• Technical Conference:  10 – 15 May 2020
  • Exhibition: 12 – 14 May 2020

Invited Speakers

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  • FS 1: Quantum Optics of Atoms, Molecules and Solids

    • Helena Knowles
      Univ. of Cambridge, UK
      Spins in Diamond for Quantum Metrology
    • Jeff Thompson
      Princeton Univ. , USA
      Telecom Quantum Network Nodes Based on Single Er$^3+$ ions in Silicon Nanophotonic Devices
    • Kai-Mei Fu
      University of Washington, USA
      Integrated GaP-on-diamond Photonics for On-chip Quantum Networks
    • Lilian Childress
      McGill University, Canada
      Probing Spin Transfer Effects with Diamond Defects
  • FS 2: Quantum Information and Communication

    • Alberto Politi
      University of Southampton, UK
      Generation of Quantum Light in Silicon Nitride
    • Jim Franson
      UMBC, USA
      Limitations on the Use of the Heisenberg Picture in Quantum Information Applications
    • Lindsay LeBlanc
      Univ. of Alberta, Canada
      Atomic Quantum Memory in the Autler-Townes Regime
    • Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia
      PsiQuantum, USA
      Quantum Computing with Silicon Photonics
    • Peter Bierhorst
      Univ. of Colorado, USA

    • Yaron Silberberg
      Weizmann Inst. Science, Israel

  • FS 3: Quantum Photonics

    • Akira Furusawa
      Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
      Large-scale Quantum Computing with Quantum Teleportation
    • Geoff Pryde
      Griffith Univ., Australia
      Photonic Entanglement Sharing and Conclusively Asymmetric Nonlocality with the Detection Loophole Closed
    • Igor Aharonovich
      Univ. of Technology Sydney, Australia
      Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride
    • Jeff Lundeen
      University of Ottawa, Canada

    • Jeff Lundeen
      University of Ottawa, Canada
      Crummy Measurements and Lousy Copies: Methods to Simultaneously Measure X and P In Order to Directly Observe the Quantum Wavefunction
    • Karl Berggren
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Microwave Plasmonic Properties of Superconducting Thin Films May Enable Improved Single-Photon Detection
    • Mirko Lobino
      Griffith University, Australia
      Lithium Niobate as a Platform for Continous Variable Quantum Optics
  • FS 4: Optical Interactions with Condensed Matter and Ultrafast Phenomena

    • Darius Torchinsky
      Temple Univ. , USA
      THz Emission Spectroscopy of Surface Photogalvanic Effects in a Chiral Weyl Semimetal
    • Keshav Dani
      Okinawa Inst of Science & Technology, Japan
      Imaging the Motion of Charge with Time-resolved Photoemission Electron Microscopy
    • Paolo Vavassori
      Nanogune, Spain
      Amplification of Magneto-Optical Activity via Hybridization with Dark Plasmons
  • FS 5: Nonlinear Optics and Novel Phenomena

    • Antoine Runge
      University of Sydney, Australia
      High-order Dispersion Solitons in Mode-locked Lasers
    • Antonio Picozzi
      Centre National Recherche Scientifique, France
      Light Condensation in Multimode Fibers
    • Ewold Verhagen
      AMOLF, Netherlands
      Light-induced Breaking of Time-reversal Symmetry in Nano-optomechanical Networks
    • Martti Kauranen
      Tampere Univ., Finland
      Nonlinear Vector-Field Microscopy of Nanostructures
    • Natalia Berloff
      Univ. of Cambridge and Skoltech, UK; Russia
      Unconventional Computing with Liquid Light
    • Prashanta Kharel
      Yale Univ., USA
      Demonstration of High Quantum Cooperativities and Optomechanical Strong Coupling within a Bulk Crystalline Cavity Optomechanical System
    • Simon Hanna
      Univ. of Bristol, UK
      Optical Forces in Complex Nanostructures
  • FS 6: Nano-Optics and Plasmonics

