• Technical Conference: 

    15 – 20 May 2022

  • Exhibition: 

    17 – 19 May 2022

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Effect of Residual Mechanical Jitter on Incoherent Beam Combination Through Different Atmospheric Turbulences (JW1A.118)

Presenter: Sanchita Ghosh, IIIT hyderabad

The effect of Residual Mechanical Jitter (RMJ) has been analysed on the incoherent beam combination through various atmospheric turbulences. It is observed that the RMJ effect is more prominent for lower turbulence than higher turbulence.

Authors:Sanchita Ghosh, IIIT hyderabad / Syed Azeemuddin, IIIT hyderabad / Jagannath Nayak, DRDO

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