• Technical Conference: 

    09 – 14 May 2021

  • Exhibition: 

    10 – 14 May 2021

Super Symposium on Photonics Solutions for COVID-19 Challenge

Symposium Organizers

Utkarsh Sharma, Catapult Sky, USA

Emily Gibson, University of Colorado Denver USA


Photonics has played a key role in revolutionizing modern biology and medicine. It was the invention of the microscope, first perfected by Galileo more than 400 years ago, that empowered scientists and biologists to start exploring the biological phenomenon at microscopic levels. Photonics remain an essential technological enabler for medical biological science to continue its remarkable progress. The COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into one of the most unprecedented crises that humanity has encountered in recent times. Photonics technological innovations and product solutions could play a major role in addressing this and future pandemics, thereby creating a healthier and safer future. In this special symposium, we encourage researchers and industry professionals to present their work and ideas of various technological innovations that can be used to address COVID-19 challenge. Some of the potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following: - Advanced flow cytometry and multi-spectral imaging technologies for research and vaccine development - UV-based non-contact sterilization applications: high-efficiency and cost-effective UV LEDs, UV cleaning robots etc. - IR Cameras and machine vision for thermal imaging and AI-based detection - Optofluidic and point-of-care technologies for high-throughput molecular analysis and rapid testing - Clinical imaging technologies for diagnostics.


Invited Speakers

Andrea Armani, University of Southern California, USA

Portable UV-C Disinfection Methods

Keisuke Goda, University of Tokyo, Japan

Early Detection of Blood Clots in COVID-19 Patients by High-throughput Imaging

Laura Lechuga, Fund. Inst. Catala De Nanociencia i Nano, Spain

Title to be Announced

Freddy Nguyen, MIT and Mt Sinai Hospital, USA

Accelerated Grassroots Innovation: Insights from the MIT COVID-19 Challenge

Christopher Myatt, MBio Diagnostics, Inc., USA

An Optical Waveguide-based Platform for Point-of-Care COVID-19 Testing

Juergen Popp, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany

Biophotonics - A Game Changer in Covid-19 Diagnostics

Frauke Rininsland, Mesa Photonics, USA     

Enzyme Activity Diagnostics of SARS Infection Based on Foerster Resonance Energy Transfer

Marlan Scully, Texas A&M University, USA

FAST CARS Applied to the Study of Anthrax, COVID, and More