    • Ajit Srivastava
      Emory Univ., USA
      Single Photons, Spins and Dipoles in van der Waals Materials  
    • Chengwei Qiu
      National Univ. of Singapore and NUS Suzhou Research Institute, NUSRI, Singapore
      Flat Optics for Vortex Generation, Multiplexing and Lasing
    • Jason Valentine
      Vanderbilt Univ., USA
      Flat Optics for Image Processing
    • Niek van Hulst
      ICFO -Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Spain
      Watching the Dialogue between Molecules and Nanoantennas
    • Stephan Link
      Rice Univ., USA
      Insights from Single Particle Spectroscopy of Plasmonic Nanostructures
  • FS 7: High-Field Physics and Attoscience

    • Ayelet Uzan
      Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
      Attosecond Singularities in Solid State High Harmonic Generation
    • Igor Litvinyuk
      Griffith Univ., Australia
      Attoclock Experiments on Atomic and Molecular Hydrogen: Tunnelling Time and Electron Correlations
    • Louis DiMauro
      The Ohio State Univ. , USA

    • Yong Sing You
      Stanford, USA
      Dipole Phase of High-harmonics from Crystals
  • FS 8: Metamaterials and Complex Media

    • Alexey Yamilov
      Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology, USA
      Statistics of Individual Eigenchannels of Diffusive Random Medium
    • Bumki Min
      Korea Advanced Inst of Science & Tech, South Korea
      Linear Frequency Conversion in Time-variant Metasurfaces
    • David Norris
      ETH Zurich, Switzerland
      Optical Fourier Surfaces
    • Manfred Eich
      Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
      High Temperature Optical Metamaterials
  • S&I 1: Light-matter Interactions and Materials Processing

    • Javier Solis
      Instituto De Optica 'Daza De Valdes', Spain
      Functionalizing Glass by Local Compositional Tuning with Ultrafast Lasers
    • Keith Nelson
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Title to be Announced
    • Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten
      University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
      Non-equilibrium Structural Dynamics in Laser-driven Materials Studied with Time-resolved Diffraction
    • Maria Dinescu
      NILPRP, Romania
      PLD Deposition of HfO2 and PZT Ferroelectric Thin Films for THz Applications
    • Richard Haglund Jr.
      Vanderbilt University, USA
      Picosecond Optical Switching in Silicon Photonics Using Phase-changing Vanadium Dioxide
    • Saulius Juodkazis
      Swinburne Univ. of Technology, Australia
      3D Laser Printing: High Resolution and Throughput
    • Tsing-Hua Her
      Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
      Femtosecond Laser-induced Breakdown of Monolayer Two-dimensional Materials
  • S&I 2: Laser Systems and Facilities

    • Ceri Brenner
      STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
      10 Hz Petawatt Lasers for Driving Extreme Beams of Particles and Photons for Applications in Science, Industry, and Security
    • Hanieh Fattahi
      Max-Planck-Institut fur Quantenoptik, Germany
      Molecular Fieldoscopy
    • Holger Schlarb
      DESY, Germany
      Precision Synchronization for Large Scale Accelerators
    • Joseph Talghader
      Univ. of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA
      High Power Optical Breakdown and Design to Combat Dirt and Airborne Particles
    • Karoly Osvay
      ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd., Hungary
      Few Cycle, Phase Controlled Laser Developments for ELI-ALPS
    • Laszlo Veisz
      Umea Univ., Sweden
      Relativistic Nanoplasmonics
    • Stefan Bock
      Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany
      Single-shot Diagnostics Development for High Power Laser Driven Relativistic Plasma Experiments at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
    • Thomas Spinka
      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
      Laser Technologies for PW-Class Peak Power at Multi-kW Average Power
  • S&I 3: Semiconductor Lasers

