• Technical Conference: 

    07 – 12 May 2023

  • Exhibition: 

    09 – 11 May 2023

The Physics Behind the Quantum Internet

Wednesday, 18 May 11:15 – 11:45
Optica Booth 113

Would you, as a beginner in the topic of quantum information, like to know more about photons and how to use their quantum nature to ensure the privacy of internet data? Photon state superposition and quantum entanglement? Qubits and quantum computing? The basic concepts that underlie the nascent Quantum Internet? These topics are part of the quantum information revolution now in full swing, emphasizing quantum information with photons and optics. The presenter authored a popular book, Quantum Physics: What Everyone Needs to Know, which presents a gentle introduction to the topics, and will be optional reading for participants.

For questions, please contact Drew Thomas at dthomas@optica.org

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Michael Raymer, University of Oregon, USA