• Technical Conference:  5 – 10 May 2019
  • Exhibition: 7 – 9 May 2019

Advances in Supercontinuum Technologies


Adam Devine, Fianium Ltd., UK

Advances in Supercontinuum Technologies I: Supercontinuum Generation
Almost two decades after the pivotal experiments of supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibers, significant advances continue to be made in the area of broadband light generation within waveguides. This topical review session will focus on recent advances and cutting edge research in supercontinuum generation technology.

Advances in Supercontinuum Technologies II:New Application Areas for Supercontinuum Light Sources
Supercontinuum broadband light sources represent a disruptive technology for traditional light sources such as xenon lamps, laser diodes and plasma driven light sources. From telecommunication to medical imaging and metrology, these light sources are enabling advances in exciting new application areas. This session will focus on new and emerging fields exploiting these broadband light sources. 

Invited Speakers

David Castaneda-Castellanos, Leica Microsystems, Germany
Frans J.M. Harren, Radboud University, Netherlands
Michal Lipson, Columbia University, USA
Adrian Podoleanu, University of Kent, UK
Jonathan Price, University of Southampton, UK 
Peter John Rodrigo, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
John Travers, Heriot-Watt University, UK


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