• Technical Conference:  05 – 10 May 2024
  • The CLEO Hub: 07 – 09 May 2024
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Tuesday, 07 May

07:00 — 18:30 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Concourse A

Special Event

08:00 — 10:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Joint Plenary Session I


  1. Quantum Science and Atomic Clocks

    Presenter: Jun Ye, University of Colorado, United States

  2. How Can Optical Imaging Help Reduce Global Inequities in Cancer?

    Presenter: Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Rice University, United States

  3. Near- and Mid-IR Integrated Photonics for Sensing, Interconnects and Computing

    Presenter: Ray Chen, The University of Texas Austin, United States

10:00 — 11:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Meet Optica Publishing Group’s Journal Editors

CLEO Hub - Optica Booth

Special Event

10:00 — 16:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Hall A

Exhibit Hall Event

10:30 — 12:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Market Focus Panel: Space Optics

CLEO Hub Theater

Event Details
Exhibit Hall Event

10:30 — 14:30 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Photonic Metamaterials

Short Course

Communication With Light

Short Course

Managing Diversity Teams in STEM

Short Course

11:00 — 12:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Tech Talk: Dr. Wayne Knox

CLEO Hub - Optica Booth

Exhibit Hall Event

11:30 — 13:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Joint Poster Session I


  1. JTu2A.1
    AI-Driven Laser Parameter Optimization for Enhanced Pseudocapacitor Electrodes

    Presenter: Amirkianoosh Kiani, Ontario Tech University, Canada

  2. JTu2A.2
    Unlocking Potential of Ultra-Short Laser Pulses for Development of Thin Film CuO for Electrode Fabrication

    Presenter: Amirkianoosh Kiani, Ontario Tech University, Canada

  3. JTu2A.3
    Photocarrier Dynamics in Highly Scattering Nanocatalyst Clusters

    Presenter: Sunil Gyawali, West Virginia University, United States

  4. JTu2A.4
    Plasmon near-field coupling in a shifted-core coaxial nano-cavity pair

    Presenter: Abbas Ghaffari, North Carolina State University, United States

  5. JTu2A.5
    First Principles Calculation of Impact Ionization in Solids

    Presenter: Shafat Shahnewaz, University of Virginia, United States

  6. JTu2A.6
    Temporal Speckle-learned Orbital Angular Momentum Classification

    Presenter: Vijay Kumar, NIT Warangal, India

  7. JTu2A.7
    Improving Electrical Conductivity of Polymer Composites via Photothermal Heating

    Presenter: Erin Crites, North Carolina State University, United States

  8. JTu2A.8
    Examining thermal waves at liquid-vapor interface far from equilibrium with dark hollow beams

    Presenter: Mahdi Eshaghi, University of Central Florida, CREOL, United States

  9. JTu2A.9
    Effective Temperature of an Optically-induced Collective Non-steady State

    Presenter: Sohila Abdelhafiz, University of Central Florida, United States

  10. JTu2A.10
    Spatial Correlation of Whispering Gallery Modes in an Active Micro-Bottle Resonator

    Presenter: Subhajit Dutta, IIT Kharagpur, India

  11. JTu2A.11
    Limits of Thermal Emission from Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Stimulated by Nanosecond Pulsed Laser

    Presenter: Emmanuel Sarpong, UNC Charlotte, United States

  12. JTu2A.12
    Luminescent Waveguides with Synaptic Properties for Photonic Artificial Neural Networks

    Presenter: Paulo Andre, Instituto De Telecomunicacoes, Portugal

  13. JTu2A.13
    A Single-Shot Electro-Optic Pulse Shape Acquisition System for OMEGA Laser Applications

    Presenter: Yihan Liu, University of Rochester, United States

  14. JTu2A.14
    Direct measurement of coherent light proportion from a laser source without spectral filtering

    Presenter: Xi Jie Yeo, Center for Quantum Technologies, Singapore

  15. JTu2A.15
    In-situ Metrology Interferometric Set-up For the Diagnosis and Analysis of Coherent Beam Combining Lasers

    Presenter: Thomas Rousseaux, ONERA, France

  16. JTu2A.16
    Probing Spectral Transition of Soliton Molecules in MIR Mode-locked Fiber Laser

    Presenter: Guyue Hu, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  17. JTu2A.17
    Diodes-pumped femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers for two-photon microscopy

    Presenter: Dong Hoon Song, Blue Tile Lab., Korea (the Republic of)

  18. JTu2A.18
    High-power Middle-infrared Laser Using W-shape Cavity and Cr2+:ZnS Crystal

    Presenter: Jiqiang Kang, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  19. JTu2A.19
    Bismuth-doped Fiber Laser at 1.3 μm Mode-locked by Nonlinear Polarization Rotation

    Presenter: Xiaoxiao Wen, The University of Hong Kong, China

  20. JTu2A.20
    Transient gas pinhole based on saturated absorption for high energy ultraviolet lasers

    Presenter: Ke Ou, Stanford University, United States

  21. JTu2A.21
    Characterization of the Pound-Drever-Hall Feedback Loop in an Ultra-Stable Laser System

    Presenter: Xiao Jiang, University of Science and Technology of China, China

  22. JTu2A.22
    Sub-nanosecond MW microchip oscillator for Laser Tattoo Removal MOPA System

    Presenter: Niklaus Wetter, IPEN, Brazil

  23. JTu2A.23
    Performance Investigation of Dual Stage Nested Loop Configuration for Scalable Coherent Beam Combination

    Presenter: Sooraj M S, IIT Madras, India

  24. JTu2A.24
    An efficient mid-infrared erbium-doped ZBLAN amplifier using a double-pass configuration

    Presenter: Yihuan Shi, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

  25. JTu2A.26
    Laser Beam Induced Current for Defect Concentration and Aging Analysis of Broad Area Laser Diodes

    Presenter: Elaine McVay, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States

  26. JTu2A.27
    High-speed 940 nm Ge-VCSEL with an Over 15 GHz Modulation Bandwidth at 85 oC

    Presenter: Yun-Cheng Yang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

  27. JTu2A.29
    Quantification of Pulse Train Instabilities in Mode-Locked Quantum-Dot Laser Diodes

    Presenter: Tiago Gomes, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom

  28. JTu2A.30
    On scalability of static 940 nm VCSEL arrays

    Presenter: Stefano Gretter, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany

  29. JTu2A.31
    10 GHz Low Divergence Angle Mode-Locked Lasers with Ultralow Timing Jitter through Injection-Locking Techniques

    Presenter: Mohanad Al-Rubaiee, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

  30. JTu2A.32
    Narrow Linewidth DBR Laser Diodes Based on Twin-Waveguide Epitaxial Structure

    Presenter: Qianru Lu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

  31. JTu2A.33
    A Three-Active-Section Directly Modulated Laser with Enhanced Modulation Bandwidth

    Presenter: Hefei Qi, The 54th Research Institute of CETC, China

  32. JTu2A.34
    Modeling and Optimization of Interband Cascade Laser AM Frequency Combs

    Presenter: Igor Vurgaftman, Naval Research Laboratory, United States

  33. JTu2A.35
    Accurate Laser Model for Electrically Injected Monolithic GaAs on Silicon Nano-ridge Laser Diodes

    Presenter: Andualem Yimam, Ghent University, Belgium

  34. JTu2A.36
    Characterization of Quantum Cascade Laser Facets via Steady-State Thermoreflectance

    Presenter: Andrew Jones, Laser Thermal, Inc., United States

  35. JTu2A.37
    Reciprocity Principle and Structure-Induced Asymmetry between Counterpropagating Modes in Whistle-Geometry Ring Lasers

    Presenter: Marek Osinski, University of New Mexico, United States

  36. JTu2A.38
    Coherent High-power Pulsing in a Gain-switched Array of Laser Diodes with Filtered Feedback

    Presenter: Olivier Spitz, University of Central Florida, United States

  37. JTu2A.39
    Fabry–Pérot Laser Diode for WDM-PON with Temperature-insensitive Laser Spectral Envelope

    Presenter: Ruigang Zhang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

  38. JTu2A.40
    Experimental characterization and modeling of sub-nanosecond Fe:ZnSe mid-IR gain-switched laser operating at room temperature

    Presenter: Saugat Ghimire, University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States

  39. JTu2A.41
    Optically Pumped Quantum Dot Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers (QD-PCSELs) based on Epitaxial Regrowth

    Presenter: Subhashree Seth, University of New Mexico, United States

  40. JTu2A.42
    A Faraday laser based on corner-cube retroreflector

    Presenter: Zhiyang Wang, Peking University, China

  41. JTu2A.43
    Diffusive Loss Engineering of Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Combs

    Presenter: Mithun Roy, University of Texas at Austin, United States

  42. JTu2A.44
    Gain-Switched-Laser Frequency Comb Self-Injection-Locked to a Microresonator

    Presenter: Wenle Weng, University of Adelaide, Australia

  43. JTu2A.45
    Bayesian Estimation of Frequency Noise in Narrow-Linewidth Lasers

    Presenter: Lutz Mertenskötter, WIAS-Berlin, Germany

  44. JTu2A.46
    C-band 12-Channel DFB Laser Array with High Output Power and Narrow Linewidth

    Presenter: Yuanhao Zhang, HuazhongUniversity of Science&Technology, China

  45. JTu2A.47
    Quantum Cascade Lasers Powered by a Pulsed 6.78 MHz Wireless Power Transfer System

    Presenter: Richard Brun Jr, Princeton University, United States

  46. JTu2A.48
    Electrically injected GeSn laser operating up to 135 K

    Presenter: Sudip Acharya, University of Arkansas, United States

  47. JTu2A.49
    1390nm Dilute Nitride VCSELs on 150mm GaAs

    Presenter: Ijeoma Obuseli, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

  48. JTu2A.50
    980 nm micro-cavity lasers with sub-milliampere threshold

    Presenter: Qi LIN, HKUST, Hong Kong

  49. JTu2A.51
    Large Tolerance of Lasing Properties to Impurity Defects in GaAs(Sb)-AlGaAs Core-Shell Nanowire Lasers

    Presenter: Gregor Koblmüller, Technische Universität Munchen, Germany

  50. JTu2A.52
    500 GHz Terahertz Wave-Optic Modulators in Thin Film Lithium Niobate

    Presenter: Yiwen ZHANG, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  51. JTu2A.53
    Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging of MOVPE grown AlGaN films


