• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

Invited Speakers

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  • FS 1: Quantum Optics of Atoms, Molecules and Solids

    • Ofer Firstenberg
      Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
      Vortices and Scattering Resonance of Strongly Interacting Photons
    • Sara Campbell
      Quantinuum, USA
      Advancements in Trapped Ion Quantum Computing
  • FS 2: Quantum Information and Communication

    • Rosa Tualle-brouri
      Institut d'Optique
      Iterative Protocols for the Generation of New Quantum States of Light
    • Ryan Camacho
      Brigham Young University, USA
      Photonic Simulation Tools for Quantum Applications
    • Todd Pittman
      University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
      Experimental Zero Photon Subtraction
  • FS 3: Quantum Photonics

    • Lucia Caspani
      University of Strathclyde, UK
      Generation and Characterization of Photonic Cluster States on-chip
    • Stephanie Simmons
      Simon Fraser University, Canada
      Silicon Colour Centres
    • Valentina Parigi
      Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France
      Continuous Variable Complex Networks
  • FS 4: Optical Excitations and Ultrafast Phenomena in Condensed Matter

    • Jigang Wang
      Iowa State University, USA
      Terahertz Quantum Control: from Copper Pairs to Topological Fermions
    • Peter Armitage
      Johns Hopkins University
      Nonlinear THz Spectroscopy for the Investigation of Quantum Materials
    • Wentao Zhang
      Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
      Title to be Announced
  • FS 5: Nonlinear Optics and Novel Phenomena

    • Anna Peacock
      University of Southampton, UK
      In-fiber Nonlinear Silicon Photonics
    • Birgit Stiller
      Max-Planck-Institute, Science of Light, Germany
      Optoacoustic Interactions for Computing and Signal Processing
    • Franz Kaertner
      Universität Hamburg, Germany
      Efficient THz Generation and Acceleration
    • Konstantin Bliokh
      RIKEN, Japan
      A New Spin for Acoustics and Water Waves
    • Zhigang Chen
      Nankai University, China
      Photonic Topological States: the Role Played by Symmetry and Nonlinearity
  • FS 6: Nano-Optics and Plasmonics

    • Alberto González Curto
      Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands
      Chiral Sensing with Semiconductor Nanophotonics
    • Amit Agrawal
      National Inst of Standards & Technology, USA
      Metasurfaces for Trapping Atoms
    • Laura Waller
      University of California Berkeley, USA
      3D Phase and Fluorescence Microscopy with Scattering Samples
    • Paivi Törmä
      Aalto Yliopisto, Finland
      Bose-Einstein Condensation, Lasing and Topological Photonics with Plasmonic Nanoparticle Lattices
  • FS 7: Ultrafast Science of Attosecond, X-Ray Free-Electron-Laser, and Ultra-Intense Light

    • Agostino Marinelli
      SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA
      Attosecond x-ray science at the Linac Coherent Light Source
    • Daniela Rupp
      ETH Zürich, Switzerland
      Imaging Ultrafast Dynamics of Isolated Nanoparticles with Intense X-ray Pulses
    • Inhyuk Nam
      Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Republic of Korea
      High-brightness Self-seeded X-ray Free-electron Laser
    • Manchikanti Krishnamurthy
      Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, INDIA
      Structuring of Liquid Droplets for Efficient Relativistic Electron Energy Plasma with mJ Class Lasers
  • FS 8: Metamaterials and Complex Media

    • Laura Waller
      University of California Berkeley, USA
      DiffuserCam: Lensless Imaging with Random Optics
    • Mona Jarrahi
      University of California Los Angeles, USA
      Optical to Terahertz Conversion Through Passive Semiconductor Nanostructures
  • S&I 1: Light-matter Interactions and Materials Processing

    • Anne-Marie Kietzig
      McGill Univ, Dept Chem Engn
      Functional Surfaces and Nanoparticle Fabrication by Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Processing
    • David Grojo
      Aix-Marseiile University, France
      Title to be Announced
    • Hong-Bo Sun
      Tsinghua University, China
      Nonlinear laser precision manufacturing
    • Yuebing Zheng
      University of Texas at Austin, USA
      Light-Controlled Assembly of Reconfigurable Architected Nanomaterials
  • S&I 2: Laser Systems and Facilities

    • Heung-Sik Kang
      Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
      Self-seeded XFEL for Science Applications
    • Jochen Speiser
      DLR, Germany
      Thin Disk Laser Development for Space Debris Monitoring and Mitigation
    • Lin Yu-Chieh
      RIKEN, Japan
      Optical Parametric Amplification of Sub-cycle Shortwave Infrared Pulses
  • S&I 3: Semiconductor Lasers

