• Technical Conference:  04 – 09 May 2025
  • The CLEO Hub: 06 – 08 May 2025

IPG's ELPN and HLPN Series: MW High Energy Middle-IR Fiber-bulk Hybrid Lasers for Advanced Applicati

Wednesday, 08 May 13:00 – 13:20
The CLEO Hub Theater

IPG's high peak power, high energy, nanosecond pulsed lasers based on Ho:YAG and Er:YAG effectively leverage the advantages of fiber lasers and combines them with the best aspects of bulk solid state lasers to achieve exceptional output characteristics. These lasers deliver high pulse energies of up to 120 mJ (2090 nm, Ho:YAG) and 30 mJ (1645 nm Er:YAG) in a small form-factor. 


Mike Mirov, IPG Photonics Corporation, Mid-IR Lasers, USA

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