• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

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Arrival Time Monitor for Sub-10 fs Soft X-ray and 800 nm Optical Pulses (JTu3A.24)

Presenter: Isa Muhammad, SLAC

We develop an Arrival Time Monitor (ATM) achieving high sensitivity for soft X-ray pulses in low-fluence conditions. The ATM cross-correlates ultrashort X-ray with 800nm laser pulses using a new multi-layer target designed and grown in-house to achieve optimal sensitivity.

Authors:Isa Muhammad, SLAC / Benson Frimpong, SLAC / Joseph Daafour, SLAC / Xiaoqing Xu, Stanford University / Peter Walter, SLAC / James Cryan, SLAC / Thomas Wolf, SLAC / James Glownia, SLAC / Joseph Robinson, SLAC / Stefan Droste, SLAC / Giacomo Coslovich, SLAC

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