas Sensing

Presider: Matthew Simons , NIST
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Field Deployment of a Multi-Pass Cell Based mid-IR Quantum Cascade Laser Dual-Comb Spectrometer

    Presenter: JIE LIU , Princeton University

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Gas Cell Based on Segmented Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber and its Application in an Intracavity Absorption Spectroscopy System

    Presenter: Joshua Trevisanutto , Lakehead University

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    (Withdrawn) Analyzing Multiple Gases in a Mixture via Metamaterial Enabled Narrowband Pyroelectric Detectors

    Presenter: Xiaochao Tan , Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Optimized D-DFB Laser Diodes for the Detection of Trace Gases in the MIR Region

    Presenter: Morten Hoppe , Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Absorption Measurement Using Integrated Lithium Niobate Nanophotonics

    Presenter: Jiuyi Zhang , Stevens Institute of Technology

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Infrared Laser-Induced Fluorescence With a Continuous-Wave Optical Parametric Oscillator

    Presenter: Garrett Mathews , Purdue University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    (Withdrawn) Characterization of the Laser-Induced Ignition Process in Space Propulsion

    Presenter: Robert Stützer , German Aerospace Center

  8. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Multi-Species Measurements During Shock Heated Hydrocarbon Pyrolysis With a Broadband mid-IR OPO

    Presenter: Robert Greene , University of Central Florida


UV and Visible Lasers

Presider: Jing Zhang , Rochester Institute of Technology
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Passively Mode Locked 265 nm VECSEL Utilizing All-Intracavity Harmonic Generation

    Presenter: Jason Meyer , University of Arizona

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Low Divergence Dual-Grating Distributed Feedback Lasers Operating at 1.0 µm

    Presenter: Lianping Hou , University of Glasgow

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Deep UV Laser Diode With Compositionally Graded AlGaN p-Cladding

    Presenter: Maki Kushimoto , Nagoya University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductors – From Materials to Technologies

    Presenter: Nelson Tansu , Lehigh University


Nonlinear Optical Phenomena at High Laser Intensities

Presider: Jeremy Pigeon , UCLA
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Terahertz Emissions by Plasmas Created From Moderate to Relativistic Laser Intensities

    Presenter: Luc Berge , Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Generation of High Power Two-Color 10 μm and 5 μm Picosecond Pulses in Nonlinear Crystals

    Presenter: Daniel Matteo , University of California Los Angeles

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Nonlinear Pulse Compression in Double-Pass Multiple Plate Compression

    Presenter: Chih-Hsuan Lu , National Tsing Hua University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Guiding of Laser Pulses at the Theoretical Limit –
    97% Throughput Hollow-Core Fibers

    Presenter: Bruno Schmidt , few-cycle Inc

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Broadly Tunable Watt-Level Source of Few-Cycle Mid-Infrared Pulses Based on Yb-Doped Laser and Two-Channel Parametric Amplifier

    Presenter: Rimantas Budriunas , Light Conversion


Microresonators and Microcombs

Presider: Reza Salem , Thorlabs Inc
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Gain-Switched Semiconductor Laser Driven Soliton Microcombs

    Presenter: Wenle Weng , Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    a Method for Increasing Thermal Stability of Short-Living Solitons in Silicon Nitride Microresonators

    Presenter: Federico Sabattoli , University of Pavia

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Synchronization of Normal-GVD Kerr Combs

    Presenter: Bok Young Kim , Columbia University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Subharmonic Synchronization of Soliton Microcomb Breathing Oscillations to Periodic Forces

    Presenter: Jordan Stone , NIST

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    PhoXonic Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators: Parametrical Optomechanic Oscillations and its Applications

    Presenter: Silvia Soria , Ist di Fisica Applicata Nello Carrara

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Zero-Dispersion Soliton Generation in a High-Q Fiber Fabry-Pérot Microresonator

    Presenter: Zeyu Xiao , Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Optical Dual-Comb Vernier Division of an Octave-Spanning Kerr Microcomb

    Presenter: Nathan O'Malley , Purdue University


Terahertz Near-field Imaging and Field Confinement

Presider: Pernille Klarskov Pedersen , Aarhus Universitet
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Terahertz Light Sources by Electronic-Oscillator-Driven Second Harmonic Generation in Extreme-Confinement Cavities