    • Åsa Haglund
      Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
      Blue and Ultraviolet Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers
    • Benjamin Williams
      University of California Los Angeles, USA
      Terahertz Metasurface Quantum-cascade Lasers: Broadband and High-power Operation
    • Boubacar Kante
      Univ. of California Berkeley, USA
      Topological Light Sources
    • Fumio Koyama
      Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
      High Power VCSEL Amplifier for 3D Sensing
    • Gottfried Strasser
      TU Wien, Austria
      Interband Cascade and Quantum Cascade Ring Lasers
    • Hiroyuki Ishii
      Furukawa Electric co., , Japan
      Recent Progress of Narrow Linewidth InP Tunable Lasers
    • James Gupta
      National Research Council Canada, Canada
      Novel Interband Cascade Lasers for the Mid-Infrared
    • Jerry Meyer
      US Naval Research Laboratory, USA
      Interband Cascade Lasers
    • Susumu Noda
      Kyoto University, Japan
      10 Watt-Class High-Power, High-Beam Quality Photonic-Crystal Lasers
  • S&I 4: Nonlinear Optical Technologies

    • Catherine Lee
      Lincoln Laboratory, USA
      Entanglement Distribution for Quantum Networks
    • Cornelia Denz
      Westfaelische Wilhelms Univ Munster, Germany
      Ultrashort Laser Pulse-assisted Nonlinear Photonic Lattices
    • Crina Cojocaru
      Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
      Nonlinear Light Propagation in Crystals with Spatially Randomized Domains
    • Guanshi Qin
      Jilin Univ., China
      Mid-infrared Supercontinuum Laser Source Based on Fluorotellurite Fibers
    • Irina Kabakova
      University of Technology Sydney, Australia
      Brillouin Microscopy for 3D Mechanical Mapping of Cells and Biomaterials
    • Michelle Sander
      Boston Univ., USA
      Nonlinear Infrared Photothermal Imaging
    • Peter Schunemann
      BAE Systems Inc, USA
      Quasi-phasematched Semiconductors for Nonlinear Optical Frequency Conversion
    • Shekhar Guha
      US Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
      Characterization of Linear and Second Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductors
    • Thomas Schneider
      Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
      Stimulated Brillouin Scatering based Optical Signal Processing
    • Yoshitomo Okawachi
      Columbia University, USA
      Coherent Supercontinuum Generation in a Silicon Nitride Chip
  • S&I 5: Terahertz Science and Technology

    • Dai-Sik Kim
      Seoul National Univ., South Korea
      Terahertz Quantum Plasmonics at Nanometer and Picometer Scales
    • Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus
      Harvard Univ. , USA
      Terahertz Quantum Optics in the Time-domain: from Field Correlation Measurements on Vacuum Field Fluctuations in Free Space Towards Cavity Electro-optics
    • Jessica Boland
      Univ. of Manchester, UK
      Terahertz Lights up the Nanoscale:Revealing the Nanoscale Optoelectronic Properties of Low-dimensional Materials Via Terahertz Spectroscopy and Microscopy
    • Kyung Hyun Park
      Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, , South Korea
      Field Trials of Photonics Based Terahertz Non-Destructive Testing Technologies
    • Martin Mittendorff
      Universitaet Duisburg-Essen, Germany
      Hot Carriers in Graphene: a Versatile Platform for THz Nonlinear Plasmonics
  • S&I 6: Optical Materials, Fabrication and Characterization

    • Dan Buca
      Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany
      Band Structure Engineering in SiGeSn/GeSn Heterostructures for Light Emitters on Si
    • Juejun Hu
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      What Makes the Best Chip-scale Photonic Sensor?
    • Lee Bassett
      Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA
      Efficient Optical Characterization of Solid-state Defects for Quantum Information Science
    • Mikhail Kats
      Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
      Measurement and Engineering of Thermal Radiation
    • Rupert Oulton
      Imperial College London, UK
      Hot Carrier Optoelectronics with Titanium Nitride
    • Xiuling Li
      Univ. of Illinois, USA
      β-Ga2O3: MacEtch, Passivation, and Ultra-wide Bandgap Photonic Devices
  • S&I 7: Micro- and Nano-Photonic Devices

