• Technical Conference:  10 – 15 May 2020
  • Exhibition: 12 – 14 May 2020

Light by Design: Structured Light, from Theory to Application

Symposium Organizers
Mo Mojahedi, Univ. of Toronto, Canada

Robert Boyd, Univ. of Ottawa, Canada


A beam of light possesses many properties (degrees of freedom) such as the beam’s intensity value, intensity pattern, polarization (including spin angular momentum), wavelength (linear momentum), and orbital angular momentum (associated with the light’s phase structure). Structured Light, used in this context, refers to the users’ ability to control and modify, i.e., to engineer the aforementioned degrees of freedom, individually or in combination, at a single or in multiple planes. It should be noted that the conventional definition of Structured Light, as used in the field of Computer Vision, is a subset of the aforementioned more inclusive definition. This Special Symposia brings together some of the leading experts in the area of Structured Light, for a single day, to present their leading-edge discoveries related to the theory and application of Structured Light and to discuss challenges and possibilities offered by the new discoveries.



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