    Presenter: Lamia Ateshian , Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    3D-Printed Resonant Gold Nanocones for Out-of-Plane Terahertz-Field-Driven Electron Photoemission

    Presenter: Andrea Rovere , INRS-Energie Materiaux et Telecom

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Compact THz Photogun Transversely Pumped by Twin Single-Cycle Pulses

    Presenter: Tobias Kroh , DESY

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Demonstration of Near-Field THz Spectroscopy Using Ultrafast Electron Microscopy

    Presenter: Michael Yannai , Technion Israel Institute of Technology

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Consequences of Antenna Effects on s-SNOM Imaging of a Photonic Mode

    Presenter: Théo Hannotte , IEMN

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Anomalous Contrast in Broadband THz Near-Field Imaging of Gold Microstructures

    Presenter: Angela Pizzuto , Brown University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    THz Near-Field Microscopy of Graphene and Subwavelength Metal Structures

    Presenter: Mengkun Liu , Stony Brook University


Photonics of Low Dimensional Materials I

Presider: Shengxi Huang , Pennsylvania State University
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Optical Cooling and Other Opportunities for Anti-Stokes Photoluminescence From All-Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystals

    Presenter: Matthew Sheldon , Texas A&M University

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High-Density two-Color Micro-LED Array Based on Brushing-Assisted Micropatterning of Quantum Dots

    Presenter: Dacheng Mao , UMass Amherst

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High-Stability Quantum dot Passivated With low Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition 3-in-1 Full-Color Light-Emitting Diodes

    Presenter: Yu-Ming Huang , National Chiao-Tung University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    All-Fiber, all-Optical Ultrafast Switch Based on two-Dimensional Nanomaterials

    Presenter: Q. Wu , Beihang University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Light-Driven Graphene-Based Multifunctional Actuator

    Presenter: Anjani Tiwari , Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Electric Field- Induced Reduction Dynamics of Graphene Oxide and its Photo-Response

    Presenter: Soma Saha , Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Be-Doping Assessment in Self-Catalyzed MBE Grown GaAs Nanowires.

    Presenter: PRIYANKA RAMASWAMY , North Carolina A&T State University


Tools for Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Presider: Giacomo Coslovich , SLAC
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Seven-Octave High-Brightness and Carrier Envelope Phase-Stable Light Source

    Presenter: Luke Maidment , ICFO - Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Ultrafast Nano-Imaging and Control of Optical Switching in Strongly Coupled Infrared Quantum-Well Heterostructures

    Presenter: Samuel Johnson , University of Colorado at Boulder

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Biomolecules With Few-Femtosecond UV Pulses

    Presenter: Rocio Borrego-Varillas , Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Tracking Chemical Reaction Using Soft–X–Ray Absorption Spectroscopy With a Table-top Water-Window X-ray Source

    Presenter: Yi-Ping Chang , Univrsity of Geneva

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Free-Running Dual-Comb Thin-Disk Laser Oscillator for Comb-Line-Resolved Spectroscopy

    Presenter: Norbert Modsching , Université de Neuchâtel

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Coherently-Shaped Free Electrons as High-Resolution Probes of Coherence in Quantum Systems

    Presenter: Ron Ruimy , Technion Israel institute of technology

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Time-Domain Single-Pixel Imaging

    Presenter: Jiapeng Zhao , Univerisity of Rochester


High-bandwidth Devices and Systems

Presider: Jonathan Bradley , McMaster University
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High-Speed Optical Transceiver Based on low-Cost Silicon Ring Modulators and Detectors

    Presenter: Meer Nazmus Sakib , Intel Labs- Photonics Research

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    40 G III-v Photodetectors on a Monolithic InP/SOI Platform

    Presenter: Ying Xue , Hong Kong Univ of Sci@Tech

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    320 Gb/s WDM Transmission in Monolithically Integrated Al2O3:Er3+ Spiral Amplifier on Si3N4

    Presenter: Themistoklis Chrysostomidis , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    A 30 Gb/s Monolithic Traveling-Wave Amplified Mach-Zehnder Modulator

    Presenter: Navid Hosseinzadeh , UC Santa Barbara

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Sub-Millimeter Large High-Speed Photodetector for FSO Communications