    • Arseniy Kuznetsov
      IMRE, A*STAR, Singapore
      Active and Tunable Dielectric Nanoantenna Devices
    • Christelle Monat
      Ecole Centrale Lyon, France
      Hybrid Graphene Chip-based Nonlinear Optical Devices  
    • Krishna Coimbatore Balram
      Univ. of Bristol, UK
      Engineering Scalable, High-frequency Resonant Acousto-optic Modulators (AOMs) Using a MEMS Foundry Platform
    • Mark Fox
      Univ. of Sheffield, UK
      Chiral Quantum Photonics in Semiconductor Nano-photonic Waveguides
    • Mohammad Hafezi
      Joint Quantum Institute, USA
      Recent Advances in Quantum Topological Photonics
    • Sharon Weiss
      Vanderbilt Univ., USA
      Control of Light through the Addition of Deep Subwavelength Features in Photonic Crystals
    • Sylvie Menezo
      SCINTIL Photonics, France
      Integration of III-V on Silicon Gain Devices at the Backside of Silicon-on-Insulator Wafers for Photonic Fully Integrated Circuits
    • Wolfram Pernice
      Universität Münster, Germany
      Towards Photonic Neuromorphic Processing
  • S&I 8: Ultrafast Optics, Optoelectronics and Applications

    • Boris Chichkov
      Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Germany

    • Caterina Vozzi
      IFN-CNR, Italy
      High-order Harmonic Generation in Femtosecond Laser Micromachined Devices for Ultrafast X-ray Spectroscopy
    • Eiji Takahashi
      RIKEN, Japan
      Dual-chirped OPA for the Energy Scaling of Near-IR, Mid-IR, and Far-IR Pulses
    • Francesca Calegari
      Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron, Germany
      Attosecond Tracking of Electron Dynamics in Large Molecules
    • Jeffrey Squier
      Colorado School of Mines, USA
      Advances in Spatial Frequency Modulation Imaging Techniques for Applications from Advanced Manufacturing to the Neurosciences
    • Mark Vrakking
      Max Born Institute, Germany
      Attosecond Science using High Average Power and High Peak Power Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplifiers
    • Thoroh De Souza
      Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil
      An Evolution to Simplicity: 2D Materials, a Tool to Ultrashort Pulse Generation
  • S&I 9: Photonic Integration

    • Clint Schow
      University of California Santa Barbara, USA
      Low Power Analog Coherent Links for Next-Generation Datacenters
    • Delphine Marris-Morini
      Universite de Paris-Sud, France
      Ge-rich SiGe photonic Circuits for Mid IR Spectroscopy
    • Gilbert Hendry
      Lightelligence, USA
      Deep Learning Inference Requirements on Analog Device Performance
    • Jelena Vuckovic
      Stanford Univ., USA
      Integrated Quantum Photonics
    • Kei May Lau
      Hong Kong Univ of Science and Technology, USA
      III-V Lasers Emitting at 1.3 to 1.5 m grown on silicon by MOCVD
    • Lan Yang
      Washington University in St Louis, USA
      Explore Whispering-gallery Resonators for a Versatile Sensor Platform
    • Liang Feng
      Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA
      Exploring Integrated Photonics with Symmetry and Topology
    • Ming-Jun Li
      Corning Research & Development Corp, USA
      Novel Optical Fibers for Silicon Photonic Chip Packaging
    • Natalia Litchinitser
      Duke Univ., USA
      Topological Photonic Crystal Waveguides and Resonators
    • Nicholas Harris
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Programmable Nanophotonics for Machine Learning Acceleration
    • Qinghai Song
      Harbin Institute of Technology, China
      Controlling the Integrated Micro-lasers with Ultrahigh Speed and Ultralow Energy Consumption
    • Xiaoyi Bao
      University of Ottawa, Canada
      Random Fiber Gratings and Applications
  • S&I 10: Biophotonics and Optofluidics

