• Technical Conference:  13 – 18 May 2018
  • Exhibition: 15 – 17 May 2018


Step forward to Compact Plasmonic Nanocircuit | Stop by the Poster Sessions

By Howard Lee | Posted: 11 June 2014

Today is a great day start with two plenary sessions from Gerhard Rempe and Larry Coldren, followed by whole afternoon of technical sessions, conference reception and poster sessions in the evening.

To conclude what I found exciting in the technology session and posters, I highlighted some of the works in the following.

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Almost halfway through the Conference, CLEO continues to Impress

By Shamsul Arafin | Posted: 11 June 2014

The third day of CLEO: 2014 started with the Honorary Award Distribution Ceremony which was followed by Plenary Sessions, consisting of two talks. The first one was on Quantum Coherent Networks, presented by Gerhard Rempe from Max-Planck-Institut fur Quantenoptik, Germany. Rempe’s talk initially covered the fundamentals of quantum-coherent networks, an exciting but challenging field of science and technology which allows a new approach to the processing of information for long-distance quantum communication and large-scale quantum simulation applications. He then described how Fabry-Perot cavity quantum electrodynamics with single-atoms trapped in high-finesse optical resonators could be employed for the realization of such quantum networks. The second talk, titled as Photonic Integrated Circuits as Key Enablers for Datacom, Telecom and Sensor Systems, given by Larry A. Coldren from UC-Santa Barbara, USA, addressed that why PICs are desirable for modest to high volume communication, sensing and instrumentation functions, where size, weight, power and cost are of major concerns.

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Sitting on the Shoulders of Giants

By Howard Lee | Posted: 10 June 2014

The second half of my day was spent hearing more interesting talks and ended on a high note with the reminder that we are all “sitting on the shoulders of giants.” Here is a summary of this afternoon’s great experience:

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Off to a Great Start: Studying Optical Activity in Photonic Crystal Fiber

By Howard Lee | Posted: 10 June 2014

I arrived to the nice city of San Jose to attend the CLEO 2014 conference for the first time. Upon entering the convention center, I found a sea of people at the front desk getting conference materials and registering. Despite the crowd, everyone looked excited about the program today! After making my way through all the people, I headed over to session SM2N “Modes in fibers”.

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CLEO Honors Great Advancers of Photonics

By Dominic Siriani | Posted: 10 June 2014

One of the great things about CLEO is that not only is it a way to keep up with cutting edge research, but it also allows us to reflect on how we got to this point and who brought us here. The latter was the topic of two symposia held at the conference on Sunday and Monday evenings.

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Advancements in blue-green LEDs & silicon photonic integration

By Sheng Liu | Posted: 10 June 2014

Today there were a couple of standouts that I’d like to highlight.

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CLEO Short Courses Do Not Disappoint leading up to technical program

By Shamsul Arafin | Posted: 9 June 2014

Warm greetings from San Jose, CA. CLEO: 2014 has just gotten off to a great start with a number of short courses on a wide range of hot topics including ultrafast optics, nonlinear optics, metamaterials and nanophotonics. I was really excited about this event for so many reasons- all of which I’m not sure can fit in this one post.

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Sandia National Laboratories Attending CLEO

By Shen Liu | Posted: 13 May 2014

As the highest level optics/photonics general conference, CLEO is not just for universities, but also heavily participated by national laboratories in USA. This year at CLEO, Sandia National Laboratories will present 26 oral and poster presentations. Notably, 12 (total 17 including coauthored papers) of these will be presented by researchers from the department of Applied Photonic Microsystems, an impressive number from a small department comprised of less than 20 people including staff scientists, post-docs, and student interns.

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Phenomenal Plenary Speakers & the Latest Industry Innovations

By Staff | Posted: 5 May 2014

The CLEO team sat down with 2014 Chairs (Bill Munro and Roberto Morandotti, General Co-Chair and Program Co-Chair, Fundamental Science; Rene-Jean Essiambre and Craig Arnold, General Co-Chairs Science & Innovations and Eric Mottay, Program Co-Chair, Applications & Technology) for insight on this year’s esteemed Plenary Speakers. The Chairs also talked about why it is beneficial for technical attendees to stop by the CLEO: Expo, featuring over 300 leading companies from around the world.

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A Peek at the Program: Epsilon-Near-Zero Metamaterials, Photonic Crystal Fibers & more

By Howard Lee | Posted: 1 May 2014

Now that the CLEO technical program is finalized, it is really convenient to use the “Itinerary Planner (IP)” available on the CLEO website to search for the research talks that you might be interested in.  With IP, you can save all the talks you plan to attend and populate in a day by day format.  It is also very easy to search for old colleagues, friends, college-mates, etc. with IP and see whether they are an author presenting and attending CLEO: 2014 or not.

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