• Technical Conference:  10 – 15 May 2020
  • Exhibition: 12 – 14 May 2020

Technology Transfer - Call for Speakers

Technology Transfer Program
Submission Deadline: 2 March 2020

The Technology Transfer Program is presented on Thursday, 14 May 2020, in the CLEO:EXPO theater. The program is comprised of a Keynote presentation, a Technology Transfer Tutorial and a Pitch Panel. An accompanying tabletop display of license-ready technologies is provided as a free benefit for presenters and their companies.

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Technology Transfer Tutorial Submission

Pitch Panel Submission

Below is a series of questions to respond to in two pages or less. All content past this length will be not be considered as part of the submission.

  1. One sentence on what your product does and why customers, and therefore investors, should be interested.
  2. What problem it seeks to solve or gap in the marketplace it seeks to fill.
  3. The ways in which this venture is unique.
  4. Does a prototype already exist?
  5. What is the feasibility to commercialize it?
  6. A description of your target market. Inclusive of who potential consumers and/or users would be.
  7. The ask: financial requirement to move the "commercialization needle" a little closer to a product on the market.
  8. How many months to market.
  9. Who you would like to see in the audience for your presentation.

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