    • Changhuei Yang
      California Institute of Technology, USA
      Wavefront Shaping and Energy Control for Addressing Optical Scattering
    • Greg Cooksey
      National Institute of Standards and Tech, USA
      Repeated Single Cell Cytometry in an Optofluidic Chip
    • Menake Piyasena
      New Mexico Tech, USA
      Sensitive Flow Cytometry Detection of Phospholipases and Its Inhibitors by Hydrolysis of Spherical Supported Lipid Membranes
    • Song Hu
      Washington Univ. in St. Louis, USA
      Multi-parametric Photoacoustic Microscopy: Auscultation of Hemodynamics and Energy Metabolism at the Microscopic Level
    • Yuhwa Lo
      University of California San Diego, USA
      Two-dimensional Image-guided Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter
    • Zhenpeng Qin
      The Univ. of Texas at Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical Center , USA
      Manipulate Protein Activity and the Blood-Brain Barrier using Light and Nanoparticles
  • S&I 11: Fiber Photonics: Novel Phenomena, Lasers, Systems and Fabrication

    • Angela Seddon
      University of Nottingham, UK
      Breaking Through the Wavelength Barrier: State-of-play on Rare-earth Mid-infrared Fiber Lasers at 4-9 um
    • Avi Zadok
      Bar-Ilan Univ., Israel
      Forward Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and Its Applications
    • David DiGiovanni
      OFS Laboratories, USA
      Optical fibers: Challenges and Opportunities in SDM
    • Fabien Sorin
      Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
      Multi-material and Multi-functional Optical Fibers: Fabrication and Opportunities
    • Goëry Genty
      Tampereen Yliopisto, Finland
      Multispectral Ghost Imaging Using Broadband Supercontinuum  
    • Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
      University of Adelaide, Australia

    • Hiroki Takesue
      NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan
      A Coherent Ising Machine Based on Degenerate Optical Parametric Oscillators
    • Ivana Gasulla Mestre
      Universitat Politècnica de València, SPAIN
      Space-division Multiplexing Fibers for Microwave Signal Processing
    • John Travers
      Heriot-Watt Univ., UK
      Optical Attosecond Pulses and Bright VUV Generation from Soliton Dynamics in Hollow Capillaries
    • Joseph Kahn
      Stanford Univ., USA
      Dynamic Mode Coupling In Mode-Division-Multiplexed Systems
    • Natalie Wheeler
      University of Southampton, UK
      Low Loss Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibres: Fabrication to Applications
    • Omer Tzang
      University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

    • Qiang Zhang
      Univ of Science and Technology of China, China
      Device Independent Quantum Information Processing----from Bell Inequality to Fiber QKD
    • Radan Slavik
      University of Southampton, UK
      Temperature Insensitive Fibers
    • Shai Maayani
      MIT, USA
      Integrated Fibre Detection Architectures for Distributed Quantum Magnetometry
    • Svetlana Aleshkina
      Fiber Optics Res. Ctr the RAS, RUSSIA
      Hybrid Fibres for Dispersion Management at 1 µ m
    • Tomas Cizmar
      Leibniz-IPHT & ISI CAS, Czechia Digital Holographic Endo-microscopes Based on Multimode Fibres, Germany
      Digital Holographic Endo-microscopes Based on Multimode Fibres
    • Yasuyuki Ozeki
      University of Tokyo, Japan
      Functional Pulsed Fiber Lasers for Multicolor Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy
  • S&I 12: Lightwave Communications and Optical Networks