    Presenter: Toshimasa Umezawa , National Inst of Information & Comm Tech

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Demonstration of on-Chip Gigahertz Acousto-Optic Modulation at Near-Visible Wavelengths

    Presenter: Yue Yu , The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High-Speed Silicon Mach-Zehnder Modulator With Corrugated Waveguides for Data Center Interconnects

    Presenter: Karanveer Singh , Technische Universität Braunschweig


Neural Imaging Tools

Presider: Mo Zohrabi , University of Colorado at Boulder
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Dual-Band 2-Photon Excitation Dual-Region Imaging With Subcellular Resolution Across 25mm2 Field of View

    Presenter: Che-Hang Yu , University of California, Santa Barbara

     Presentation Details   Paper

    Highlighted Talk

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Two-Photon Fiber STED Microscope Using Polarization Maintaining Fiber

    Presenter: Brendan Heffernan , University of Colorado, Boulder

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Large Field-of-View 3D Imaging Using Random Microlenses

    Presenter: Feng Tian , University of California Davis

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Computational Imaging in the Multiple Scattering Regime Exploiting Linear Fluorescence Feedback

    Presenter: Sylvain Gigan , Sorbonne Université

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Computational Miniature Mesoscope for Large-Scale 3D Fluorescence Imaging

    Presenter: Yujia Xue , Boston University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Minimally-Invasive Lensless Computational Microendoscopy Leveraging Modal Decomposition

    Presenter: Samuel Metais , Johns Hokins University


Fiber Amplifiers and Oscillators

Presider: Darren Hudson , CACI - Photonics Solutions
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High Power all-Fiberized Laser Oscillator Employing Novel Constant-Cladding Tapered-Core Yb-Doped Fiber

    Presenter: Yun Ye , National Univ. of Defense Tech.

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    All-Fiber, Optical Parametric Oscillator Based on Birefringent Phase Matching in a Polarization Maintaining Fiber

    Presenter: Orkhongua Batjargal , The University of Arizona

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Transverse Mode Instability Threshold Manipulation in a Core-Pumped Raman Amplifier

    Presenter: Victor Distler , Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    22mJ Coherent Beam Combining From Three 85μm Core CCC Fiber Amplifiers

    Presenter: Alexander Rainville , University of Michigan

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High Peak-Power Pulse Amplification in Very-Large Mode-Area Er-Doped Amplifiers

    Presenter: Jeffrey Nicholson , OFS Labs

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Dual-Pass Pre-Chirp Managed Amplification With High Gain and High Average Power

    Presenter: Yao Zhang , Xidian University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Turning Nonlinearity From Problem to Advantage in Ultrafast Fiber Amplifiers

    Presenter: Pavel Sidorenko , Cornell University


Atomic and Solid-State Quantum Sensors

Presider: Kasturi Saha , Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Standoff Atomic Magnetometry in the Lab and in the Sky

    Presenter: Dmitry Budker , Helmholtz Institute Mainz & UC Berkeley

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Rydberg Atom-Based AC/DC Voltage Measurements

    Presenter: Nikunj Prajapati , University of Colorado

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Angle of Arrival of a Radio-Frequency Field From Sub-Wavelength Rydberg Atom-Based Phase Measurements

    Presenter: Amy Robinson , University of Colorado

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Fiber-Optic Quantum Sensors for Applications in Micromagnetics and Thermal Imaging

    Presenter: Sean Blakley , Texas A&M University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Forty-Fold Speedup of NV- Center Magnetometry With Sequential Bayesian Experiment Design

    Presenter: Sergey Dushenko , University of Maryland College park/NIST


A&TTR on Integrated Photonics in Neural Networks I

Presider: Yasha Yi , University of Michigan
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Multiplane Light Conversion to Build Unitary Optical Networks

    Presenter: Nicolas Fontaine , Nokia Bell Labs

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Machine Learning Based Optical Phased Arrays Design for on-Chip Solid State Lidar System

    Presenter: ARASH KAZEMIAN , QunFa Inc

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Photonic TPU & Memory for Machine Intelligence

    Presenter: Volker Sorger , George Washington University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Optical Neuromorphic Processing Based on Kerr Microcombs

    Presenter: David Moss , Swinburne University of Technology

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Reservoir Computing With Low-Power-Consumption All-Optical Nonlinear Activation Using Membrane SOA on Si

