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Candy store for Lasers and Electro-Optics

By James Van Howe | Posted: 7 April 2011

If you haven’t been to the CLEO 2011 conference website in the last week (or even if you have), it is worth taking a look at the video interviews with the programming chairs. There are 11 videos addressing the chairs’ top picks for talks, their views of trends in optics, advice for conference goers, and their impressions of CLEO’s scope and impact for optics research.

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Your mother may think you’re special, but does CLEO?

By James Van Howe | Posted: 1 November 2010

CLEO conference organizers recently posted the categories for the Special Symposia which are to include five areas: 1) Nano-bio-photonics, 2) Broadband Spectroscopy: New Techniques and Sources, 3) Quantum Communications, 4) Fiber Parametric Devices and Applications, and 5) Light-emitting Nano-plasmonic Devices.

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