  52. JTu2A.54
    Electrical Conduction of Liquid-Exfoliated Nanographite Flakes as Components for Functional Inks

    Presenter: Harrison Loh, West Virginia University, United States

  53. JTu2A.55
    Inverse Design of All-dielectric THz Metasurface for Long Depth of Focus with Uniform Intensity

    Presenter: Jisoo Kyoung, Dankook University, Korea (the Republic of)

  54. JTu2A.56
    A Self-Aligned Assembling Terahertz Metasurface Microfluidic Sensor with High Sensing Performance

    Presenter: Li Liye, Peking University, China

  55. JTu2A.57
    A Set of Non-sinusoidal Terahertz Pulses

    Presenter: George Hine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States

  56. JTu2A.58
    Mechanical Tuning of the Diffraction Efficiency of THz Slanted Wire Gratings

    Presenter: Nuren Shuchi, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States

  57. JTu2A.59
    Broadband and Tailorable THz Emission from Spintronic Photonic Crystals

    Presenter: Abbas Ghaffari, North Carolina State University, United States

  58. JTu2A.60
    Injection-Seeded 60-GHz Bandwidth Tunable High-Frequency Backward Terahertz-Wave Parametric Oscillator

    Presenter: Joselito Muldera, Tera-Photonics Research Team, RIKEN, Japan

  59. JTu2A.61
    Multiplexed All-Optical Permutation Operations Using Diffractive Networks with Layer Rotations

    Presenter: Guangdong Ma, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

  60. JTu2A.62
    Self-sustained “Active” Metasurfaces Under Intense-Terahertz Fields

    Presenter: Soumyajyoti Mallick, Mahindra University, India

  61. JTu2A.63
    Production of Extremely Strong Accelerating Electric Field by Focusing THz Pulses with a Paraboloid Ring

    Presenter: Zerihun Godana, Institute of Physics, University of Pécs, Ifjúság ú. 6, Pécs 7624 Hungary, Hungary

  62. JTu2A.64
    Electromechanically Tunable Metasurface for Guided Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons

    Presenter: Lars Franke, RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, Germany

  63. JTu2A.65
    Terahertz wave generation by dual-wavelength laser lights injection-locked to a soliton microcomb in mode spacing of 560 GHz for wireless communication with advanced modulation format

    Presenter: Yu Tokizane, pLED, Tokushima university, Japan

  64. JTu2A.66
    Development of CO2 Laser Pumped Terahertz Sources

    Presenter: Gergo Illés, University of Pécs, Hungary

  65. JTu2A.67
    Controlled Radially Polarized Terahertz Radiation Generation for Medical Application


  66. JTu2A.68
    Photonic-assisted THz Wideband Frequency Hopping and Secure Communication Based on Optical Injection Locking

    Presenter: Zhencan Yang, UESTC, China

  67. JTu2A.69
    Probabilistic High Dynamic Range Preprocessing for Ptychography

    Presenter: Shantanu Kodgirwar, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany

  68. JTu2A.70
    Femtosecond laser written and selectively etched structures for micro-optofluidics in a monolithic lithium niobate chip

    Presenter: Daniel Nwatu, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

  69. JTu2A.71
    Thermally Robust Silicon-on-Insulator Ring Resonator for Biosensing in the Near-Infrared

    Presenter: Christian Schweikert, University of Stuttgart, Germany

  70. JTu2A.72
    Quantifying the Effects of Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity and Knockout of the Transcription Factor C-Myc on Mice Kidney Metabolism Using Optical Imaging

    Presenter: Mahsa Ranji, Florida Atlantic University, United States

  71. JTu2A.73
    Biomimetic Transparent Nanoplasmonic Meshes for Bio-interfaced Spatiotemporal Multimodal SERS Bioanalysis

    Presenter: Wei Zhou, Virginia Tech, United States

  72. JTu2A.74
    Quantitative Phase Imaging in Tissue with Gradient Retardance Optical Microscopy

    Presenter: Jinming Zhang, University of Idhao, United States

  73. JTu2A.75
    Fast Optical Diffraction Tomography Microscopy with Large Field of View and Lossless Pupil Beam Combination

    Presenter: Wanxue Wei, Peking University, China

  74. JTu2A.76
    Femtosecond Laser-Triggered Dynamic Vapor Nanobubble Generation from Nanopillar Plasmonic Nanotransducer Arrays

    Presenter: Meitong Nie, Virginia Tech, United States

  75. JTu2A.77
    Multi-color Structured Illumination Microscopy based on Ghost Imaging via Sparsity Constraints

    Presenter: Li Chen, Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China, China

  76. JTu2A.78
    Dual-wavelength Raman laser enables photoacoustic identification of water and lipid

    Presenter: Hongsen He, Xiamen University, China

  77. JTu2A.79
    Multi-stage Optical Sampling for Photonics-assisted Wideband Signal Analog-to-Digital conversion

    Presenter: Deepanshu Yadav, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

  78. JTu2A.80
    Seamlessly Converged Optical-Wireless Access Networks Using Free-Running Laser-enabled mmWave Signal Generation and RF Envelope Detection

    Presenter: Luis Vallejo, DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING CENTRE OF EXCE, United Kingdom

  79. JTu2A.81
    Weight Clustering for Low-Complexity Time Domain-based Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Optical Fiber Links

    Presenter: Geraldo Gomes, Aston University, United Kingdom

  80. JTu2A.82
    FPGA Verification of Generalized LDPC Convolutional Codes with Hamming Code

    Presenter: Yinlong Shi, ZTE, China

  81. JTu2A.83
    Complexity reduction of CMA for polarization demultiplexing according to the autocorrelation function of SOP

    Presenter: Yan Zhang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

  82. JTu2A.84
    High Speed SOP Tracking Added by an Optical Domain Polarization Demultiplexing Prototype in Short Range Coherent Optical Communication System

    Presenter: Wanxin Zhao, BUPT, China

  83. JTu2A.85
    10 Mbit/s UV Solar-Blind OWC at 30 Photons per Bit

    Presenter: James Farmer, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

  84. JTu2A.86
    High-Precision and Large-Range Deflection of Light Beam with Fast Steering Mirrors

    Presenter: Jin Mei, Huazhong University of Science and Techn, China

  85. JTu2A.87
    Design Aspects of Frequency-Domain Learned MIMO Volterra Equalisers

    Presenter: Sonia Boscolo, Aston University, United Kingdom

  86. JTu2A.88
    A Large-scale Visible Light Communications Receiver based on Luminescent Solar Concentrator

    Presenter: Paulo Andre, Instituto De Telecomunicacoes, Portugal

  87. JTu2A.89
    Experimental demonstration of optical waveform transmission with multiple-eigenvalue 16-APSK modulation

    Presenter: Li Jianping, Guangdong University of Technology, China

  88. JTu2A.90
    Optical domain SOP monitoring up to 5Mrad/s in long-haul WDM transmission systems

    Presenter: Linan Shan, Beijing Univ of Posts & Telecom, China

  89. JTu2A.91
    Neural network-based wavefront prediction for atmospheric channels

    Presenter: Chen Yan, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

  90. JTu2A.92
    In-Service OTDR Based on Native Transmitter for TDM PON

    Presenter: Yang Zou, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

  91. JTu2A.93
    Constellations to Combat non-Gaussian PAM4 Noise for SiP Modulators

    Presenter: Erwan Weckenmann, COPL - Université Laval, Canada

  92. JTu2A.94
    A Fast Fiber Channel Modelling Based on Koopman Neural Operator for PDM Signal Transmission

    Presenter: jianxiong fei, Southwest Jiaotong University, China

  93. JTu2A.95
    Nonlinear Interference Mitigation in Coupled Core Multi-Core Fiber using Subcarrier Multiplexing

    Presenter: hossam selmy, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

  94. JTu2A.96
    Enhancing the Performance of BOCDA Sensor using Deconvolution Algorithm

    Presenter: Yucheng Yao, Wuhan National Lab for Optoelectronics (WNLO) & National Engineering Laboratory for Next Generation Internet Access System, China

  95. JTu2A.97
    Prior-free and inverse-free single photon single pixel imaging through thick scattering medium

    Presenter: Long Pan, Zhejiang Lab, China

  96. JTu2A.98
    Accuracy Enhancement in Sweep-Free BOTDA Enabled by Simultaneous Full-Field Brillouin Spectrums Measurement

    Presenter: Yucheng Yao, Huazhong University of Science and Tech., China

  97. JTu2A.99
    A Self-powered Optical Strain Sensor Integrated with a Circuit Board

    Presenter: Qinchuan Jiang, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

  98. JTu2A.100
    Ultra-Linear Wideband FMCW Laser Based on Frequency-Shifted Self-Injection Locking

    Presenter: Jichen Zhang, Tsinghua University, China

  99. JTu2A.101
    Ultra-Sensitive Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Based on Optoelectronic Oscillator with Optically Injected DFB-LD

    Presenter: Chen Zhu, Zhejiang Laboratory, China

  100. JTu2A.102
    Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption with Photonic Crystal Guided Resonances

    Presenter: Jui-Nung Liu, National Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan

  101. JTu2A.103
    Synthesis of rapid and highly-linear frequency-stepping optical carriers over 100 GHz bandwidth

    Presenter: Jiarong Zhang, Beihang University, China

  102. JTu2A.104
    Scene Plane Recognition via Depth-Infrared Intensity Fusion Using ToF Camera

    Presenter: Dongzhao Yang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

  103. JTu2A.105
    Machine Learning-Enhanced Sapphire Fiber Bragg Grating for Fast, Resilient and High-Accuracy Temperature Sensing

    Presenter: Xiao Liu, Zhejiang lab, China

  104. JTu2A.106
    Characterizing the Bending Response of Forward Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Photonic Crystal Fiber

    Presenter: Yucheng Yao, Huazhong University Of Science and Tech, China

  105. JTu2A.107
    Stable Frequency Transmission over a 68-km Installed Telecom Fiber Network

    Presenter: Hao Gao, Beijing Univ of Posts & Telecomm, China

  106. JTu2A.108
    Super-resolution interferometric phase measurement with directionally-unbiased linear-optical devices

    Presenter: Christopher Schwarze, Boston University, United States

  107. JTu2A.109
    Breaking the trade-off between spatial resolution and sensing resolution in optical frequency domain reflectometry-based distributed sensing

    Presenter: Zhaopeng Zhang, Zhejiang Lab, China

  108. JTu2A.110
    High-sensitivity, high-speed underwater ultrasonic detection based on time-stretched self-coherent detection

    Presenter: King Shing Lo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ, Hong Kong

  109. JTu2A.111
    High-Stable RF Transmission over 64.4 km Metropolitan Area Network

    Presenter: Zhuoze Zhao, BJ University of Posts and Telecommunuca, China

  110. JTu2A.113
    Reduction of Additive Phase Noise of Electrical Amplifiers for Electronic-Photonic Low Noise Signal Generation

    Presenter: Pedram Shirmohammadi, University of Virginia, United States

  111. JTu2A.114
    Subspace Analysis of Noise Trade-off in the Design of Resonant Electro-Optic Combs

    Presenter: Holger Heebøll, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

  112. JTu2A.115
    Quantifying Uncertainty for a Bayesian Laser Phase Noise Measurement Method

    Presenter: Jasper Riebesehl, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

  113. JTu2A.116
    When does interferometric imaging achieve superresolution?

    Presenter: Michael Grace, Raytheon BBN, United States

  114. JTu2A.117
    Phase Noise Characterization of Cr:ZnS Frequency Comb using Subspace Tracking

    Presenter: Aleksandr Razumov, DTU, Denmark

  115. JTu2A.119
    High-Speed Optical Sampling via Repetition Rate Switching of an Optically-Injected Mode-Locked Laser Diode

    Presenter: Maria Ana Cataluna, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom

  116. JTu2A.122
    Secondary-electron Multiplication during the Extreme Ultraviolet Photoemission from Nanostructures and its Ultrafast Interaction with Electron Pulses

    Presenter: PENGZUO JIANG, Peking University, China

  117. JTu2A.123
    Energy Transfer Between Alq3 Molecules and Si Revealed by Pump-Probe Spectroscopy

    Presenter: Yu-Chan Tai, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

  118. JTu2A.124
    Strain-Modulated Exciton Recombination Probability in Semiconductor Nanocrystals

    Presenter: Daniel Hensel, Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung, Germany

  119. JTu2A.126
    Carrier Transfer From C-Plane to Semipolar-Plane Regions in a Red-Emitting InGaN/GaN Heterostructure

    Presenter: Josey Hanish, University of Michigan, United States

  120. JTu2A.127
    Ultrafast Coherent Raman Study of Lattice Vibration Dynamics in Wide-bandgap Semiconductors

    Presenter: Helani Achintha Singhapura Singhapurage, University of Rhode Island, United States

  121. JTu2A.128
    Nonlinear spectroscopy with classical and quantum light to probe exciton quantum dynamics

    Presenter: Ajay Ram Srimath Kandada, Wake Forest University, United States

  122. JTu2A.129
    Polarization-Dependent Spectral Phase of Exciton-Polaritons in a Semiconductor Microcavity

    Presenter: Hunter Louscher, West Virginia University, United States

  123. JTu2A.130
    The Terrace Structures Induced by Femtosecond Laser on Reduced Lithium Niobate under High Temperature

    Presenter: Xinda Jiang, Nankai University, China

  124. JTu2A.131
    Optical Stark effects of attractive and repulsive Fermi polarons in charge-tunable monolayer WSe2 devices

    Presenter: Hyojin Choi, Seoul National University, Korea (the Republic of)

  125. JTu2A.132
    Spatially and Spectrally Selective Excitation of Magnetic Dipole Transitions in Eu3+ Doped Yttrium Oxide

    Presenter: Elizaveta Gangrskaia, Technische Universität Wien, Austria

  126. JTu2A.133
    Role of Band Alignment on the Two-Photon Absorption of Nanocrystal Heterostructures

    Presenter: Arthur Alo, Instituto de Física Gleb Wataghin, Brazil

  127. JTu2A.134
    Does Quantum Interference Control of injected Photocurrents Produce a Current or Voltage?

    Presenter: Yiming Gong, University of Michigan, United States

  128. JTu2A.135
    Quantum Enhanced Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Photonic Microcavities

    Presenter: Evan Kumar, Wake Forest University, United States

  129. JTu2A.136
    Third-Order Harmonic Generation in Bulk Al2O3, Fe2O3, and Bi2Se3 Crystals

    Presenter: Isabelle Tigges-Green, Princeton Department of Chemistry, United States

  130. JTu2A.137
    Excitonic Single- and Two-Photon Photoluminescence Excitations in Bilayer GaN/AlN Nanowires

    Presenter: Liangqing Cui, University of Michigan, United States

  131. JTu2A.138
    The Polarization Dependence of QuIC Injected Photocurrents Reveals Current Injection Tensors

    Presenter: Yiming Gong, University of Michigan, United States

  132. JTu2A.139
    Coherent trion formation reveals ultrafast evolution of free-carrier statistics in MoS2

    Presenter: Manobina Karmakar, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

  133. JTu2A.140
    Intervalley charge-carrier dynamics in type-II InAs/AlAs1-xSbx multiple quantum wells

    Presenter: Juan Del Castillo, West Virginia University, United States

  134. JTu2A.141
    Temperature-Dependent Terahertz Spectroscopy of Saline Water and Ice

    Presenter: Seth Woodwyk, West Virginia University, United States

  135. JTu2A.142
    Understanding the Influence of Capping Layer on Spin Wave Modes: An In-Depth Investigation with a Custom Time-Resolved Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (TR-MOKE) Setup

    Presenter: DEBKANTA GHOSH, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

  136. JTu2A.143
    Spectral and Spatial Self-Transformations of Terawatt Laser Beams in Low-Pressure Gases

    Presenter: Andreas Giakas, Princeton University, United States

  137. JTu2A.144
    Demonstration of Lorentz boosts of space-time wave packets

    Presenter: Murat Yessenov, University of Central Florida, CREOL, United States

  138. JTu2A.145
    Plasma Density Effects on the Diffraction Efficiency of Ionization Gratings

    Presenter: Victor Perez-Ramirez, Stanford University, United States

  139. JTu2A.146
    A Time-Reversal-Symmetric Laser in the Polarization Space

    Presenter: Jean-Francois Bisson, Universite de Moncton, Canada

  140. JTu2A.147
    Large Saturation Absorption of Resonant Aluminum Metasurfaces

    Presenter: hailun xie, BUPT, China

  141. JTu2A.148
    Inverse Design of Dual-Band Metasurfaces for Vortex Fiber Laser

    Presenter: Shulei Bi, Beijing University of Posts and Telecomm, China

  142. JTu2A.149
    Adjustable polymer dispersed liquid crystal grating

    Presenter: Hsuan-Han Huang, National Taiwan universuty, Taiwan

  143. JTu2A.150
    A polarization-sensitive visible broadband absorber based on a phase-modulation metasurface

    Presenter: Wengang Wu, Peking University, China

  144. JTu2A.151
    Study on Thermal Effect of Metasurface for Temperature-Insensitive Hybrid Optical System

    Presenter: DongYoung Lee, Dankook University, Korea (the Republic of)

  145. JTu2A.152
    Multimodal surface lattice resonances based on angle and polarization multiplexing in an all-metal metasurface

    Presenter: Wengang Wu, Peking University, China

  146. JTu2A.153
    Effect of Configuration Statistics on the Spectral Properties of Random Arrays of Particles

    Presenter: Romil Audhkhasi, University of Washington, United States

  147. JTu2A.154
    Resonance Nesting and Degeneracy of Bilayer Spherical Dielectric Cavities within Zero-index Materials

    Presenter: Nuo Wang, Peking University, China

  148. JTu2A.155
    Multimode Fibre Imaging Resilience to Deformation in the Near-field and Far-field

    Presenter: Robert Kilpatrick, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

  149. JTu2A.156
    Complexity Imbalance of Nanostructured Antireflective Surfaces

    Presenter: Subhasree Srenevas, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, United States

  150. JTu2A.158
    A Prototypical Metasurface Dual-Band Radar Antenna Design

    Presenter: Dustin Louisos, UNCC, United States

  151. JTu2A.159
    Topologically Protected Asymmetric Mode Conversion in a Fiber with a Chiral Index and Gain Modulation

    Presenter: Huanyu Zhou, University of Michigan, United States

  152. JTu2A.160
    Spaceplates based on photonic crystal slabs supporting orthogonal resonances

    Presenter: Francisco Díaz-Fernández, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

