• Technical Conference: 

    07 – 12 May 2023

  • Exhibition: 

    09 – 11 May 2023

Specialty Fibers for Ultrafast Lasers


Maria Chernysheva, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany


Maria Chernysheva, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany
Yingying Wang, Institute of Photonics Technology Jinan University, China
Raja Ahmad, Molex, USA


Ultrafast fiber laser systems have become a mature technology, offering robust, compact, turn-key operable, and cost-effective light sources for mass applications in micromachining, materials processing, microscopy, metrology and optical communications. Main features that impact the value of such lasers in discovering and testing the boundaries of new physics, as well as their adoption at a wider scale, include high average and peak power, pulse duration (down to the scale of the cycle of EM radiation) and bandwidth of operation (extending from DUV to Mid-IR). Whether these merits could be technically achieved depends largely on how the specialty fiber techniques evolve and are engineered. The A&T Topical Review “Specialty fiber for ultrafast lasers” would cover advantages and limitations of gain fibers with high doping concentration and large mode area fibers for power scaling, soft glass fibers for Mid-IR and Vis generation, gas-filled hollow-core fibers for nonlinear compression and frequency conversion, as well as the related fiber fusion splicing and postprocessing techniques. The A&T Topical Review will gather experts from this growing field to discuss recent advances in specialty fibers and how they envision the evolution of ultrafast lasers in the coming years and decades. The vision of this A&T Topical Review is to help the audience gain insight into the current and future trends in specialty fibers and ultrafast fiber lasers development.


Invited Speakers 

Fetah Benabid, GPPMM Group, XLIM Research Institute, CNRS, France

Ultrashort Pulse Compression and Synthesis in Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

Alex Dergachev, IPG Photonics Corporation, USA

Compact, Efficient Ultrafast Yb-based Hybrid Lasers

Katrin Wondraczek, Leibniz IPHT Jena, Germany

Recent Trends in Powder Doping Synthesis of New Materials for High Doping Concentration Gain Fibres