• Technical Conference:  10 – 15 May 2020
  • Exhibition: 12 – 14 May 2020

Demo Passport Program

Meet CLEO Exhibitors, and You Could Win a $100 Gift Card

At CLEO:EXPO, you'll have the opportunity to see the latest and most innovative technologies from 200 participating companies. Think of the exhibition as an extension of your conference attendance — supplementing technical content with applications knowledge. Your interactions with exhibitors enable you to learn first-hand how their solutions can supplement and support your work.

If that wasn't benefit enough, we're also offering the opportunity to win a $100 gift card just by meeting a select group of exhibitors. (Even better: many have developed demonstrations to give a clear and concise overview of their products.)

Participating Exhibitors

Boston Electronics

Boston Electronics (Booth 1515)

Boston Electronics will be displaying operating infrared detectors, emitters, LED and infrared imaging cameras in Booth 1515. Visitors will be able to see real time imagery and detection signals, and use the graphical user interface (GUI) software. 

Calmar Laser (Booth 1622)

A Carmel X-925 will be on display. It was developed specifically for multiphoton imaging of green fluorescent protein (GFP) variants. It is the only compact, femtosecond fiber laser source that offers < 100 fs pulses with over 0.5 W of output power to enable live-animal imaging of mutated proteins.


A battery-powered Mendocino LDR will be showcased. With a pulse width of 10 ps and an output power of over 5 mW at 10 MHz, this 1550 nm, eye-safe, module was specifically developed for optical communications and high resolution LIDAR and 3D sensing applications.


DataRay, Inc (Booth 748)

Demonstration will be of the BeamMap2-4XY-IGA, our patented multi-plane scanning slit laser beam profiler. This InGaAs based scanning slit profiler will be used to characterize a 1550 nm fiber laser source. We will show how the BeamMap2-4XY-IGA can be used with estimates to gather information and find focus when misaligned, the quick focus adjustment and real0time measurements of divergence, focus, M2 and more once aligned.

Edmund Optics (Booth 1628)

A 520nm laser will be used to emit a beam onto folded mirrors, which will direct it into a variable beam expander. Upon exiting the expander, the beam will pass through a lens to focus it onto a profiler. Customers will adjust the expansion, along with the location of the lens to see how this affects the beam profile. The purpose is to show the relationship between expansion power and spot size of the laser.


EXFO (Booth 2341)

Please visit Booth 2341 for their interactive product presentation.


Gentec-EO USA, Inc (Booth 1817)

Please visit Booth 1817 for an exciting demonstration of our latest "Bluetooth" wireless power meters and BEAMAGE-M2 measurement system.

MKS Newport Corporation (Booth 1615)
Please visit Booth 1615 for their interactive product presentation.
Optimax (Booth 1523)
Optimax builds optics behind the latest breakthrough technologies in aerospace, defense, medical, semiconductor and consumer electronics. As always, we will be sharing samples of our optical components and a little q&a on them, and some cool take aways. 

OptoSigma Corporation (Booth 1314)

Test your skills at aligning two of OptoSigma's new single mode optical fibers using a pair of DAU-080M six-axis fiber alignment stages. The features of these stages will simplify your task - separate coarse and fine adjustment micrometers make alignment intuitive and fas, rigid construction makes it stable. Levered micrometers provide adjustment resolution better than 500 nm. You will be consulting the PM-series standalone laser power meter as an active feedback device to attain optimal alignment to maximize power throughput. 

Photon Force

Photon Force Limited (Booth 2338)

Photon Force is pleased to promote the PF32 Camera at CLEO. The PF32 offers picosecond timing resolution capable of generating over all 1024 pixels. This allows parallised time resolved single photon counting capability for applications where ultrafast spatial measurements need to be made. Ultra low jitter and a temporal range of 50 picoseconds to 50 nanoseconds in time-correlated mode are other features.


Seiwa Optical America Inc. (Booth 2218)

For more than 50 years, Seiwa Optical America has been a provider of standard and custom optical solutions for machine vision, inspection, and industrial processing. We will present a live demonstration of the IR-2200 infrared microscope system. Attendees are encouraged to bring samplese to our booth to evaluate the IR-2200.

How to Play

  1. Get your CLEO Demo Passport Program game card, found in your CLEO swag bag, retrieved at Registration.
  2. Visit all participating product demo companies. Get the exhibitor representative to stamp your card.
  3. Drop off your completed card at the OSA Booth (#1927), the OSA Member Lounge (lobby) or the IEEE Photonics Society Booth (Lobby) to enter the contest.

One winner is announced daily in the exhibit hall, five minutes before the exhibition closes. (You need not be present to win.)

Review the CLEO Demo Passport Program contest rules.

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