• Technical Conference:  10 – 15 May 2020
  • Exhibition: 12 – 14 May 2020

Single-shot Ultrafast Imaging

Symposium Organizers
Fumihiko Kannari, Keio University, Japan

Lihong Wang, California Institute of Technology, USA


High-speed optical imaging is a powerful tool for studying dynamic phenomena in scientific research. Unfortunately, conventional highspeed cameras are not fast enough to reach the sub-nanosecond regime due to fundamental limitations in their mechanical or electrical operation. While the pump-probe method can provide time-resolved images of faster events, it falls short for imaging difficult-to-reproduce events owing to its requirement for repetitive measurements. To overcome the limitations in the pump-probe methods, many single-shot ultrafast optical imaging techniques have been developed in recent years. The prosperity of single-shot ultrafast optical imaging is built upon advances in the continuous progress in ultrafast laser technologies, the incessantly improving performance of ultrafast detectors, and the development of new computational frameworks in imaging science. 

We restrict the scope of this symposium by the definition of single-shot ultrafast optical imaging to observe fast difficult-to-reproduce processes.  According to the illumination requirement, single-shot ultrafast optical imaging can be categorized into active detection and passive detection. In this symposium, we are gathering various unique single-shot ultrafast optical imaging methods in one place and discuss their performance and associated applications. However, the symposium scope does not exclude continuous image tracking systems with ultrafast resolution for successive phenomena, such as ultrafast sell-sorting, or real-time imaging of brain activity.


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