    • Alexei Pilipetskii
      TE SubCom, USA
      Meeting Capacity Demand in Undersea Communications
    • Christina Lim
      Univ. of Melbourne, Australia
      Approaches to Improve Performance of 60 GHz Radio-0ver-Fiber Fronthaul Links
    • David Geisler
      Massachusetts Inst of Tech Lincoln Lab, USA
      Coherent Architectures for Free-Space Optical Communications
    • Emmanuel Le Taillandier de Gabory
      NEC Corporation, Japan
      Optimized Multicore Amplifiers for Space-Division Multiplexing Transmission Systems
    • Gabriella Bosco
      Politecnico di Torino, Italy
      Modeling and Mitigation of Nonlinear Effects in Uncompensated Coherent Optical Transmission Systems
    • Jose Capmany
      Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
      Programmable Integrated Photonics: Is it the right time for Field Programmable Arrays?
    • Linda Thomas
      US Naval Research Laboratory, USA
      Free Space Optical Networks
    • Michela Svaluto Moreolo
      Ctr Tecnològic de Telecom de Catalunya, Spain
      Programmable VCSEL-based Transceivers for Multi-terabit Capacity Networking
    • Oskars Ozolins
      RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Sweden
      300+ Gbps Short-Reach Optical Communications
    • Peter Andrekson
      Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola, Sweden
      Phase Sensitive Amplifiers in Fiber-Optic and Free-Space Optical Communication Links
    • Roland Ryf
      Nokia Bell Labs, USA
      Recent Advances in Mode-multiplexed Transmission over Multimode Fibers
    • Victor Torres Company
      Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola, Sweden
      Coherent optical Communications with Microresonator Frequency Combs
    • Werner Klaus
      National Inst of Information & Comm Tech, Japan
      Progress and Challenges in bringing SDM Technologies to Optical Networks
  • S&I 13: Active Optical Sensing

    • Genevieve Plant
      Univ. of Michigan, USA
      Data-driven Urban Methane Emission Estimates Based on Aircraft Observations: Sensing Considerations and Results  
    • Howard Milchberg
      Univ. of Maryland at College Park, USA
      Single Electron Detection by mid-IR Laser-Driven Avalanche Breakdown
    • Jana Jagerska
      UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
      Trace Gas Spectroscopy with Mid-Infrared Nanophotonic Waveguides
    • Robert Candler
      University of California, Los Angeles, USA
      Microscale Magnetic Devices for Ultra-Compact Free Electron Lasers
    • Vassilia Zorba
      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
      Emerging Femtosecond Laser Sampling Approaches in All-optical Plasma Spectroscopy
    • Vincenzo Palleschi
      Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy
      Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. A Future Superstar?
    • Xudong Fan
      University of Michigan, USA
      High-Performance Micro-Gas Chromatography and Optical Sensing
  • S&I 14: Optical Metrology

    • Aleksandra Foltynowicz Matyba
      Umea University, Sweden
      Precision Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Using Optical Frequency Combs
    • Alessia Pasquazi
      Univ. of Sussex, UK
      Microcombs Based on Laser Cavity Solitons
    • Cecilia Clivati
      INRIM, Italy
      Optical Frequency Transfer over Submarine Fibers
    • Dylan Yost
      Colorado State University, USA
      High Precision 2S-8D Spectroscopy in Hydrogen
    • Elizabeth Donley
      National Inst of Standards & Technology, USA
      Point Source Atom Interferometry for Inertial Navigation and Precision Measurements
    • Erin Lamb
      OFS, USA
      Optical Frequency Measurements with a Silica Disk Microcomb
    • Helen Margolis
      National Physical Laboratory, UK
      Optical Atomic Clocks: from International Timekeeping to Gravity Potential Measurement
    • Masao Takamoto
      RIKEN, Japan
      Development of Transportable Optical Lattice Clocks for Geodetic Applications
    • Yanyi Jiang
      East China Normal Univ., China
      Optical Frequency Divider for Spectroscopy and Optical Frequency Measurement
  • S&I 15: Quantum and Atomic Sensors, and their Applications