  153. JTu2A.161
    Orthogonality between Thermal Noise and Transmitted Signals: A Novel Aspect in CPA Networks

    Presenter: Douglas Oña, Public University of Navarra, Spain

  154. JTu2A.162
    Optical Power-Handling Capabilities of Active Phase-Change Metasurfaces

    Presenter: George Braid, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

  155. JTu2A.163
    A Secondary Grating Metasurface based on Guided-Mode Resonance for Highly Sensitive Biochemical Sensing

    Presenter: Lijun Ma, Peking University, China

  156. JTu2A.164
    Implementing the Geometric Phase for Designing the Axially Asymmetric Metasurface Element

    Presenter: Hosna Sultana, University of Oklahoma, United States

  157. JTu2A.165
    Scaling of the Mesoscopic Conductance

    Presenter: krishna joshi, Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, United States

  158. JTu2A.166
    Statistics of Singularities in the Complex Plane

    Presenter: Israel Kurtz, Queens College CUNY, United States

  159. JTu2A.167
    Voltage Tunable Nonlinear Response from Semi-Parabolic Quantum Wells Coupled to Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Jaeyeon Yu, Ulsan national institute of science and technologyNIST, Korea (the Republic of)

  160. JTu2A.168
    All-Dielectric Metasurface with a Locally Flat Photonic Band in All Directions

    Presenter: Christopher Munley, University of Washington, United States

  161. JTu2A.169
    Complex Photonic Media and their Interfaces: Space Time Speckle Correlations

    Presenter: Shubham Dawda, University of Central Florida, United States

  162. JTu2A.170
    Losses and the Limits of Hyperbolic Materials

    Presenter: eric jackson, Naval Research Laboratory, United States

  163. JTu2A.171
    Asymmetric Loss-Driven Terahertz Metasurface Encircling Exceptional Point

    Presenter: Indu Krishna, Mahindra University, India

  164. JTu2A.172
    Numerical Investigation of Absorption Mechanisms in Black Aluminum Films

    Presenter: Taavi Repän, University of Tartu, Estonia

  165. JTu2A.173
    Strong Coupling and Resonance Splitting in Thickness-Dependent Epsilon-Near-Zero Metasurface with Au Nanodisk

    Presenter: Chen Xingyu Huang, Tsinghua University, China

  166. JTu2A.174
    Stokes singularity lattice formation using phase ramps

    Presenter: KAPIL GANGWAR, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

  167. JTu2A.175
    Index measurement of a structured beam carrying polarization singularity using astigmatic lens

    Presenter: Sarvesh Bansal, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

  168. JTu2A.176
    A kernel-based framework for the estimation of the laser ablation area

    Presenter: Chih Wei Luo, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

  169. JTu2A.177
    Ultrafast Laser Functionalization and Route to Industrial Applications of Large Freeform Surfaces: A Laser Head as Structured Light System for Positioning and Texturing

    Presenter: Thierry Fournel, Saint-Etienne University, France

  170. JTu2A.178
    Broadband Filters Based on Tilted Waveguide Bragg Gratings Written in Bulk Glass by Femtosecond Laser

    Presenter: JiaMing Wu, Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology, China

  171. JTu2A.179
    Passive Waveguide Fabrication through Femtosecond Laser irradiation in Ag-doped GeO2–PbO glasses for photonic applications

    Presenter: Niklaus Wetter, Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, IPEN-CNEN, Brazil

  172. JTu2A.180
    Light-Assisted Drying (LAD) for Biologics Stability at Room Temperature

    Presenter: Anteneh Tsegaye, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States

  173. JTu2A.182
    Tailoring the Diffraction Characteristics of Reflective Metagratings Employing One-Step Residue-Free UV Laser Interference Patterning

    Presenter: Carlota Ruiz De Galarreta, Consejo Sup Investigaciones Cientificas, Spain

  174. JTu2A.183
    Ghost Imaging of a Biological Object with X-ray-based Speckle Illumination

    Presenter: Sanjit Karmakar, SUNY Stony Brook, United States

  175. JTu2A.184
    SU-8 coated etched fiber Bragg grating sensors: A versatile platform for detection of any biomarker using antibody-antigen chemistry

    Presenter: Srivatzen S, Indian Institute of Science, India

  176. JTu2A.185
    Self-synchronized Two-color Fiber Laser System for Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy in Cell-silent Regime

    Presenter: Meng ZHOU, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  177. JTu2A.186
    Two-photon Polymerization Assisted Fabrication of Polymeric Zone Plates

    Presenter: Gaurav Singh, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

  178. JTu2A.187
    Extended OCT depth range and phase stability using ultrasonically-sculpted optical waveguides

    Presenter: Junze Liu, UC Riverside, United States

  179. JTu2A.188
    DermaPlex: A Metasurface-based Hyperspectral Skin Cancer Detection System

    Presenter: Arturo Burguete Lopez, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

  180. JTu2A.189
    Fabrication of Fluorescent Biopolymeric Micro/Nanostructures Using Femtosecond Laser Lithography

    Presenter: Tejas Suryawanshi, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

  181. JTu2A.190
    Classification of pre-cancerous human oral tissue using FTIR spectroscopy aided by machine learning

    Presenter: Pranab Talukdar, IIT Kharagpur, India

  182. JTu2A.191
    Fourier Series Expansion with Correction Terms: An Innovative Algorithm for ECG Signal Analysis

    Presenter: Cheng-Che Lee, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

  183. JTu2A.192
    Realtime Laser Beam Steering and Calibration Method for Coherent Biomedical Distance and Motion Sensing

    Presenter: Marius Schmidt, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

  184. JTu2A.193
    Optical biosensor for non-invasive detection of medical biomarkers

    Presenter: Magdalena Zadura, Lukasiewicz IMIF, Poland

  185. JTu2A.194
    Deep Learning Enhanced Ghost Holography: Optimizing CNNs for Robust Image Recognition in Noisy Environments

    Presenter: Shima Tabakhi, Southern Illinois University, United States

  186. JTu2A.195
    Fabrication of sapphire single crystal fiber with high length-to-diameter ratio via the LHPG method

    Presenter: Xibao Gao, Zhejiang Lab, China

  187. JTu2A.196
    Tight focusing of radially-azimuthally polarized higher-order Poincare sphere beams

    Presenter: Sushanta Pal, Université Laval, Canada

  188. JTu2A.198
    Design and Development of a Portable Raman Spectrometer for Early Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease


  189. JTu2A.199
    Altering Level Shifts and Spontaneous Decay Rates of Distant Atoms Using Partially Transparent Asymmetric Mirror Interfaces

    Presenter: Nicholas Furtak-Wells, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

  190. JTu2A.200
    A Stochastic optimization approach to laser speckle contrast imaging for a better estimation of blood flow

    Presenter: Murali Krishnamoorthy, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

  191. JTu2A.201
    Transverse stress sensor based on FMF and silicon photonic integrated circuits

    Presenter: Yeyu Tong, Hong Kong Univ of Sci & Tech (Guangzhou), China

  192. JTu2A.202
    OFDR-based high-temperature-resolution sensing by using TC-HNA sensing fiber and deep-learning denoising

    Presenter: Zhaopeng Zhang, Zhejiang Lab, China

  193. JTu2A.203
    A Giant interferometric fiber optic gyroscope with Low Self-Noise for Geophysical Rotation Sensing

    Presenter: Huimin Huang, Peking University, China

  194. JTu2A.204
    High-performance Raman-based Distributed Temperature Sensing Empowered by Data-Driven Dual-Stage 1D-CNN

    Presenter: Wei Peng, Zhejiang Lab, China

  195. JTu2A.205
    Marine Surface Layer Optical Turbulence Measurements over a Vertical Path

    Presenter: Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic, US Naval Academy, United States

  196. JTu2A.206
    Detection bandwidth reduction of the dual-comb parallel FMCW LiDAR based on frequency matching

    Presenter: Long Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

  197. JTu2A.207
    Convolution Network for Phase Unwrapping of Interferometric Fiber Sensing Signals

    Presenter: Junyi Duan, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

  198. JTu2A.208
    Two-Stage Deep Learning Pipeline for Automated Mineral Classification in Planetary Raman Spectra

    Presenter: B Ramanan, Indian Space Research Organisation, India

  199. JTu2A.209
    Quantum enhanced dynamic range of an atomic memory magnetometer

    Presenter: Shubham Jaiswal, IIT KANPUR, India

  200. JTu2A.210
    Novel annular small-period long-period fiber gratings for dual parameter sensing

    Presenter: Xuewen Shu, Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology, China

  201. JTu2A.211
    Increased Efficiency Within Time of Flight LiDAR Systems Through the Inclusion of Mid-IR Components

    Presenter: Patrick Camp, The University of Texas at Austin, United States

  202. JTu2A.212
    A Hybrid FMCW LiDAR with Nonlinearity-Corrected VCSEL for 3D Imaging Beyond Coherence Length

    Presenter: Yi Hao, Tsinghua University, China

  203. JTu2A.213
    Two-photon Lithography assisted Fluorescence sensor for sensitive detection of lead ions in water.

    Presenter: Archana Thachanamoorthy, IIT Bombay, India

  204. JTu2A.214
    Spectroscopic Investigation of Nanosecond and Femtosecond Laser-Induced Plasma Emission for Remote Sensing Applications

    Presenter: Antaryami Mohanta, Technology Innovation Institute, United Arab Emirates

  205. JTu2A.215
    Refractometry Using Plasmonic Mode Interference in Degenerate n-doped Si Waveguide

    Presenter: Saurabh Tripathi, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

  206. JTu2A.216
    Modular Raman Microscopy for in-vivo Phenotyping of Nutrient Uptake in Plant Roots

    Presenter: Alma Fernandez, Texas A&M University, United States

  207. JTu2A.217
    Utilizing a State of Polarization Change Detector and Machine Learning for Enhanced Security in Fiber-Optic Networks