    • Menaka Zoysa
      Kyoto University
      Smart Photonic Crystal Lasers
    • Paul Morton
      Morton Photonics Inc., USA
      Ultra-low Noise Semiconductor Lasers
    • Qing Gu
      The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
      Miniature and Topological On-chip Lasers
    • Tsung-Tse Lin
      Over 1 Watt THz QCLs with High Doping Concentration and Variable Al Composition in Active Structure
  • S&I 4: Nonlinear Optical Technologies

    • Daria Smirnova
      Australian National University, Australia
      Nonlinear Topological Photonics
    • Giuseppe Leo
      Université de Paris, France
      Spontaneous Photon Pair Generation at the Nanoscale
    • Goëry Genty
      Tampereen Yliopisto, Finland
      Application of Machine Learning to Ultrafast Nonlinear Dynamics
    • Sergey Vasilyev
      IPG Photonics Corp, USA
      Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics and Mid-IR Frequency Comb Generation With Mode-Locked Cr:ZnS lasers
    • Thomas Zentgraph

      Nonlinear Holography Using Dielectric Metasurfaces
  • S&I 5: Terahertz Science and Technology

    • Klaas-Jan Tielrooij
      ICN2, Spain
      Nonlinear Terahertz Photonics with Quantum Materials  
    • Rayko Stantchev
      Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
      Title to be Announced
    • Ruonan Han
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Title to be Announced
    • Susanne Kehr
      Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
      Polarization-sensitive Mid-IR-to-THz Probing on the Subwavelength Scale
  • S&I 6: Optical Materials, Fabrication and Characterization

    • Alfredo De Rossi
      Thales Research & Technology, France
      Nanoscale Parametric Sources
    • Angela Hight Walker
      NIST , USA
      Optical Probes of 2D Magnetism
    • James Schuck
      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
      Straining to Make a Quantum Leap
    • Siying Peng
      Stanford University, USA
      Topologica Photonics for Subwavelength Light-matter Interaction
    • Zhan Su
      Towards Large-Scale Optical Computing System
  • S&I 7: Micro- and Nano-Photonic Devices

    • Alexander Tait
      National Inst of Standards & Technology, USA
      Principles and Applications of Silicon Photonic Neural Networks
    • Andrea Ferrari
      University of Cambridge, UK
      Layered Materials Photonics and Optoelectronics
    • Carlos Rios
      University of Maryland, USA
      Ultra-compact Nonvolatile Nanophotonic Modulators Employing Phase Change Materials
    • Guangwei Cong
      AIST (Natl Inst of Adv Indust Sci&Tech), Japan
      On-chip Training Silicon Photonic Circuits to Perform Digital and Analog Computing
    • John Bartholomew
      University of Sydney, Australia
      Rare-earth Ion Quantum Hardware: Blurring the Line Between Stationary and Flying Qubits
    • Junghyun Park
      Samsung Electronics, Republic of Korea
      Digitally Tunable Metasurface for High-purity Beam-steering
    • Kai Müller
      TU Munich, Germany
      Dynamics of non-classical light generation based on semiconductor quantum dots
    • Matt Eichenfield
      Sandia National Labs, USA
      All-CMOS Fabricated Piezo-Optomechanical Photonic Integrated CIrcuits for Quantum Computing and Networking Applications
    • Michael Strain
      University of Strathclyde, UK
      Heterogeneous Materials Integration Using Transfer Printing for On-chip Photonics
    • Sara Mouradian
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Individual Addressing of Trapped Ions
  • S&I 8: Ultrafast Optics and Applications

    • Anne-Lise Viotti
      Lund University, Sweden
      High Peak and Average Power Pulse Post-Compression via Multi-Pass Cells
    • Jun Ye
      University of Colorado at Boulder JILA, USA
      Novel Applications of Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy
    • Katalin Varjú
      Szegedi Tudomanyegyetem, Hungary
      Attosecond Science at ELI scale
    • Masayuki Suzuki
      Doshisha University, Japan
      Observation of Pulse Formation Dynamics in Yb Fiber Lasers with Time Stretch Spectroscopy
    • P. Donald Keathley
      Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Seeing the Light Wave: On-chip Sampling of Electric Fields with Attosecond Resolution
  • S&I 9: Photonic Integration

