• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

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All-Dielectric Slot Metasurface With Ultra-High-Q Resonances (JW1A.131)

Presenter: Francesco Dell Olio, Polytecnic University of Bari

A novel all-dielectric metasurface in silicon-on-insulator technology made of arrayed circular slots is proposed and theoretically studied. The metasurface exhibits quasi-bound states in the continuum resonances, having an ultra-high Q-factor up to 5x108

Authors:Jose Francisco Algorri, Universidad de Cantabria / Francesco Dell Olio, Polytecnic University of Bari / Pablo Roldan, Universidad de Cantabria / Luis Rodriguez Cobo, Instituto de Salud Carlos III / Jose Miguel Lopez Higuera, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Valdecilla (IDIVAL) / Jose Manuel Sanchez-Pena, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid / Dimitrios Zografopoulos, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

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