    Presenter: Adrian Tomasov, Brno University of Technology, Czechia

  208. JTu2A.218
    Excitation of Whispering Gallery Modes In A Microbottle Resonator Using An Optical Beam Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum

    Presenter: Suresh Chejarla, IIT Madras, India

  209. JTu2A.219
    Advances in Highly Sensitive D-shaped Optical Filter Using Soft Film Bragg Grating Techniques

    Presenter: Hsin-Jung Lee, National Formosa University, Taiwan

  210. JTu2A.220
    Analytical Study on Slow-Light Orbital Angular Momentum Beams in Vertical Photonic Crystal Waveguides for Gas Detection

    Presenter: May Hlaing, University of Texas at Austin, United States

  211. JTu2A.221
    Wide bandwidth TM tunable vernier rings for heterogeneously integrated lasers

    Presenter: Nathan Henry, Sandia National Laboratories, United States

  212. JTu2A.222
    Waveguide Integrated Germanium Photocells in Silicon

    Presenter: Tracy Sjaardema, Sandia National Labs, United States

  213. JTu2A.223
    Arrayed vector mode emitters

    Presenter: Vighnesh N, Cornell University, United States

  214. JTu2A.224
    Multiphoton Multidimensional Entanglement Based on Graph Theory

    Presenter: Jueming Bao, Peking University, China

  215. JTu2A.225
    Ultra-High-Resolution Pixel Density Formed Directly with Photolithography for Micro-LED Displays

    Presenter: Ching-Fuh Lin, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

12:30 — 13:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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IPG’s CLPF series: new universal platform for optical frequency comb generation from the UV to THz

CLEO Hub Theater

Event Details
Exhibit Hall Event

13:00 — 14:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Tech Talk: Dr. Rosario Porras Aguilar

CLEO Hub - Optica Booth

Exhibit Hall Event

13:00 — 15:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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A&T Topical Review on Silicon Photonics for Optical I/O, Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing I

Presider: Chaoran Huang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    300-mm Monolithic CMOS Silicon Photonics Foundry Technology

    Presenter: Yusheng Bian, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Hypermultiplexed Photonic Computing Towards Femtojoule Per Operation

    Presenter: Zaijun Chen, University of Southern California, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Silicon Photonics and 3-D Technologies for Next-generation AI/HPC Systems

    Presenter: Joris Van Campenhout, Interuniversity Microelectronics Center, Belgium

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Title to be Announced

    Presenter: Sergey Shumarayev, Altera part of Intel, United States


Symp: Laser-driven Nuclear Fusion: A 60-year Success Story

Presider: Tammy Ma, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States

Special Symposium
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    The National Ignition Facility: The Beginning

    Presenter: Edward Campbell, MCM Consultants, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    The NIF Journey: A Revolutionary Facility for High Energy Density Science (HEDS) and Fusion Ignition

    Presenter: Edward Moses, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    The NIF Laser System: Groundbreaking Capabilities in Support of Stockpile Stewardship, Discovery Science, and National Security

    Presenter: Jean-Michel Di Nicola, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Beyond NIF: Getting to Inertial Fusion Energy

    Presenter: Tammy Ma, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States


Symp: Dissipative Temporal Solitons and Frequency Combs via Quadratic Nonlinearities I

Presider: Nicolas Englebert, California Institute of Technology, Belgium

Special Symposium
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Origin and Stability of Dissipative Structures in Quadratic Nonlinear Cavities: A General Pattern Formation Perspective

    Presenter: Pedro Parra-Rivas, Univ degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Italy

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Quadratic Cavity Solitons

    Presenter: Mingming Nie, University of Colorado, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Microresonator Frequency Combs Involving Both χ(2) and χ(3) Nonlinearities

    Presenter: Kaiyi WU, Purdue University, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Beyond Self-phase Modulation: Solitons and Supercontinua in Quasi-phasematched Nonlinear Nanowaveguides

    Presenter: Marc Jankowski, NTT Research Inc., United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Electro-optic Frequency Combs - Towards Visible Results

    Presenter: Harald Schwefel, University of Otago, New Zealand


Optical Biosensors

Presider: Mahsa Ranji, Florida Atlantic University, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Ultra-sensitive Plasmonic Biosensors Based on Two-dimensional Nanomaterials-enhanced Phase Singularity

    Presenter: Shuwen Zeng, French National Centre for Scientific Re, France

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Ultra-high Q values for microtoroid resonators with free space coupling

    Presenter: Sartanee Suebka, Univ of Arizona, Coll of Opt Sciences, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Photonic Crystal Enhanced Fluorescence Emission for Ultrasensitive Biosensing in Liquid Biopsies

    Presenter: Yanyu Xiong, University of Illinois at Urbana−Champaign, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Nanopore Integrated Optofluidic Platform for Quantitative Viral RNA Analysis from Clinical Primate Biofluids

    Presenter: Mohammad Julker Neyen Sampad, School of Engineering, University of California Santa Cruz, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    From Head to Toe: Non-contact Laser Heart Rate and Respiration Rate Detection under Obstructive Conditions

    Presenter: ChenChia Wang, Brimrose Corporation, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Antigen-independent single-cell detection of circulating tumor cells using biolaser

    Presenter: Weishu WU, University of Michigan, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Efficient Single-Cell Analysis through a Cost-Effective Droplet Microfluidic System

    Presenter: Yuanyuan Wei, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers

Presider: Yasutomo Ota, Keio University, Japan

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Commercializing High Contrast Grating VCSELs

    Presenter: Connie Chang-Hasnain, Berxel Photonics, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    A Metasurface-integrated Vertical Cavity Surface-emitting Laser Based on Dammam Grating

    Presenter: Xiaorui Zhao, Beijing University of Technology, China

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Over 39 GHz-Bandwidth of Directly Modulated 1060 nm Single-Mode VCSEL with Intra-cavity Metal-aperture

    Presenter: Babu Dayal Padullaparthi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Current injection laser oscillation of 1.55 μm InAs quantum dot vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

    Presenter: Michinori Shiomi, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, Japan

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    SWIR VCSELs Enabled by Homoepitaxial Nanoporous-InP DBRs

    Presenter: Chenziyi Mi, Yale University, United States


Guided Photons at Work for Environmental Sensing

Presider: Peter Dragic, Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High-precision Brillouin Curvature Sensors Based on Deep Neural Networks

    Presenter: Huiping Tian, Beijing Univ of Posts & Telecom, China

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Temperature Sensing with Reduced dn/dT Helical Fibers

    Presenter: Jennifer Campbell, UIUC, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Φ-OTDR model for arbitrary laser linewidth and pulse duration based on fiber frozen-in stress

    Presenter: Jean Pierre von der Weid, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High Temperature Measurements and Predictions Using Fiber Bragg Gratings and Neural Networks

    Presenter: Jieru Zhao, University of Pittsburgh, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Silicon Photonics Across the Infrared for Ultra Compact Sensors

    Presenter: Alexander Spott, Mirios, Inc., United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Photothermal gas detection on an integrated photonic waveguide

    Presenter: Yue Yan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Room Temperature Detection of Dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP) with Interband Cascade Laser by Photonic Integrated Circuit Agent Sensing Sorbent (PICASSo)

    Presenter: Chul Soo Kim, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States


Nonlinear Photonics Materials and Devices

Presider: Gianlorenzo Masini, United States

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Long-lived photorefractive and pyroelectric effects in thin film lithium niobate microresonantors

    Presenter: Xinyi Ren, University of Southern California, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Towards wavelength-accurate quasi-phasematched frequency conversion in thin-film lithium niobate

    Presenter: CJ Xin, Harvard University, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Integrated Photonics with Thin-film Lithium Niobate

    Presenter: Mian Zhang, HyperLight Corporation, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Symmetry breaking of the χ(2) polarization in poled thin film lithium niobate waveguides enabling phase matching

    Presenter: Olivia Hefti, CSEM, Switzerland

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Periodic poling of single crystal thin film barium titanate-on-insulator

    Presenter: Pragati Aashna, National University of Singapore, Singapore

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Integration of scandium aluminum nitride with silicon nitride for enhanced nonlinear optics

    Presenter: Jiangnan Liu, University of Michigan, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Perovskite nickelate thin film devices as adaptive weights for photonic computing networks

    Presenter: Tae Joon Park, Purdue University, United States


Entangled Fiber Optic Networks

Presider: Kristina Meier, Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Entanglement Distribution in Packet-Switched Quantum Wrapper Network

    Presenter: mehmet berkay on, University of California, Davis, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Entanglement Distribution for Metropolitan-scale Quantum Networks with Classical Coexistence

    Presenter: Anouar Rahmouni, NIST, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Procrustean Entanglement Concentration for Quantum-Classical Coexistence

    Presenter: Nicholas Peters, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Scalable Photonic Quantum Network

    Presenter: Hyeongrak Choi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Enabling phase-stable quantum protocols over optical fiber networks

    Presenter: Nicholas Nardelli, National Institute of Standards and Technology, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Phase stabilization with single photon detection for quantum networks

    Presenter: Jabir M. V., NIST, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Teleportation of entanglement at the Fermilab Quantum Network

    Presenter: Samantha Davis, California Institute of Technology, United States

  8. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Quantum and Classical Communications in Shared Optical Fibers: Teleportation and Beyond

    Presenter: Jordan Thomas, Northwestern University, United States


Structured Light and Beam Shaping (Joint SI1+FS5)