    • Ania Jayich
      UC Santa Barbara, USA
      Creating Highly Coherent NV Centers in Diamond
    • Anne Curtis
      NPL, UK
      A Compact Frequency Stabilized Laser Based on Gas-filled Hollow-core Fiber Cells with Applications in Satellite-based Gas Sensing
    • Arnaud  Landragin
      Observatoire de Paris, France
      Rotation Rate Measurements with a Large Area Cold Atom Interferometer
    • John Kitching
      NIST, USA
      Integrated Photonic-atomic Systems for Compact Precision Instrumentation
    • John Prestage
      NASA, USA
      Compact Ion Clocks for Navigation Applications
    • Jonathan Pritchard
      Strathclyde Univ., UK
      Towards Scalable Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms
    • Mark Kasevich
      Stanford, USA

    • Morgan Mitchell
      ICFO, Spain
      Quantum Sensing with Interacting Atoms
    • Tanja Mehlstäubler
      PTB Germany, Germany
      Ultrastable Optical Atomic Clocks for Geodesy
  • A&T 1: Biomedical Applications

    • Abhishek Rege
      Vasoptic Medical Inc., USA
      Dynamic Measurement of Blood Flow Using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging
    • Alon Greenbaum
      University of California Los Angeles, USA
      Towards Anatomical Profiling of Intact Bones with Tissue Clearing, Custom Microscopy and Algorithms
    • Anna-Karin Gustavsson
      Stanford University, USA
      Mapping Nanoscale Dynamics and Features Throughout Entire Mammalian Cells by 3D Single-Molecule Tracking and 3D Super-Resolution Imaging
    • Bryan Spring
      Northeastern University, USA
      Title to be Announced
    • Conor Leahy
      Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc, USA
      Recent Advances and Trends in Ultra-Widefield Ophthalmic Imaging
    • Daniel Razansky
      Technical University of Munich, Germany
      Optoacoustic Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Limit
    • Gabriel Popescu
      Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
      Phase Imaging with Computational Specificity (PICS)
    • Hisataka Kobayashi
      National Institutes of Health, USA
      Near Infrared Photoimmunotherapy for Cancer
    • Jeon Woong Kang
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Intra-needle Optical Sensor for Real-time Tissue Identification
    • Kaushal Solanki
      Eyenuk LLC, USA
      Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Eye Screening: Roles and Challenges in Retinal Imaging
    • Paul Campagnola
      University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
      Polarization Resolved SHG Imaging of Ovarian Cancer
    • Praveen Arany
      University at Buffalo, USA
      Non-linearity in Photobiomodulation Therapy Dosing - A Photoceutical Approach to a Quantum Biological Process?
    • Ramkumar Sabesan
      University of Washington, USA
      Title to be Announced
    • Ruth Sahler
      Perfect Lens, USA
      Femtosecond Laser Induced Hydrophilicity Change in Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Acrylic Polymer Materials
    • Scott Fraser
      University of Southern California, USA

    • Thomas Klein
      Optores GmbH, Germany
      Multi-MHz OCT with FDML Lasers
  • A&T 2: Industrial Applications

    • Christophe Moser
      Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
      Controlling femtosecond Light Propagation through a Multimode Fiber for imaging, subtractive and additive manufacturing
    • Jan Kleinert
      MKS|ESI, USA
      Ultrafast Laser Ablation of Silicon with ~GHz Bursts
    • Jiyeon Choi
      Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, South Korea

    • Kristian Cvecek
      Univ Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
      Glass Machining and In-situ Metrology
    • Michael Withford
      Macquarie University, Australia
      Femtosecond Laser Written Photonics for High Speed Telecommunications
    • Onur Tokel
      Bilkent Universitesi, Turkey
      A New Dimension in Silicon: "In-chip" Photonic Devices and 3D Micro-structures Enabled with Nonlinear Laser Lithography
    • Wataru Watanabe
      Ritsumeikan University, Japan
      Classification of Femtosecond-laser-induced Modifications by LED-array-based Illumination and Machine Learning
  • A&T 3: Optical Instrumentation for Measurements and Monitoring

