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    9 - 14 May 2021

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Anticipating the thrill of emerging technologies

By Lynn Savage | Posted: 8 September 2014

While I am sure that some people find that attending conferences can be a bit of a chore – something to get done as soon as possible before heading back to “real work” – that has never been true for me. And I don’t know you very well, but I’m guessing conferences aren’t a burden to you either, given that you’re here, reading about one that won’t arrive for months.

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Exciting day filled with plenary session, tutorial talk, market focus and OSA student booth!

By Howard Lee | Posted: 12 June 2014

I was happy to spend most of my time today at several CLEO events; Plenary talk, technical talks, poster session and market focus. This morning’s Plenary session  was on the topic “Fibres and the future” by David Payne. Prof. Payne  gave a great overview on the works of fiber amplifier. Using cladding-pumped microsturctured fiber, amplifier with high output power at telecommunication wavelength or IR can be realized. Prof. Payne also suggested an idea that these kinds of fiber-laser would be designed as a powerful laser for next accelerator for CERN! This idea may be realized by using array of fiber lasers combined with multicore fibers to confine to a high power output laser and finally delivery by hollow core bandgap fiber.

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Almost halfway through the Conference, CLEO continues to Impress

By Shamsul Arafin | Posted: 11 June 2014

The third day of CLEO: 2014 started with the Honorary Award Distribution Ceremony which was followed by Plenary Sessions, consisting of two talks. The first one was on Quantum Coherent Networks, presented by Gerhard Rempe from Max-Planck-Institut fur Quantenoptik, Germany. Rempe’s talk initially covered the fundamentals of quantum-coherent networks, an exciting but challenging field of science and technology which allows a new approach to the processing of information for long-distance quantum communication and large-scale quantum simulation applications. He then described how Fabry-Perot cavity quantum electrodynamics with single-atoms trapped in high-finesse optical resonators could be employed for the realization of such quantum networks. The second talk, titled as Photonic Integrated Circuits as Key Enablers for Datacom, Telecom and Sensor Systems, given by Larry A. Coldren from UC-Santa Barbara, USA, addressed that why PICs are desirable for modest to high volume communication, sensing and instrumentation functions, where size, weight, power and cost are of major concerns.

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Start Planning Your Trip to CLEO: Top notch research & highly-regarded speakers

By Howard Lee | Posted: 24 February 2014

If you work in Optics and Photonics, more than likely you have heard about the CLEO US conference. I have been working on Optics and Photonics research for almost 10 years, and have heard from everyone in the community that CLEO is a great peer-reviewed conference.

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Exploring Emerging Trends: An Interview with Eric Mottay

By Staff | Posted: 21 November 2013

The CLEO:2014  marketing team sat down with Eric Mottay, CLEO: Applications & Technology (A&T) Program Co-Chair to gain insight on the type of research presented at the A&T conference, the scope of the meeting and the benefits of submitting cutting-edge research to this high-quality, peer-reviewed conference.

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Espresso for the Brain – CLEO: 2013

By Frank Kuo | Posted: 21 May 2013

Being an active OSA young professional comes with additional bonuses once in a while. This time, I was happily summoned as “scientific paparazzi” to sneak into one of the committee meetings for CLEO: 2013 happening in the DC metropolitan area. Digging for insider info on CLEO’s hot topics and from CLEO: 2013 committee chairs and members –  as they reviewed, scored and sessioned all the CLEO papers was the top mission.

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Curiosity Killed the Cat…but Not the Physicist

By Staff | Posted: 16 August 2012

Many of us have heard the popular expression “curiosity killed the cat.” The saying is used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. However, less widely known is the rest of the phrase. In full, it reads “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

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What’s Hot from the U of Toronto

By Ksenia Dolgaleva | Posted: 16 May 2010

Before the conference started, let me overview some upcoming interesting talks that I already know something about. These are presentations by the Photonics Group at the University of Toronto.

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By Ksenia Dolgaleva | Posted: 15 May 2010

Perhaps, many of you know how it is easy sometimes to get too involved in your everyday activities, hardly ever finding time to look around and see what other people in your field are doing.  It is high time for a conference! And not just another conference, but the largest conference in the field of Optics – CLEO/QELS. I am looking forward to all these exciting talks and events, to seeing my friends  and people I used to work with while at graduate school, to meeting new people, to establishing new connections and potential collaborations

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Ghee Whiz: India comes to CLEO/QELS

By David Nugent | Posted: 2 May 2010

Posting more papers to the Optical Society of America since 1999 than either Germany, Japan or the United Kingdom, India is a major contributor to the international photonics community. Reflecting its status as a truly international conference, CLEO/QELS 2010 welcomes no fewer than six papers contributed solely or jointly by researchers from the Indian subcontinent.

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