Presider: Shima Gholam Mirzaeimoghadar, National Research Council Canada, Canada

  1. JTu3N.1
    Spatiotemporal Torquing of Light

    Presenter: Scott Hancock, University of Maryland at College Park, United States

  2. JTu3N.2
    Rotatum of Light

    Presenter: Ahmed Dorrah, Harvard University, United States

  3. JTu3N.3
    Realization of vortex ladder via pseudospin pumping in photonic graphene

    Presenter: Sihong Lei, Teda College of Nankai University, China

  4. JTu3N.4
    Topologically protected vortex discrimination and transport

    Presenter: zhichan hu, Nankai University, China

  5. JTu3N.5
    Inverted pin beams for robust propagation through atmospheric turbulence

    Presenter: Nikolaos Efremidis, University of Crete, Greece

  6. JTu3N.6
    Observation of Boyer-Wolf Gaussian Modes

    Presenter: Miguel Bandres, University of Central Florida, CREOL, United States

  7. JTu3N.7
    Machine Learning assisted Structured Light Demultiplexing using Nanostructures

    Presenter: Vijay Kumar, NIT Warangal, India

  8. JTu3N.8
    Laser Ablation by the Enhanced Longitudinal Electric Field of a Tightly Focused Radially Polarized Beam

    Presenter: Yuichi Kozawa, Tohoku University, Japan


Applications of Metamaterials and Complex Media I

Presider: Sui Yang, Arizona State University, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Large-Scale Self-Assembled Nanophotonic Scintillators for X-Ray Imaging

    Presenter: Louis Martin-Monier, MIT, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Image denoising using diffractive optical processors

    Presenter: Cagatay Isil, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Class-specific image encryption using a diffractive optical processor

    Presenter: Bijie Bai, University of California Los Angeles, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    “Thermal” Radiation from Emitters Not Quite in Equilibrium

    Presenter: Mikhail Kats, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Local and Non-Local Phase-Change Metasurfaces for Reconfigurable Optical Edge-Detection

    Presenter: Stuart Kendall, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    General image compression using random-PSF metasurfaces and computational back-end

    Presenter: Rui Chen, University of Washington, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Non-Hermitian quasicrystal lattices

    Presenter: Ananya Ghatak, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, FORTH, Greece


Integrated Photonic Subsystems

Presider: Rakesh Krishna, Georgia Tech, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Applications of Tensor Decomposition in Optical Computing

    Presenter: Xian Xiao, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Acoustoelectric RF Mechanical Oscillator with Optomechanical Readout

    Presenter: Johnathan Mack, University of Arizona, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    A 3D Image Sensor Based on Intentionally Shifted Focal Plane Switch Array with Detection Range above 200 m

    Presenter: Daisuke Inoue, Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc, Japan

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    A Silicon-Based Integrated Photonic-Assisted Emitter for High Date-Rate Microwave Wireless Communication

    Presenter: Zhujun Wei, Zhejiang University, China

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Recovering optical chaos through turbulence with silicon photonic processor

    Presenter: Frédéric Grillot, Télécom Paris, France

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Refractive Index Sensing using the optical heterodyne method and Photonic crystal hybrid laser

    Presenter: Liam O'Faolain, Munster Technological University, Ireland

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Frequency Modulation Based Long Wave Infared Detection

    Presenter: Tianyi Guo, University of Central Florida, United States


Optical Thermodynamics

Presider: Demetrios Christodoulides,

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Statistical mechanics and pressure of composite optical systems

    Presenter: Nikolaos Efremidis, University of Crete, Greece

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Comparing optical thermalization dynamics in different lattices via Kullback-Leibler divergence

    Presenter: GUOWEN YANG, Nankai University, China

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Optical condensation of light via Joule-Thomson expansion

    Presenter: Georgios Pyrialakos, University of Central Florida, CREOL, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Stochastic approach in Thermodynamics of nonlinear multimode lattices

    Presenter: Konstantinos Makris, University of Crete, Greece

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Nonlinear mode stabilization of full-Poincare beams in atmospheric turbulence

    Presenter: Long Nguyen, University of Rochester, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Amplified Cooling of Light via Emergent Onsager Irreversible Thermodynamics

    Presenter: Fan Wu, Cornell University, United States


Atomic Quantum Metrology

Presider: Jeremy Glick, DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Spectrum-To-Position Conversion Via Programmable Spatial Dispersion

    Presenter: Marcin Jastrzebski, QOT Warsaw, Poland

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Bright Highly Polarization-Squeezed Light Beam for Quantum Metrology

    Presenter: Samir Bali, Miami University, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Measurement of an ion’s motional state via qubit spectroscopy in an ion trap with integrated photonics

    Presenter: Alfredo Ricci Vasquez, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Neutral Atom Quantum Computing with Ytterbium Erasure Qubits

    Presenter: Jeff Thompson, Princeton University, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    How Much Time Does a Photon Spend as an Atomic Excitation Before Being Transmitted?

    Presenter: Kyle Thompson, University of Toronto, Canada

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Fluorescence by nonclassical light: Getting it right

    Presenter: Christian Drago, University of Toronto, Canada


Nanophotonic Coupling to Solid State Spins

Presider: Amit Agrawal, US Army Research Laboratory,

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Purcell Enhancement of a Single T Center Coupled to a Silicon Nanophotonic Cavity

    Presenter: Ulises Félix Rendón, Rice University, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Integrated Platform for Spin-Photon Interfaces in Silicon

    Presenter: Hanbin Song, University of California, Berkeley, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Frequency multiplexed emission from cavity-enhanced T centers

    Presenter: Lukasz Komza, University of California, Berkeley, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Enhanced Light-Matter Interactions for a Single T Center in a Silicon Nanocavity

    Presenter: Yu En Wong, Rice University, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Photo-physics of Silicon X-center Ensembles with Above Bandgap Excitations

    Presenter: Cody Fan, UCLA, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Temperature-Resolved Photoionization Spectroscopy of the Nitrogen–Vacancy 1E Singlet State

    Presenter: Sean Blakley, DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Investigating atomic-scale solid-state properties with an SnV electrometer in diamond

    Presenter: Tim Schroder, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany


Fiber Amplifiers

Presider: Ori Henderson-Sapir, University of Adelaide, Australia

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    > 1 MW Peak Power at 1300 nm through Efficient Fiber Parametric Chirp-Matched Amplification

    Presenter: Sarat Tirumala, University of Rochester, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High-energy Mid-IR Fiber CPA system at ~2.78µm using single-mode operation of a coiled 46µm core low-NA Er:ZBLAN fiber

    Presenter: Yu Bai, University of Michigan, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Investigation of Stability in 2μm Optical Fiber Amplifiers for Narrow-Linewidth Laser Sources

    Presenter: Andrea Pertoldi, NKT Photonics A/S, Denmark

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Effects of Seeding and Wave-Breaking in Gain-Managed Nonlinear Amplification for Compact High Energy Systems

    Presenter: Jonathan Musgrave, University of Colorado Boulder, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Characterization of O-band Bismuth-doped Fiber Amplifier Using Swept Wavelength Interferometer

    Presenter: Yetian Huang, Shanghai University, China

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Radiation-resistant Bismuth-doped Germanosilicate Fiber Amplifier in the E+S Band

    Presenter: Ziwei Zhai, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Spectroscopic Properties of Thulium-doped High-power Integrated LMA Amplifiers

    Presenter: Jan Lorenzen, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science CFEL, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Germany


Optical Computing and Signal Processing

Presider: Mikko Huttunen, Tampere University, Finland

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Experimental Demonstration of Directly Detecting the Output of a Tunable 2-Symbol 10-GBaud QPSK Optical Correlator Using Optical Biasing and Nonlinear Wave Mixing

    Presenter: Abdulrahman Alhaddad, University of Southern California, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Demonstration of Tunable Optical Matrix Convolution of a 10-Gbaud QPSK 2-D Image with a Kernel Using Wave Mixing

    Presenter: Amir Minoofar, University of Southern California, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Optical Neural Networks Implemented using Linear and Nonlinear Optics

    Presenter: Peter McMahon, Cornell University, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Matrix-Matrix Multiplication Through Hyperspectral Compute-in-Memory

    Presenter: Byoung Jun Park, NTT Research, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Brained-inspired optical computing unit based on transient nonlinear dynamics of single-mode fibers

    Presenter: Nicolas Perron, Institut National de la Recherche Sci., Canada

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    All-Optical Recurrent Neural Network Using Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics

    Presenter: Gordon Li, California Institute of Technology, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    An Optical Neural Network Based on Nanophotonic Optical Parametric Oscillators

    Presenter: Midya Parto, California Institute of Technology, United States


New Methods for Single and Entangled Photon Generation

Presider: Galan Moody, University of California Santa Barbara, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Photonic-wire bonded pump reject and tunable wavelength demultiplexer circuit using contra-directional couplers for a silicon micro-ring resonator photon-pair source.