    • Andrew Sappey
      Zolo Technologies, Inc., USA
      Diode Laser Spectroscopy for Optimization of Boilers and Furnaces
    • David Moore
      Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
      Exploiting Coherence for Trace Explosives Detection
    • David Sonnenfroh
      Physical Sciences Inc., USA
      Compact Automated Lidars for Environmental Remote Sensing
    • Erik Novak
      4D Technology, USA

    • Esther Baumann
      National Inst of Standards & Technology, USA
      Imaging through Flames with Coherent Laser Ranging
    • Jake Li
      Hamamatsu Corporation, USA
      Photonics Technology Challenges of Automotive LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles/ADAS
    • Johannes Koeth
      nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH, Germany
      Single Mode Laser Diodes with 150nm Tuning Range at 2100nm and 2300nm
    • Peter Geiser
      NEO Monitors, Norway
      Industrial Gas Sensing Applications Enabled by Cascade Lasers
    • Peter Fjodorow
      Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany
      Progress and Trends in Intracavity Absorption Spectroscopy for Combustion Diagnostics
    • Vijaysekhar Jayaraman
      Praevium Research, Inc., USA
      Recent Progress In Rapidly Tuned MEMS-VCSELs From Near To Mid-Infrared
  • A&T 4: Applications in Energy & Environment

    • Mark Zondlo
      Princeton Univ., USA
      Title to be Announced
    • Vasanthi Sivaprakasam
      US Naval Research Laboratory, USA
      Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Aerosol Point Detection
  • A&T 5: Quantum Technology in Transition

    • Benjamin Bloom
      Atom Computing , USA
      Individual Addressing and Manipulation of Neutral Strontium
    • Dylan Mahler
      Xanadu Quantum Technologies, Canada
      Integrated Platforms for Continuous Variable Quantum Optics
    • Imran Khan
      Max-Planck-Inst Physik des Lichts, Germany
      Making Quantum Key Distribution Attractive for a Mass Market
    • Joe Broz
      SRI International, USA
      The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C)
    • John Martinis
      Google LLC, USA
      Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor 
    • Lora Nugent
      Honeywell, USA
      Honeywell’s Trapped-Ion Quantum Computer: Advanced Optics Solutions  
    • Mark Thompson
      PsiQuantum, USA
      Photonic Quantum Computing
    • Nan Yu
      Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
      Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation of Quantum Sensors in Space
  • A&T 6: Advances in Semiconductor Technology

    • Abderrahim Ramdane
      Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies, CNRS, Université Paris-Sud, France
      Electrically Injected Parity-Time Symmetric DFB Lasers for Telecom Applications
    • Bernd Sumpf
      Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany
      High-brightness Wavelength Stabilized Diode Lasers for Sensor Systems and Non-linear Frequency Conversion
    • Dmitri Boiko
      Ctr Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique CSEM, Switzerland
      One-Picosecond Pulses in Edge-Emitting Laser Devices
    • Geert Van Steenberge
      Ghent Univ. - IMEC, Belgium
      Laser-Induced Forward-Transfer Printing for High-Speed Precision Assembly of Microchips
    • Graeme Malcolm
      M Squared Lasers Ltd, UK
      Recent Progress Towards Commercial Semiconductor Disk Lasers and Relevant Applications
    • Miriam Vitiello
      Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy
      Quantum Engineering of Broadband Quantum Cascade THz Lasers Operating as Random Sources or Fully Stabilized Optical Frequency Comb Synthesizers
    • Regina Gumenyuk
      Tampere University, Finland
      The Hybrid Technology of Solid-state Laser Systems
    • Tatjana Gric
      Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universiteta, Lithuania
      Absorption Enhancement in Terahertz Photoconductive Antenna by Means of the Novel Types of Metamaterials

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