• Technical Conference:  13 – 18 May 2018
  • Exhibition: 15 – 17 May 2018


Meet CLEO Exhibitors, and You Could Win a $100 Gift Card

At CLEO:EXPO, you'll have the opportunity to see the latest and most innovative technologies from 200 participating companies. Think of the exhibition as an extension of your conference attendance — supplementing technical content with applications knowledge. Your interactions with exhibitors enable you to learn first-hand how their solutions can supplement and support your work.

If that wasn't benefit enough, we're also offering the opportunity to win a $100 gift card just by meeting a select group of exhibitors. (Even better: many have developed demonstrations to give a clear and concise overview of their products.)

Participating Exhibitors

Calmar Laser (Booth 1622)
Small, Powerful, Affordable: Carmel X-series of Ultrafast Fiber Lasers
It’s time to rethink your ultrafast laser needs. The X-series product family is specifically developed for multiphoton bio-imaging and metrology application, where space and simplicity matter. 
  • High power (up to > 1 W)
  • Ultra-short pulse widths (down to < 90fs)
  • Wavelength options of 780, 920 (new), 1550 nm and more
  • All air-cooled, no chiller required
  • Ultra-compact laser head (up to 100x smaller than competitive systems)
Edmund Optics (Booth 1824)
Manipulating the shape of a laser beam using optics such as beam expanders and cylinder lenses as a crucial part of many laser optics applications. Try to align the optics in this hands-on demo to achieve the right beam shape for a given application! 
Gentec-EO USA, Inc (Booth 1817)
Demonstration of our new Bluetooth laser power probes and instrument. Show how easy method of downloading application software on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Link to attendees’ device to demonstrate power measurement of a laser. 
KMLabs (Booth 2227)
Measure the group delay dispersion (GDD) of your optical coatings with KMLabs’ Chromatis ultrafast metrology instrument. Bring your 1-inch diameter, flat optics of unknown origin and a KMLabs team member will help you make the measurement yourself. If you do not have an optic to give, we will have a selection on hand so you can still experience the joys of measuring dispersion simply and easily. 
MKS Newport Corporation (Booth 1615)
Come test your speed and agility against our speedy roadrunner who delivers in stock Newport products to customers in 2 days or less, and while you are in the booth, check out our new availability and new lab programs.
Optimax (Booth 1523)
Optimax builds optics behind the latest breakthrough technologies in aerospace, defense, medical, semiconductor and consumer electronics. As always, we will be sharing samples of our optical components and a little q&a on them, and some cool take aways. 
OptoSigma Corporation (Booth 1314)
Laser Crystals from OptoSigma! Solid state laser gain media in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Offering a wide variety of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystals. Doped with Yb (Ytterbium), Nd (Neoddymium), Er (Erbium), Ho (Holmium), Ce (cerium), Tm (Thulium) and many others. Standard Rods, Discs and Slabs available. Or, custom built to your requirements with or without AR coatings. Flow Tube Reflectors also available. 
OZ Optics Limited (Booth 1715)
Using a patented process, the OZPEN delivers a precisely controlled spray of clean dry nitrogen containing solid carbon dioxide particles at high velocity to efficiently remove foreign matter from a surface. CO2 particles strike contaminants on the surface being cleaned, overcoming the force holding the material to the surface and carrying it away. This unique process can remove very small particles (< 100 nm in size) without the need for using other cleaning techniques. 
Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH (Booth 1534)
Sacher Lasertechnik demonstrates a saturated Rubidium Absorption experiment basing on our next generation Micro X Cavity laser system. This laser system is integrated with a compact saturated Rubidium Absorption Setup.
Thorlabs (Booth 1807)
Thorlabs is displaying a 3D cinema constructed from common optomechanical, electronic, and optical components from our catalog. Come and explore polarized light in a fun and interactive demonstration. We’ll also feature several of our educational discover kits, designed to highlight both basic and advanced photonics concepts. For example, our education atomic force microscope illustrates how light can be used for precise measurements of nanostructures.

How to Play

  1. Get your game card, found in your CLEO swag bag, retrieved at Registration.
  2. Visit all participating companies. Get the exhibitor representative to stamp your card.
  3. Drop off your completed card at the OSA Booth (#1927), the OSA Member Lounge (lobby) or the IEEE Photonics Society Booth (Lobby) to enter the contest.

One winner is announced daily in the exhibit hall, five minutes before the exhibition closes. (You need not be present to win.)

Review the contest rules.

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