• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

Invited Speakers

Select a track:

  • FS 1: Quantum Optics of Atoms, Molecules and Solids

  • FS 2: Quantum Information and Communication

    • Rosa Tualle-brouri
      Institut d'Optique

    • Todd Pittman
      University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

  • FS 3: Quantum Photonics

    • Lucia Caspani
      University of Strathclyde, UK

    • Stephanie Simmons
      Simon Fraser University, Canada

    • Valentina Parigi
      Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France

  • FS 4: Optical Excitations and Ultrafast Phenomena in Condensed Matter

    • Angel Rubio
      Max-Planck-Institut für Struktur , Germany

    • Jigang Wang
      Iowa State University, USA

  • FS 5: Nonlinear Optics and Novel Phenomena

    • Anna Peacock
      University of Southampton, UK

    • Birgit Stiller
      Max-Planck-Institute, Science of Light, Germany

    • Franz Kaertner
      Universität Hamburg, Germany

    • Konstantin Bliokh
      RIKEN, Japan

    • Zhigang Chen
      San Francisco State University, CHINA

  • FS 6: Nano-Optics and Plasmonics

    • Amit Agrawal
      National Inst of Standards & Technology, USA

  • FS 7: Ultrafast Science of Attosecond, X-Ray Free-Electron-Laser, and Ultra-Intense Light

    • Agostino Marinelli
      SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA

    • Daniela Rupp
      ETH Zürich, Switzerland

    • Inhyuk Nam
      Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Republic of Korea

    • Manchikanti Krishnamurthy
      Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, INDIA

  • FS 8: Metamaterials and Complex Media

    • Laura Waller
      University of California Berkeley, USA

    • Mona Jarrahi
      University of California Los Angeles, USA

  • S&I 1: Light-matter Interactions and Materials Processing

    • Anne-Marie Kietzig
      McGill Univ, Dept Chem Engn
      Ultrashort pulse laser processing techniques to create distinct roughness structures and surfaces with specific functionalities on various materials.
    • Chunlei Guo
      U of Rochester, The Institute of Optics, USA
      Functionalized surfaces created by laser induced periodic surface structures
    • David Grojo
      Aix-Marseiile University, France
      Ultrafast laser writing deep inside silicon
    • Yuebing Zheng
      University of Texas at Austin, USA
      Assembly of micro and nanostructures using the combined interaction of optical, thermal, and electronic forces
  • S&I 2: Laser Systems and Facilities

    • Heung-Sik Kang
      Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
      Self seeded XFEL
    • Jochen Speiser
      DLR, Germany
      Thin disk laser development for space debree removal
    • Victor Malka
      Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
      Laser Plasma Interaction and Acceleration
  • S&I 3: Semiconductor Lasers

    • M Kneissl
      Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
      GaN-based ultraviolet laser
    • Qing Gu
      The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
      Nanolasers --> "Topological microlasers enabled by parametric synthetic dimensioning"
    • Tsung-Tse Lin
      Watt-class THzs QCLs
  • S&I 4: Nonlinear Optical Technologies

    • Daria Smirnova
      Australian National University, Australia
      Topological nonlinear photonics
    • Giuseppe Leo
      Université de Paris, France
      Harmonic generation in nonlinear metasurfaces
    • Goëry Genty
      Tampereen Yliopisto, Finland
      Machine learning in ultrafast photonics / recurrent neural network for predicting ultrafast nonlinear dynamics
    • Sergey Vasilyev
      IPG Photonics Corp, USA
      MID-IR frequency combs
    • Thomas Zentgraph

      Nonlinear optics in metasurfaces
    • Yuri Kivshar
      Australian National University, Australia
      Nonlinear Topological Photonics
  • S&I 5: Terahertz Science and Technology

    • Lauren Barr
      University of Exeter, UK
      Super-resolution imaging
    • Ruonan Han
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Integrated THz systems
    • Susanne Kehr
      Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
  • S&I 6: Optical Materials, Fabrication and Characterization

    • Alfredo De Rossi
      Thales Research & Technology, France
      Nanostructured GaP and InGaP for Miniaturized Nonlinear Optics
    • James Schuck
      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
      Pushing the limits of optical nonlinearities in new nanoscale and quantum materials
    • Kathleen Richardson
      University of Central Florida, CREOL, USA
      Novel glass and glass ceramic materials for optical applications
    • Siying Peng
      Stanford University, USA
      Fabrication of topological microstructures
    • Yichen Shen
      Integrated AI Photonics
  • S&I 7: Micro- and Nano-Photonic Devices

  • S&I 8: Ultrafast Optics and Applications

  • S&I 9: Photonic Integration

  • S&I 10: Photonic Innovations for Biological Sciences

  • S&I 11: Fiber Photonics: Novel Phenomena, Lasers, Systems and Fabrication

  • S&I 12: Lightwave Communications and Optical Networks

  • S&I 13: Active Optical Sensing

  • S&I 14: Optical Metrology

  • S&I 15: : Quantum and Atomic Devices and Instrumentation

  • A&T 1: Biomedical Applications

    • Kevin Dean
      UT Southwestern, USA

    • Laura Waller
      University of California Berkeley, USA

    • Michael Roukes
      California Institute of Technology, USA

    • Zeev Zalevsky
      Bar-Ilan University, Israel

  • A&T 2: Laser-based Manufacturing and Nanoprinting

    • Anne Feuer
      IFSW, Uni Stuttgart

    • Baerbel Rethfeld
      Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

    • Stephan Bruening
      Schepers GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • A&T 3: Optical Instrumentation for Measurements and Monitoring

    • Christopher Strand
      Stanford University

    • Jana Jágerská
      UiT The Arctic University of Norway, NORWAY

    • Khadijeh Mohri
      University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

    • Pascale Desgroux
      Universite de Lille 1, France

  • A&T 4: Applications in Energy & Environment

    • Jason Kriesel
      Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc. , USA

  • A&T 5: Quantum Technology in Transition

  • A&T 6: Advances in Semiconductor Technology

    • Anthony Kelly
      University of Glasgow, UK

    • Carlo Sirtori
      LPENS, France

    • Christian Koos
      Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany

    • Igor Krestnikov
      , Germany

    • Mircea Guina
      Tampereen Teknillinen Yliopisto, Finland

    • Peter Schunemann
      BAE Systems Inc, USA

    • Yasuhiko Arakawa
      University of Tokyo, Japan