• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

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Self-Referenced Distribution of Millimeter Waves Over 10km Optical Fiber With High Frequency Stability (JW1A.68)

Presenter: Chunlong Yu, Beihang University

We propose a photonic approach for the frequency-stabilized distribution of millimeter waves based on a self-referenced feedback control technique. The implementation is demonstrated over an optical fiber link of 10 km.

Authors:Chunlong Yu, Beihang University / Zhuoyan An, Beihang University / Yihan Li, Beihang University / Hao Guo, Beihang University / Hancheng Tong, Beihang University / Zheng Zheng, Beihang University

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