    • Daoxin Dai
      Zhejiang University, China
      Silicon Photonic Devices for Multiplexing and Switching
    • Ho Wai Howard Lee
      University of California Irvine, USA
      Gate-Tunable Zero-Index Photonics and Optical Fibers
    • Lin Zhu
      Clemson University, USA
      Hybrid Photonic Integration for Multifunctional Laser Systems on a Chip-scale Platform
    • Neetesh Singh
      Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Germany
      Towards CMOS-compatible high power modelocked laser and frequency comb
    • Nikos Pleros
      Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis, Greece
      Fidelity-Restorable Universal Linear Optics and Neuromorphic Photonics
    • Sejeong Kim
      University of Technology Sydney, Australia
      Integration of Quantum Emitters in 2D Materials with Monolithic Photonic Devices
    • Yu-Jung Lu
      Academia Sinica, Taiwan
      Transition Metal Nitride Metasurface Broadband Absorbers for Plasmon-Enhanced Solar-Driven Hydrogen Evolution
    • Yuping Chen
      Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
      On-chip Microcavity Lasers and Integrated Waveguide Amplifiers Based on Erbium-doped Thin-film Lithium Niobate
  • S&I 10: Photonic Innovations for Biological Sciences

    • Roarke Horstmeyer
      Duke University, USA
      3D Imaging with Microscope Arrays for Novel High-content Assays
    • Sandrine Leveque-Fort
      Univ Paris-Sud ISMO, France
      Modulated Excitation for Enhanced Single Molecule Localization Microscopy
    • Takuro Ideguchi
      The University of Tokyo, Japan
      Mid-infrared Photothermal Quantitative Phase Imaging (MIP-QPI)
  • S&I 11: Fiber Photonics: Novel Phenomena, Lasers, Systems and Fabrication

    • Carlo Liberale
      King Abdullah Univ of Sci & Technology, Saudi Arabia
      Fiber-Tip Complex Devices With Micro-3D Printed Photonic Crystal Fiber Structures
    • Francois Ladouceur
      University of New South Wales, Australia
      Liquid-crystal Optical Electrodes for Neural Interfacing
    • Hugo Defienne
      Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, UK
      Manipulating Entanglement in Complex Media
    • Jens Biegert
      ICFO -Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Spain
      7-octave High-brightness CEP-stable Light Source
    • Kazi Abedin
      CACI International, Inc., USA
      Recent Progress in the Development of Amplifiers Utilizing Higher Order Mode
    • Lyubov Amitonova
      Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Computational Imaging through a Multimode Fiber
    • Marvin Edelmann
      Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron - DESY, Germany
      All-optical Nonlinear Noise Suppression in State-of-the-art Fiber Oscillators and Amplifiers
    • William Renninger
      University of Rochester, USA
      Ultrashort Pulse Generation from Fiber Kerr Resonators Based on Chirped Solitons
    • Xin Guo
      Zhejiang University, China
      Ice Optical Microfibers
  • S&I 12: Lightwave Communications and Optical Networks

    • Ampalavanapilla Nirmalathas
      University of Melbourne, Australia
      Architectures and Systems Enabling Indoor Optical Wireless Networks
    • Benjamin Puttnam
      National Inst Info & Comm Tech (NICT), Japan
      Wideband Transmission in Single and Multi-core Fibers
    • Haoshuo Chen
      Nokia Bell Labs, USA
      Co-Packaged Optics Leveraging Spatial Modes of Multimode Fiber
    • Hoon Kim
      Korea Advanced Inst of Science & Tech, Republic of Korea
      Optical Beam Control Based on Variable Focus Lenses for WDM FSO Communications
    • Maria Vasilica Ionescu
      Nokia Bell Labs France, France
      High-Speed Long-Distance Unrepeatered Transmission
    • Ruomei Mu
      SubCom LLC, USA
      Title to be Announced
  • S&I 13: Active Optical Sensing

    • Kiyoul Yang
      Stanford University, USA
      Inverse-designed Photonic Systems with Soliton Microcombs
    • Oliver Heckl
      University of Vienna, Austria
      Simple Approach for Ambiguity-Free Dual-Comb Ranging
    • Pei-Cheng Ku
      University of Michigan, USA
      Beyond LEDs - Gallium Nitride for Sensing
    • William Hug
      Photon Systems, USA
      Deep UV Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Spatial/Spectral Imaging on Mars and on Earth
  • S&I 14: Optical Metrology

    • David Gozzard
      University of Western Australia, Australia
      Towards Ground-to-Space Coherent Laser Links for Metrology and Communications
    • Francisco Becerra Chavez
      University of New Mexico, USA
      Demonstration of an Optimal Non-Projective Measurement for Binary Coherent States
    • Lindsay Sonderhouse
      NIST, USA
      Pauli Blocking of Atom-light Scattering
    • Omar Magana Loaiza
      Louisiana State University, USA
      Smart Multiphoton Metrology for Superresolving Quantum Statistical Imaging
  • S&I 15: : Quantum and Atomic Devices and Instrumentation