    Presenter: Abdelrahman Afifi, University of British Columbia, Canada

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Photon-pair Generation via Raman-active N2 Defects in Silicon Nitride Waveguides

    Presenter: Kathleen Oolman, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Quantum Calculation of Photon Pair Generation in Quasi-phase Matched AlGaAs Microrings

    Presenter: Samuel Fontaine, University of Toronto, Canada

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Creating Entanglement Through a Joint Decay Channel

    Presenter: Offek Tziperman, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Programmable formation of telecom band quantum emitters in silicon

    Presenter: Kaushalya Jhuria, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Efficient Heralding of Pure Single-Photons at Telecom Wavelength from Pulsed Cavity-Enhanced SPDC

    Presenter: Xavier Barcons Planas, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Optically Active InGaAs Axial Nanowire Heterostructures for Quantum Integrated Photonic Circuits

    Presenter: Hyowon W. Jeong, Technische Universität Munchen, Germany

  8. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Room-Temperature Silicon Nitride Quantum Emitters for Advancing Quantum Key Distribution

    Presenter: Alexander Senichev, Purdue University, United States


Micro and Nanocavities I

Presider: Chaitali Joshi, Google LLC, United States

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Recent advances in photonic crystal rings: loss spectrum, bandgap behavior, and nonlinear application

    Presenter: Xiyuan Lu, National Inst of Standards & Technology, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Cavity Continuum

    Presenter: Fan Cheng, Tel Aviv University, Israel

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High-Q Asymmetrical Microcavity Optics

    Presenter: Hao-Jing Chen, Peking University, China

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Vicinity of exceptinal point-induced mode-locking in coupled microresonators

    Presenter: Riku Imamura, Keio University, Japan

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Ultra-high-Q Integrated Flame Hydrolysis Deposited Germano-silica Resonators on Silicon

    Presenter: Hao-Jing Chen, California Institute of Technology, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Widely separated tunable optical parametric oscillation in GaN microresonators

    Presenter: ZhaoQin He, Tsinghua University, China

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Inverse Designed Silicon Nitride Photonic Linear Microresonators

    Presenter: Toby Bi, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany

14:30 — 16:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Update on CHIPS Act Awards and Related Efforts

CLEO Hub Theater

Event Details
Exhibit Hall Event

15:00 — 16:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Tech Talk: Dr. Weimin Zhou

CLEO Hub - Optica Booth

Exhibit Hall Event

Coffee Break

CLEO Hub - Coffee Break

Special Event

16:00 — 17:30 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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Fundamental Component for Optical Computing

Presider: Keisuke Kondo, Utsunomiya University, Japan

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Cavity-enhanced Narrowband Spectral Filters in Rare-earth Ion-doped Thin-film Lithium Niobate

    Presenter: Yuqi Zhao, University of Maryland, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Integrated Preparation of Photonic Spin-Orbit Qudits

    Presenter: Hao-Qi Zhao, University of Pennsylvania, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Surface acoustic wave Brillouin scattering in thin-film lithium niobate waveguides

    Presenter: Kaixuan Ye, University of Twente, Netherlands

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    A Brillouin Microwave Photonic Notch Filter in Thin Film Lithium Niobate Platform

    Presenter: akhileshwar mishra, university of twente, Netherlands

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Wafer-Scale Fabrication of InGaP-on-Insulator for Nonlinear Quantum Photonics Applications

    Presenter: Lillian Thiel, UC Santa Barbara, United States

16:00 — 18:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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ATTR: Silicon Photonics for Optical I/O, Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing II

Presider: Mahdi Nikdast, Colorado State University, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Deep Photonic Neural Networks for Image Classification

    Presenter: Firooz Aflatouni, University of Pennsylvania, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Scalable Interconnects for AI/ML Workloads

    Presenter: M. Ashkan Seyedi, NVIDIA Corporation, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Breaking the Beachfront Limitations with Silicon Photonics

    Presenter: Angelina Totovic, Celestial AI, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Petascale Photonic Connectivity for Energy Efficient Scaling of AI Computing

    Presenter: Keren Bergman, Columbia University, United States


Symp: Dissipative Temporal Solitons and Frequency Combs via Quadratic Nonlinearities II

Presider: François Leo, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Special Symposium
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Quadratic Optical Frequency Combs

    Presenter: Stefan Wabnitz, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Title to be Announced

    Presenter: Marko Loncar, Harvard University, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Ultrafast Quadratic Nonlinear Nanophotonics: From Superior Components to Advanced Circuits

    Presenter: Alireza Marandi, California Institute of Technology, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Broadband Frequency Comb Generation Based on X(2) cw Optical Parametric Oscillators

    Presenter: Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh, ICFO -Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Spain


Single Photon Detectors & Integrated Devices

Presider: Frederik Thiele, Universität Paderborn, Germany

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    New Techniques and Integrated Technologies for Trapped-ion Quantum Information Processing

    Presenter: John Chiaverini, Massachusetts Inst of Technology Lincoln Laboratory, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Waveguide Integrated Avalanche Photodiodes for Quantum Application

    Presenter: Tracy Sjaardema, Sandia National Labs, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Low noise microwave generation for quantum information systems via cryogenic extended-InGaAs photodiodes

    Presenter: Takuma Nakamura, Time and Frequency division, NIST, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Performing Balanced Homodyne Detection with Superconducting Nanowire-Single Photon Detectors

    Presenter: Maximilian Protte, Paderborn University, Germany

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Maximizing photon-number resolution from an SNSPD

    Presenter: Niklas Lamberty, Paderborn University, Germany

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detector Arrays for Mid-Infrared Applications

    Presenter: Benedikt Hampel, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Site-Selective Enhancement of Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors via Local Helium Ion Irradiation

    Presenter: Kai Müller, TU Munich, Germany


Novel Microscopic and Graphene Based Biophotonics

Presider: Euan McLeod, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High resolution Multi-Modal Microscopy using Microlens Substrates

    Presenter: Aniruddha Ray, University of Toledo, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Single-objective Light-sheet Microscopy Techniques to Boost Spatiotemporal Resolution

    Presenter: Bingying Chen, University of Texas Southwestern, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    A Photonic Resonator Interferometric Scattering Microscope for Label-free Imaging of Bio-nanoparticles in Point-of-use Environments

    Presenter: Leyang Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Autonomous Light-Sheet Microscopy

    Presenter: Zach Marin, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Graphene Photogating Devices for Retinal Implants

    Presenter: Shadi Nashashibi, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Ultra-high Sensitivity Electro-optic Sensor for Optically Multiplexed Neural Recording

    Presenter: Zabir Ahmed, Carnegie Mellon University, United States


High Power Semiconductor Lasers

Presider: Sebastian Klembt, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, United States

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Generation of watt-class FM signals with suppressed AM from PCSELs for coherent free-space optical communications

    Presenter: Takuya Inoue, Kyoto University, Japan

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    (Withdrawn) A Bi-directionally Operated Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Using a Chirped Quantum Dot Structure

    Presenter: Victoria Cao, University College London, United Kingdom

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Kilowatt-class high-peak-power pulsed operation of large-area photonic-crystal surface-emitting lasers

    Presenter: Masahiro Yoshida, Kyoto University, Japan

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Dynamic Characteristics of Low Threshold 1.55-um-band Quantum Dot DFB-LD

    Presenter: Atsushi Matsumoto, National Inst of Information & Comm Tech, Japan

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Superharmonic Injection Locking in Bragg-Reflection Waveguide Lasers

    Presenter: Phillip Blakey, University of Toronto, Canada

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Investigation of Intensity Noise in an Interband Cascade Laser Epitaxially Grown on Silicon and Designed for High-speed Applications

    Presenter: Hyunah Kim, Télécom Paris, France

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High-peak-power short-pulse operation of modulated PCSELs emitting structured light

    Presenter: Ryoichi Sakata, Kyoto University, Japan


Integrated Photonics with New Platforms

Presider: Drew Weninger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Silicon Photonics Coming of Age

    Presenter: Gianlorenzo Masini, Cisco, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Low Loss ScAlN-on-Insulator Photonic Integrated Circuits

    Presenter: Guangcanlan Yang, Yale University, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Low-Loss Aluminum Nitride Waveguides in a 300 mm CMOS Foundry Process

    Presenter: Anthony Rizzo, US Air Force Research Laboratory, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Wafer-Scale Processing of Ultra-Low-Loss Gallium Phosphide Integrated Photonics

    Presenter: Alberto Nardi, IBM Research Europe, Zurich, Switzerland


From Land to Sea-Novel Sensing Techniques for Aqueous to Terrestrial Environments

Presider: Anthony Yu, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Coherent Laser Interferometry Over the Deployed Pptical Fiber Network for Seismic Monitoring

    Presenter: Filippo Levi, INRIM, Italy

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Low Cost and Realtime Detection of Bacterial Content in Drinking Water: How to Improve Specificity?

    Presenter: Ashim Dhakal, PHUTUNG RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Nepal

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Phase and Intensity Characteristics of Laser Light Propagating through a Controllable Underwater Stochastic Process

    Presenter: Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic, US Naval Academy, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Optical Fibers for Underwater Sensing

    Presenter: Gilberto Brambilla, Southampton University, United Kingdom

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Detection of Dissolved Methane in Harsh Environments Using Robust Microfiber Coupler

    Presenter: Kalen Barnfather, university Of Southampton, United Kingdom

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Development of a surface plasmon resonance sensor for Marine dissolved methane

    Presenter: Sam McQuillian, University Of Southampton, United Kingdom


Lithium Niobate Integrated Photonics

Presider: Tianren Fan, Amazon Web Services, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High-Efficiency and Polarization-Insensitive Grating Couplers on Thin-Film Lithium Niobate Waveguides

    Presenter: Haoyang Tan, Zhejiang University, China

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Photonic Crystal Microring Resonator on a Hybrid Silicon nitride-on-lithium niobate Platform

    Presenter: Zhongdi Peng, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Erbium-doped Lithium Niobate on Insulator Waveguide Amplifier with Ultra-high Internal Net Gain of 38 dB

    Presenter: yimeng wang, Peking University, China

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Widely and fast tunable vernier micro-ring filter based on an LNOI platform

    Presenter: zhenzheng wang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Low Loss Asymmetric Bragg Grating Mode Couplers on Thin Film Lithium Niobate for Efficient Extraction of Reflected Light

    Presenter: Lars Emil Gutt, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Multiband electro-optic modulator employing a lithium niobate racetrack resonator integrated with two pulley couplers

    Presenter: HYEON HWANG, KAIST, Korea (the Republic of)

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    A Hybrid 3C-silicon carbide-lithium niobate Photonic Platform for Active and Nonlinear devices