    Presenter: Takuma Tsurugaya , NTT Device Technology Labs, NTT Corporation


Mid-infrared and Thermal Photonics I: Thermal Radiation Control and Energy

Presider: Ognjen Ilic , University of Minnesota
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Special Symposium

  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Manipulating Heat at Nanoscale - in Far and Near-Field

    Presenter: Gaurang Bhatt , Columbia University

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Strong Coupling in Polaritonic Media: Towards on-Chip Infrared Nanophotonics

    Presenter: Joshua Caldwell , Vanderbilt University

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Incandescent Metasurface Modulated Beyond 10 MHz

    Presenter: Jean-Jacques Greffet , Institut d'Optique

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Planck Spectroscopy

    Presenter: Yuzhe Xiao , University of Wisconsin-Madison

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    a Double-Sided Radiative Cooling Architecture With a Record Local Cooling Power Density of 270 W/m2

    Presenter: Lyu Zhou , State University of New York at Buffalo

12:00 - 13:45 (Eastern Time (US & Canada) DST, UTC - 04:00)

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Optical Forces and Single-molecule Manipulation

Presider: Ognjen Ilic , University of Minnesota
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)

    Unidirectional Electronic Currents in Asymmetric Nanojunctions Driven by Strong Optical Fields

    Presenter: Ihar Babushkin , Leibniz Universität Hannover

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Single sub-10 nm Biomolecule Manipulation Enabled by Opto-Thermo-Electrohydrodynamic Tweezers

    Presenter: Chuchuan Hong , Vanderbilt University

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Optical Trapping of Nanoparticles With Plasmonic Apertures Generated by Algorithm

    Presenter: Neuton Li , Australian National University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    All-Dielectric Nanoantenna for Low Power Optical Trapping of Nanoscale Objects With Ultra-low Heat Generation

    Presenter: Yuxi Jiang , Vanderbilt University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Coherent Control of Single-Molecule Switching Reactions With Femtosecond Atomic Forces

    Presenter: Lukas Kastner , University of Regensburg

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  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Electrically Controlled Graphene Nano-Ribbon Plasmonic Conveyor Belt Network

    Presenter: Peter Liu , State University of New York at Buffalo



Presider: Ilko Ilev , U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Megapixel per Second Hardware Efficient LiDAR Based on Microcombs

    Presenter: Anton Lukashchuk , EPFL

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    A Pulsed-Coherent Lidar System With a Chip Based Optical Frequency Comb

    Presenter: Li-Yang Chen , University of California, Los Angeles

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Hybrid Machine Vision Systems Achieve High-Speed Video Rates With Object and Scene Tracking

    Presenter: Frank Rodriguez , University of California at Riverside

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    FMCW Ranging and Speed Measurement Based on Frequency Sweep Predistortion of DFB Laser

    Presenter: Xianyi Cao , Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Solid-State FMCW LiDAR Based on a 2D Disperser

    Presenter: Zhi Li , Tsinghua University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Mission-Driven Design of Laser Systems for Space-Based Sensing and Communications

    Presenter: Andrew Schober , Fibertek, Inc.

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    (Withdrawn) Smoke Sensing With a Short-Range Elastic Micro-Lidar

    Presenter: Romain Ceolato , ONERA

12:00 - 14:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada) DST, UTC - 04:00)

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Cold Atoms and Quantum Measurement

Presider: Rudolph Kohn , Space Dynamics Laboratory
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Quantum Noise Imaging Using Quadrature Squeezed Vacuum Optical Fields

    Presenter: Irina Novikova , College of William & Mary

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    EIT Cooling of Atoms in Optical Dipole Traps

    Presenter: Hwang sub , Korean Adv Inst of Science and Tech

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Stimulated Slowing of Yb Atoms on the Narrow 1S03P1 Transition

    Presenter: Tanaporn Na Narong , Stanford University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Phase Retrieval of Vortices in Bose-Einstein Condensates

    Presenter: Ron Ziv , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Tomography of Quantum States in a Phonon Network of Trapped Ions

    Presenter: Kihwan Kim , Tsinghua University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Sub-Wavelength Spin Excitations Driven by Stimulated Raman Transitions in Ultracold Gases

