• Technical Conference: 

    9 - 14 May 2021

  • Exhibition: 

    11 – 13 May 2021

Artificial Intelligence for Photonics Imaging and Sensing


Alex Yi, Univ. of Michigan, USA

Terry Smith, 3M Company, USA

Yasha Yi, Univ. of Michigan, USA


AI encompasses many technologies, such as machine learning, cloud computing and big data. It overlaps considerably with integrated photonics. AI enhances remote sensing, image segmentation/recognition, etc, with current rapid development of new photonic devices. Many AI based devices and systems, like robots, autonomous driving, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), and drones, rely heavily on photonic sensors, imaging, photonic networks and telecommunications to realize practical and smart functionality. This session tries to bridge the understanding between the photonics and AI community.


Invited Speakers

Lei Tian, Boston University, USA

Daguang Xu, Johns Hopkins University, USA



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