• Technical Conference: 

    9 - 14 May 2021

  • Exhibition: 

    11 – 13 May 2021

Rebook Exhibit Space


75% of CLEO exhibitors will secure their CLEO 2021 exhibit space during their rebook appointment. This is your opportunity to meet face-to-face with CLEO sales staff in a virtual setting to secure the best space possible, discuss ways to boost your bottom line, and save 10% of the cost of exhibit space (if you secure the same sized booth or larger). The rebook rate expires on July 1.


  1. Accept your meeting invitation for your rebook meeting:  The exhibit sales team will send your virtual Zoom meeting invitation along with pertinent details to be reviewed during rebook meeting. Please make sure you feel comfortable logging into the system so that you are able to join the meeting on time.
  2. Review the FloorplanThe exhibit sales team will be glad to review the CLEO 2021 floor plan with you.  The CLEO 2021 floor plan will be displayed live and up-to-the-minute for your reference. Identify a general area where you would prefer to reserve space for your company next year.
  3.  Complete the Contract:  Please have your contract completed and ready to submit via email at the time of your rebook meeting.  Note that we require a 50% non-refundable deposit with all onsite reservations and will accept credit card or check. If you are interested in CLEO 2021 tabletop exhibit space, please complete the tabletop exhibit space agreement.
  4.  PROXY OPTION:  If you are unable to attend a Zoom meeting, there is also an option for a Proxy rebook.  With this option, please complete the contract including the deposit information and list your top 10 booth choices in an email to the CLEO exhibit sales team.  The exhibit sales team will select the best booth option for you at the time of your rebook appointment.  Once your booth has been confirmed, you will be notified of the booth selection.

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment!

Questions? Please contact our CLEO Sales Team at cleosales@osa.org or +1.202.416.1428.

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