    • Ekkehard Peik
      Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany
      Optical Clocks with Trapped Ions: Atomic and Nuclear Clocks
    • Jonathan Home
      ETH Zurich, Switzerland
      Scaling Trapped-ion Quantum Computing
    • Manuel Endres
      Caltech, USA
      Quantum Science with Tweezer Arrays
    • Tim Taminiau
      Technische Universiteit Delft, Netherlands
      Quantum Networks, Simulation and Computation with Spins in Diamond
  • A&T 1: Biomedical Applications

    • Kevin Dean
      UT Southwestern, USA
      Autonomous Multi-Scale Imaging with Axially Swept Light-Sheet Microscopy
    • Laura Waller
      University of California Berkeley, USA
      3D Phase and Fluorescence Microscopy with Scattering Samples
    • Michael Roukes
      California Institute of Technology, USA
      Integrated Neurophotonic Systems
    • Mona Jarrahi
      University of California Los Angeles, USA
      Plasmonic Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy Systems for Biomedical Applications
    • Zeev Zalevsky
      Bar-Ilan University, Israel
      Photonic Medicine: New Paths in Remote Photonic Bio-sensing and Medical Diagnosis 
  • A&T 2: Laser-based Manufacturing and Nanoprinting

    • Anne Feuer
      IFSW, Uni Stuttgart
      Towards High-Quality Percussion-Drilled Micro-Holes
    • Baerbel Rethfeld
      Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
      Role of Surface Plasmon-polaritons in Nanophotonics and Nanostructuring
    • Fabian Nyenhuis
      Bosch, Germany
      Formation Mechanism of Bumps during Laser Processing of Metal with Ultrashort Pulses
    • Stephan Bruening
      Schepers GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
      High-throughput Ultrafast Laser Micromachining with Multiple Parallel Spots
  • A&T 3: Optical Instrumentation for Measurements and Monitoring

    • Christopher Strand
      Stanford University
      Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Sensing in Extreme Environments
    • Jana Jágerská
      UiT The Arctic University of Norway, NORWAY
      Suspended Waveguides for High Precision Trace Gas Spectroscopy
    • Jean-Claude Diels
      University of New Mexico, USA
      Quantum Limited Phase Sensitivity in a Active Interferometers - Can the Signal to Noise be Enhanced?
    • Khadijeh Mohri
      University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
      Volumetric Diagnostics for (Reactive) Flows
    • Markus Mangold
      IRsweep, Switzerland
      Mid-IR Dual-comb Spectroscopy for High Temperature Speciation and Reaction Monitoring.
    • Pascale Desgroux
      Universite de Lille 1, France
      Comparison of the Sensitivity of Laser-induced Incandescence, Cavity-ring Down Extinction and Scanning Mobility Particle Sizing to Detect the Smallest Soot Nanoparticles in Flames or in the Combustion Exhausts
  • A&T 4: Applications in Energy & Environment

    • Arvind Ravikumar
      University of Texas at Austin, USA
      Multi-scale Measurements to Detect Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Operations
    • Elena Berman
      Kairos Aerospace , USA
      Seeing the Big Picture: Basin-wide Methane Emissions Surveys Reveal the Problem and a Solution
    • Jason Kriesel
      Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc. , USA
      Mid-IR Hollow Fiber Gas Sensor Applications in Environmental Sensing and Isotope Analysis
  • A&T 5: Quantum Technology in Transition

    • Andrew Shields
      Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, UK
      Towards Large Scale Networks for Quantum Communications
    • Eric Ostby
      California Institute of Technology, USA
      Title to be Announced
    • Jose Pozo
      EPIC - European Photonics Industry Conso, France
      Title to be Announced
    • Michael Geiselmann
      LIGENTEC, Switzerland
      Low Loss Photonic Integrated Circuits: From Fast Prototyping to High Volumes
    • Milan Mashanovitch
      Freedom Photonics, LLC, USA
      Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits Enabling Quantum Applications
    • Nathan Gemelke
      Title to be Announced
  • A&T 6: Advances in Semiconductor Technology

    • Anthony Kelly
      University of Glasgow, UK
      Single Frequency Blue Lasers
    • Carlo Sirtori
      LPENS, France
      Third Order Parametric Oscillations in a Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Comb
    • Christian Koos
      Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany
      Chip-Scale Optical Frequency Comb Sources: Light sources for Massively Parallel Communications, Fast Optical Ranging, and Ultra-Broadband Signal Processing
    • Igor Krestnikov
      , Germany
      Title to be Announced
    • Mircea Guina
      Tampere University  & Vexlum , Finland
      Single-frequency High-power VECSEL Systems for Quantum Technology
    • Peter Schunemann
      BAE Systems Inc, USA
      Orientation-patterned Semiconductors for Efficient Mid-infrared Frequency Conversion
    • Yasuhiko Arakawa
      University of Tokyo, Japan
      Advances in Quantum Dot Lasers Toward Silicon-based Photonic and Electronic Convergent Systems