• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

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Extreme Absorption in the Bulk of Dielectrics With Femtosecond Bessel Pulses (JTu3A.27)

Presenter: Kazem Ardaneh, Femto-st

High absorption and high energy density deposition are experimentally measured during illumination of dielectrics by femtosecond Bessel pulses. Using particle-in-cell simulations, we explain this process by resonance absorption on a nanoscale plasma rod.

Authors:Kazem Ardaneh, Femto-st / Remi Meyer, Femto-st / Benoit Morel, Femto-st / Remo Giust, Femto-st / Francois Courvoisier, Femto-st

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