    Presenter: Yigal Ilin , Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Intrinsic Calibration of Molecular Alignment Using Rotational Echoes

    Presenter: Dina Rosenberg , Tel Aviv University


Machine Learning and Applications

Presider: Michael Brodsky , US Army Research Laboratory
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Machine Learning Derived Entanglement Witnesses

    Presenter: Larry Wu , University of Toronto

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Quantum-Enhanced Data Classification With a Variational Entangled Sensor Network

    Presenter: Yi Xia , University of Arizona

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Classical Shadows and Bayesian Mean Estimation: a Comparison

    Presenter: Joseph Lukens , Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Quantum-Optimal Binary Object Classification in Sub-Diffraction Incoherent Imaging

    Presenter: Michael Grace , University of Arizona

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Practical Semi-Device-Independent Quantum Random Number Generators

    Presenter: Marco Avesani , Universita degli Studi di Padova

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Robust Self-Testing on Photonic Quantum Networks

    Presenter: Iris Agresti , La Sapienza University of Rome

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    LDPC-Coded Squeezed-Displaced States-Based Quantum Communications

    Presenter: Ivan Djordjevic , University of Arizona

  8. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    A Belief Propagation-Based Quantum Joint-Detection Receiver for Superadditive Optical Communications

    Presenter: Kaushik Seshadreesan , University of Arizona


Nonlinear Photonics at Surfaces and Membranes

Presider: Konstantinos Makris , University of Crete
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Unraveling and Predicting the Nonlinear-Optical Refractive Response of Graphene

    Presenter: Nathalie Vermeulen , Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    (Withdrawn) Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Generation in a Hybrid Graphene on Silicon Germanium Waveguide

    Presenter: Pierre Demongodin , Institut des nanotechnologies de Lyon

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Second Harmonic Generation From a Single Plasmonic Nanorod Strongly Coupled to a WSe2 Monolayer

    Presenter: Chentao Li , Emory University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Hybrid Bistability in Nano-Opto-Mechanical Metamaterial

    Presenter: Domitrios Papas , University of Southampton

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Optical Thermalization in Highly Multimoded Integrated Nonlinear 2D Photonic Membrane Systems

    Presenter: Babak Bahari , University Southern California

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Controlling Nonlinear Interactions in Metasurfaces Using Collective Lattice Effects

    Presenter: Mikko Huttunen , Tampere University


Metasurfaces and Lasers

Presider: Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez , University of Utah
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Suppressing Meta-Holographic Artifacts by Laser Coherence Tuning

    Presenter: Yaniv Eliezer , Yale University

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Low-Threshold Lasing From Anapole Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Yuri Kivshar , Australian National University

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Ultrashort Pulse Compression via Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Marcus Ossiander , Harvard University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Silicon Nitride Metasurfaces in Structural Colors and Advanced Coherent Light Sources

    Presenter: Kuo-Ping Chen , National Chiao-Tung University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Multipole Resonances for Directional Lasing and Wavefront Shaping

    Presenter: Viktoriia Babicheva , University of New Mexico

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Eliminating Dual-Polarization Laser Emission and Spatial Hole Burning by Using Parity-Time-Symmetric Eigenstates

    Presenter: Jean-Francois Bisson , Universite de Moncton

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Non-Local Multifunctional Metasurfaces and Their External Cavity Laser Application

    Presenter: Christina Spaegele , Harvard University


Advances in Compact Devices and Clinical Applications

Presider: Tilman Schmoll , Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    (Withdrawn) Title to be Determined

    Presenter: Ryan Shelton , PhotoniCare Inc.

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    A Compact Spectroscopic Laser Sensor for Time-Resolved Breath Oxygen Monitoring Towards Clinical use

    Presenter: Charles Patrick , Princeton Unviersity

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    a Colorimetric Assay With Optoelectronic Readout for High-Sensitivity and Rapid Detection of Infectious Diseases

    Presenter: Xiahui Chen , Arizona State University

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Precise and Fast Autofocus Measuring Device for High-Resolution High-Speed Pupillometry

    Presenter: Mario Hesker , RWTH Aachen University TOS

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Characterization of Micromirrors Embedded in Parylene Photonic Waveguides for Out-of-Plane Light Delivery

