• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

Ultrafast Mid-IR Laser Sources and Applications

Symposium Organizers

Jens Biegert, ICFO, Spain

Michael Hemmer, JILA University of Colorado, USA


The recent progresses in the development of mid-IR sources has brought these sources to performance and reliabilities enabling a wealth of new applications both in academia and industry. The aim of this symposium is to bring together the community working on the development of new mid-IR laser sources and the community using these new systems, both from academia and industry.


Invited Speakers

Alexandre Dazzi, Universite de Paris-Sud XI, France 

Label-free Chemical Imaging at the Nanometre Scale: When AFM Teams with IR Spectroscopy

Ariane Deniset, University of  Paris-Sud ISMO, France 

Short Pulse Mid-IR Fiber Lasers for Advanced Applications in Industry and Science

Sebastien Fevrier, Universite de Limoges, France

Ultrafast All-fiber Mid-infrared Laser Sources 

Jiro Itatani, Institute for Solid State Physics-Japan, Japan

CEP-stable Mid-IR OPCPAs for Solid HHG

Henry Kapteyn, KMLabs, USA

Azize Koç, Max-Born-Institute, Germany

High-flux Table Top Hard X-ray Source Driven by Few-cycle 5µm OPCPA

Sergey Mirov, IPG Photonics and University of Alabama Birmingham, USA

Ultrafast Mid-IR lasers based of Cr and Fe doped ZnS and ZnSe ceramics

Robert Riedle, Class 5 Photonics, Germany

Review of Class5 OPCPA systems from NIR to MIR

Ingo Rimke, APE Berlin, Germany

Ultrafast mid to far infrared pulse generation

Louis-Rafaël Robichaud, Femtum, Canada 

Short Pulse Mid-IR Fiber Lasers for Advanced Applications in Industry and Science