    Presenter: Rakesh Krishna, Georgia Tech, United States


Next Generation Lidar

Presider: Gar-Wing Truong, Thorlabs Inc, United States

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High-Resolution Arrayed-Waveguide-Grating-Assisted Passive Integrated Optical Phased Array for 2-D Beam Steering

    Presenter: Yuan Liu, University of California Santa Barbara, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Full-Stokes polarimetric imaging LiDAR using multi-mode-fiber-coupled fractal SNSPDs

    Presenter: Yun Meng, Tianjin University, China

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Breaking Speed Barriers for Scanning LiDAR Through High-Order Dispersion

    Presenter: Zihan Zang, Tsinghua University, China

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Design and Optimization of Avalanche Photodiodes

    Presenter: Madison Woodson, Freedom Photonics, United States


Ultrafast Optics, Time Varying Media and Time Crystals

Presider: Marco Piccardo, Técnico Lisboa, Portugal

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Temporal Mode Conversion in a Waveguide by Fast Motion of its Plates

    Presenter: Diego Martinez Solis, University of Extremadura, Spain

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Four-Waves Mixing in Photonic Time-Crystals

    Presenter: Noa Konforty, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Enhancing the Size of Momentum Bandgaps Using Resonant Spatiotemporal Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Puneet Garg, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Inhomogeneous Broadening in Time Domain Solvers: Gauss-Lorentz, Gauss-Drude, and Gauss-Debye Models

    Presenter: Ludmila Prokopeva, Purdue University, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Mapping the temporal evolution of the refractive index in few-femtosecond time-varying media

    Presenter: Ohad Segal, Technion institute of technology israel, Israel

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Ultrafast Optical Modulation by Virtual Interband Transitions.

    Presenter: Evgenii Narimanov, Purdue University, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Time Domain Phase Engineering of Metasurfaces Enables Passive Ultrafast Photonic Streaking

    Presenter: Nicholas Karl, Sandia National Laboratories, United States


Applications of Metamaterials and Complex Media II

Presider: Cesare Soci, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    A Long-wavelength Infrared Wide-field Broadband Camera Based on Extra-large Metalens Doublet

    Presenter: Linhan Li, Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology, China

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Ge2Sb2Se4Te-based reconfigurable on-chip metasurface NIR filter

    Presenter: Cosmin-Constantin Popescu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Disordered Metasurface Doublets for Asymmetric Visibility and Synergistic Imaging in the Mid-infrared

    Presenter: Romil Audhkhasi, University of Washington, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Simultaneous Camouflage in Both 3-5um and 8-14um Windows

    Presenter: Roy Maman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    All-Dielectric Metasurface With Over 500 nm of Tuning in the Midwave Infrared

    Presenter: Jesse Frantz, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Broadband Dispersion Engineered Volumetric Metamaterial for Polarization Beam Splitting at Large Deflection Angles

    Presenter: Ian Foo, California Institute of Technology, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High-Q Wavefront Shaping with Higher-order Mie-resonant Metasurfaces

    Presenter: Claudio Hail, Caltech, United States

  8. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Optical memory in non-diffractive speckle fields

    Presenter: Kang-Min Lee, CREOL, United States


Advances in LEDs

Presider: William Whelan-Curtin, University College Cork, Ireland

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Achieving Bipolar Photoresponse in III-Nitride Nanowires for Encrypted Optical Communication

    Presenter: Wei Chen, Univ of Science and Technology of China, China

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Towards scalable on-chip excitation of micro- and nano-photonic emitters

    Presenter: Dimitars Jevtics, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Record Efficiency of Infrared 2D Materials Light-Emitting Diode Based on a Type-I MoTe2/WSe2 Heterostructure

    Presenter: Yutong Zhong, Tsinghua University, China

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Investigation of Micron-scale Indium Gallium Nitride Light Emitting Diode with Atomic-Layer-Deposited Passivation

    Presenter: Chien-Chung Lin, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Dual-function DUV micro-diodes for on-chip communication systems

    Presenter: Wei Chen, Univ of Science and Technology of China, China

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Recombination Rate Analysis of High-Speed Blue InGaN/GaN micro-LEDs at Elevated Temperatures

    Presenter: Daniel Rogers, North Carolina State University, United States

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Unlocking MicroLED Potential: Damage-free Anisotropic Etching for Enhanced Pixel Densit

    Presenter: Clarence Chan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States


Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers

Presider: Igor Kudelin, University of Colorado at Boulder, United States

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Active beam shaping in a 1.5 µm pulsed single-frequency multimode fibre amplifier

    Presenter: Ori Henderson-Sapir, University of Adelaide, Australia

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High Power Parabolic Pulse Amplification of Femtosecond Optical Vortex Beams from a Few-mode Fiber Amplifier

    Presenter: shan wang, Guangdong University of Technology, China

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplification of 28 OAM Modes

    Presenter: Aaron Peterson-Greenberg, Boston University, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Multimode Fiber Amplifier Modelling for Wavefront Shaping Applications

    Presenter: Darcy Smith, Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing and The School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, The University of Adelaide, Australia

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Improving Frequency Noise of DFB Fiber Lasers by Acoustic Wave Suppression

    Presenter: Andrea Pertoldi, NKT Photonics A/S, Denmark

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Sub-kHz-linewidth self-injection locked distributed feedback fiber laser using a weak fiber Bragg grating

    Presenter: meng zou, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China


Rydberg Quantum Devices

Presider: Paul Kunz, Army Research Labs, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    How to hot atom – from quantum optics to quantum sensors

    Presenter: Robert Loew, University of Stuttgart, Germany

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Upconverting microwave and terahertz radiation using Rydberg atoms

    Presenter: Michal Parniak, University of Warsaw, Poland

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High Density Rydberg Gas Produced by Ultrashort Pulse Excitation and Spontaneous Ionization Induced by Rydberg-Rydberg Interactions

    Presenter: Takuya Matsubara, Institute for Molecular Science, Japan

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    RydIQule: Graph-based Modeling of Atomic Systems

    Presenter: David Meyer, US Army Research Laboratory, United States


Entanglement in Time and Frequency

Presider: Navin Lingaraju, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Frequency Comb of Spectrally Pure Biphotons Using Time-Varying Cavities

    Presenter: Jordan Gaines, Purdue University, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Dual quantum comb generation via cascaded cavities

    Presenter: Xiang Cheng, University of California Los Angeles, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Measuring Frequency-Bin Entanglement From a Quasi-Phase-Matched Lithium Niobate Microring

    Presenter: Karthik Myilswamy, Purdue University, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Shaping of Time-Resolved Biphoton Correlations with a Microresonator-Based Spectral Shaper

    Presenter: Lucas Cohen, Purdue University, United States

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Spatial quantum beating in a cavity-filtered biphoton frequency comb

    Presenter: Yujie Chen, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    On-chip Generation and Processing of Ultrafast Time-Entangled Photonic Qudits for Quantum Communications

    Presenter: Stefania Sciara, INRS-EMT, Canada

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Frequency Bin Encoding and Graphs

    Presenter: Milica Banic, University of Toronto, Canada

  8. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Comb-Like Time-Frequency Entanglement via Two-Photon Interference and Distribution

    Presenter: Yen-Hung Chen, National Central University, Taiwan


Micro and Nanocavities II

Presider: Chao Xiang,

Science & Innovation
  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Continuous Tuning From Bright to Dark States in Coupled Photonic Resonators

    Presenter: Graydon Flatt, Columbia University, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Selective linewidth control in a micro-resonator with a resonant interferometric coupler

    Presenter: Paula Pagano, Centro de Investigaciones Opticas, Argentina

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Thermometric Control of the Resonance Frequency of a High-Q Si3N4 Microresonator

    Presenter: Sai Kanth Dacha, Columbia University, United States

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Imaging of standing-wave patterns from a bi-directionally pumped microresonator

    Presenter: Haochen Yan, Max-Planck Institute, Germany

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Self-assembled silicon photonic cavities with atomic-scale confinement

    Presenter: Soren Stobbe, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Plasma Microcavities

    Presenter: Tal Carmon, Tel Aviv University, Israel

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    High Efficiency and Optically Transparent 2D-MoS2 Heaters for Silicon Photonics

    Presenter: Dor Oz, The Hebrew University, Israel

  8. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Fabry-Perot Bragg Grating Cavity Based Singly-Resonant Four-Wave Mixing in the AlGaAs-on-Insulator Platform

    Presenter: Chaochao Ye, TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK, Denmark


Quantum Effects in Nanophotonics

Presider: Yohannes Abate, United States

  1. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Title to be Announced

    Presenter: Maiken Mikkelsen, Duke University, United States

  2. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion Enhancement in Plasmonic Nano-Gap Cavities

    Presenter: Rachel Bangle, Duke University, United States

  3. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    (Withdrawn) Optically Trapped Polariton Condensate in an Organic Semiconductor Microcavity

    Presenter: Graham Turnbull, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

  4. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    (Withdrawn) Harnessing Electron–Plasmon Interactions in Quantum Nanoplasmonics

    Presenter: Paulo Andre Goncalves, ICFO The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain

  5. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Nanoplasmonics for Purcell-enhanced Spontaneous Emission in Diamond Silicon Vacancy Centers

    Presenter: Hengming Li, Duke University, United States

  6. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Electronically Controlled Quantum Confinement for Tunable Plasmonic Metasurfaces

    Presenter: VISHAL KAUSHIK, Tel Aviv University, Israel

  7. -
    (UTC - 04:00)
    Laser-induced Electron Coherence in Quantum Materials Based on Spatial Self-phase Modulation

    Presenter: Jimin Zhao, Inst. of Physics, Chin. Acad. of Sci., China

18:00 — 19:30 (Eastern Time (US & Canada), UTC - 04:00)

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