    Presenter: Jay Reddy , Carnegie Mellon University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Contact Lens-Based Sensing of Lysozyme in Tear Fluid Using a Mobile Well-Plate Reader

    Presenter: Zach Ballard , University of California Los Angeles

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Graded-Index Fiber on-Chip Absorption Spectroscopy

    Presenter: Kamalpreet Gill , University of South Australia


Light Interaction with High/Low-Dimensional Materials

Presider: Vitaly Gruzdev , University of New Mexico
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Ultrafast Ablation and the Role of Avalanche Ionization in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

    Presenter: Joel Solomon , UNCC

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Permanent Optically-Induced Strain in hBN

    Presenter: Cecilia Chen , Columbia University

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    5D Optical Data Storage With 100% Readout Accuracy in Silica Glass

    Presenter: Huijun Wang , University of Southampton

     Presentation Details   Paper

    Highlighted Talk

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Control Interlayer Excitons in 2D Heterostructures With Acoustic Waves

    Presenter: Ruoming Peng , University of Washington

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Dispersive Coupling Between MoSe2 and a Zero-Dimensional Integrated Nanocavity

    Presenter: David Rosser , University of Washington

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Thermalization of Exciton-Polaritons in Strongly Coupled 2D Hybrid Perovskites

    Presenter: Prathmesh Deshmukh , City University of New York

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Wideband Acousto-Optical Modulation on Suspended Thin-Film Lithium Niobate

    Presenter: Ahmed Hassanien , University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


Ultrafast Nonlinear Dynamics and Frequency Conversion

Presider: Konstantin Vodopyanov
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Chiral Young's Double Slit Experiment and Polarization of Chirality

    Presenter: Olga Smirnova , Max Born Institute

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Quantum Random Number Generation via Dynamically-Controlled Coupled-Resonator-Based Kerr Oscillator

    Presenter: Yoshitomo Okawachi , Columbia University

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Machine Learning With Multimode Fibers

    Presenter: Ugur Tegin , Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Modeling Harmonic and Supercontinuum Generation in Polycrystalline Materials

    Presenter: Jiahui Gu , University of Arizona

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Supercontinuum Generation in Optofluidic Microstructured Optical Fibers

    Presenter: Saher Junaid , Leibniz institute of Photonics technology

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Frequency Comb-Like High Energy gas-Filled Fiber Raman Laser Spanning From 1.68 µm to 2.4 µm

    Presenter: Yazhou Wang , Technical University of Denmark

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Nonlinear Generation of Energetic Ultrashort Vortex Pulses With Spectral and Topological Charge Diversity

    Presenter: Havva Begüm Kabagöz , Boston University


Terahertz Emission and Pulse Shaping

Presider: Frank Hegmann , University of Alberta
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Steering the Slipstream: Moving Fronts to Tailor Terahertz Pulses

    Presenter: David Cooke , McGill University

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Terahertz Pulse Shaping Using Diffractive Optical Networks

    Presenter: Muhammed Veli , University of California, Los Angeles

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    THz Generation Using the Tilted Pulse Front Method in the Limit of Small Beam Sizes

    Presenter: Frank Wulf , Ruhr-University Bochum

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    (Withdrawn) Sub-Nanosecond Terahertz Radiation Obtained With Aperiodically Poled Lithium Niobate and HMQ-TMS

    Presenter: Roger Cudney , CICESE

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Intra-Cavity Broadband THz Generation Inside a Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Oscillator

    Presenter: Marin Hamrouni , Laboratoire Temps Fréquence

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    THz Generation Control in Fe/X Spintronic Multilayers by Chemical Bonding at Epitaxial Fe/GaAs(001) Interfaces

    Presenter: Roman Adam , Research Centre Julich

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    (Withdrawn) Picosecond Spin-Seebeck Effect in Antiferromagnets

    Presenter: Chiara Ciccarelli , University of Cambridge


Photonics of Low Dimensional Materials II

Presider: Shengxi Huang , Pennsylvania State University
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Near-Field Optical Characterization Techniques of Twisted and Indirectly Nanostructured 2D Materials

    Presenter: Frank Koppens , ICFO -Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Stacking of Two-Dimensional Materials to Large-Area Heterostructures by Wafer Bonding

    Presenter: Arne Quellmalz , KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Direct Growth of Transparent Graphene Electrodes on GaN LEDs Using Metal Proximity Catalytic Effect

