• Technical Conference:  5 – 10 May 2019
  • Exhibition: 7 – 9 May 2019

Spectral Imaging in Precision Agricultural Management: Potential for Crop Health Monitoring and Path

Spectral Imaging in Precision Agricultural Management: Potential for Crop Health Monitoring and Pathogen Detection

Wednesday, 16 May
Exhibit Hall Theatre II

Session Description:

There is growing interest in the utility of hyperspectral imaging, particularly from autonomous airborne platforms for agricultural management. The technology has developed considerably over the decades from its roots in satellite imagery and geographical information systems. The enhanced and more detailed information that spectral imaging technology offers has the potential to provide insight beyond basic coverage and plant stress to include pathogens and other threats. New spectral imaging technologies such as front staring or snap-shot systems mitigate issues with spatial nonuniformity and resolution that are often encountered with line-scanning systems. In addition, the introduction of machine learning algorithms shows promise in aiding in the interpretation and utility of the extremely large data sets captured, particularly for non-experts.

Alexandre FongAlexandre Fong, Director Hyperspectral Imaging, TruTag Technologies/HinaLea Imaging, USA

Alexandre Fong is Director, Hyperspectral Imaging at TruTag Technologies/HinaLea Imaging.  He holds a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics and Physics and an M.Sc. in Experimental Physics from York University in Toronto, Canada, an MBA from the University of Florida and is a Chartered Engineer. Alex began his career at Optech Inc., a spin-out of research from York University and now a world-wide leader in lidar (light detection and ranging) systems where he was responsible for system design and engineering of a break-through Airborne Lidar Terrain Mapping System deployed world-wide. He has subsequently held positions at AlliedSignal Aerospace (now Honeywell) as Senior Project Engineer on Boeing 737 Next Generation power systems, Product Manager and Senior Manager at Newport Corporation responsible for automated solutions for optical networking device packaging, Gooch & Housego (G&H) Instruments  as Senior Vice-President, Life Sciences and Instrumentation and Business Development overseeing the LED/solid state lighting and display industrial production test and measurement and life sciences imaging business. 

Alex is founder and President of Cirrus Photonics Technology, a published author and lecturer in the fields of industrial light and color measurement, microscopy, life sciences imaging, hyperspectral imaging, remote sensing, applied optics and lasers.  In addition to the OSA where he has served as Chair of the Public Policy Committee, Chair of the OSA Industry Development Associates, Member of the Board and Contributing Editor to Optics and Photonics News, he is also an active member of SPIE as a former member of the Financial Advisory Committee and the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). Alex is the past-president of the Florida Photonics Cluster.


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