    Presenter: Fangzhu Xiong , Beijing University of Technology

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Enhancing Second Harmonic Generation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Through 1D Nanoscrolls

    Presenter: Shengxi Huang , Pennsylvania State University

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Two-Dimensional GeP-Based NIR Phototransistor

    Presenter: Ghada Dushaq , New York University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    A Neuromorphic Graphene UV Phototransistor

    Presenter: Christian Frydendahl , Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Graphdiyne-Based Saturable Absorber for Mode-Locked Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser

    Presenter: Q. Wu , Beihang University


Novel Device Applications

Presider: Karen Grutter , The Laboratory for Physical Sciences
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    on-Chip OPtical Tweezers Based on Micro-Reflectors

    Presenter: Jin-Sheng Lu , Harvard University

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Sidelobe-Free Beam-Steering Using Optical Phased Arrays for Neural Probes

    Presenter: Fu-Der Chen , Max Plank Institute

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Material Identification by Plasmonic Infrared Microspectrometer Employing Machine Learning

    Presenter: Jiajun Meng , University of Melbourne

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    High Repetition Rate Detection With Dual-Comb Vernier Frequency Division in Microresonators

    Presenter: Zijiao Yang , University of Virginia

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Towards an Integrated Exceptional Point Enhanced Ring Laser Gyroscope

    Presenter: Yuzhou Liu , University of Southern California

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Photonic Arbitrary Linear Transformations in the Frequency Synthetic Dimension

    Presenter: Avik Dutt , Stanford University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Quantum Information Hardware Based on Color Center Nanophotonics

    Presenter: Marina Radulaski , University of California Davis


Particle Acceleration, Far-IR and High Harmonic Source Generation

Presider: Csaba Toth , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Petawatt Laser Guiding and Electron Beam Acceleration to 8 GeV in Laser-Heated Capillary Discharge Waveguide

    Presenter: Anthony Gonsalves , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Improvement of the Temporal Contrast of pre-Pulses by Post-Pulses in a Petawatt J-KAREN-P Laser Facility

    Presenter: Hiromitsu Kiriyama , National Inst. Quantum & Rad Sc & Tech

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    A Study of Ultrashort Pulse Train Generated via Tailored Transparent Delay Mask

    Presenter: Andrea Marasciulli , CNR-INO

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Simulations on the Propagation Dynamics of TW Square-Aperture CO2 Laser Pulses in the Atmosphere

    Presenter: Paris Panagiotopoulos , University of Arizona

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Flexible High-Field Far-IR Source for Driving Nonlinear Phononics

    Presenter: Jiaoyang Zheng , Cornell University

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Choice of an Efficient Gas Target for High-Order Harmonic Generation

    Presenter: Robin Weissenbilder , Lund University

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Recent Progress and Perspectives of High-Harmonic Generation Inside Thin-Disk Laser Oscillators

    Presenter: Jakub Drs , University of Neuchatel


Ultrafast Pulse Measurements

Presider: Zsuzsanna Major , GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenfors
  1. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Unified FROG for Characterizing 205 nm to 2000 nm, s or p Polarization, From 2-Cycle to 100 ps.

    Presenter: Derrek Wilson , Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique

  2. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Spatiospectral Characterization of Pulsed-Beams via Broadband Ptychography

    Presenter: David Goldberger , Colorado School of Mines

  3. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    PHz Electronic Device Design for Waveguide-Integrated Carrier-Envelope Phase Detection

    Presenter: Dario Cattozzo Mor , Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  4. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Orbital-Angular-Momentum-Based Detection of Internal Phase Motions in Optical Soliton Molecules

    Presenter: Yuwei Zhao , TIANJIN UNIVERSITY

  5. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    All-Optical Sampling of few-Cycle Infrared Waveforms Using Tunneling in a Solid

    Presenter: Yangyang Liu , University of Central Florida

  6. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Single-Shot Measurement of Infrared Laser Waveforms Using Multiphoton Photoconductivity in an Image Sensor

    Presenter: Yangyang Liu , University of Central Florida

  7. -
    (UTC - 07:00)
    Reliable Characterization of Unstable Pulse Trains in Third-Order Versions of Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating

    Presenter: Rick Trebino , Georgia Institute of Technology