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Luminaries of the Photonics World to Share Their Successes

By Lynn Savage | Posted: 5 November 2014

What does it take to become a VIP of the research world — someone who, to most people, is miles ahead of anyone else in their scientific field? For the average citizen of the world, these things are measured by awards — not the number, but which ones.

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Anticipating the thrill of emerging technologies

By Lynn Savage | Posted: 8 September 2014

While I am sure that some people find that attending conferences can be a bit of a chore – something to get done as soon as possible before heading back to “real work” – that has never been true for me. And I don’t know you very well, but I’m guessing conferences aren’t a burden to you either, given that you’re here, reading about one that won’t arrive for months.

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27 Low Level Light Therapy: the Path Forward

By Guest Blogger, Elieza Tang, The Optical Society Blog | Posted: 27 August 2014

LLLT/PBM describes the use of light therapy in the visible and near-infrared spectrum for stimulating biological responses. Extensive laboratory experiments and clinical trials have demonstrated PBM to be efficacious in tissue regeneration including the skin, muscle, nerves, bone, spinal PBM has been shown to produce an analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory effect and promote angiogenesis. The results from these controlled clinical trials and laboratory studies provides

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Nanophotonics at CLEO: 2014 – two important talks

By Liu Yuxiang (guest) | Posted: 23 June 2014

So much went on a CLEO:14! Here are two highlights.

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Posters and Postdeadlines: optical broadband angular selectivity among other hot topics

By Howard Lee | Posted: 14 June 2014

The poster sessions that I have attended over last 3 days at CLEO have been great (the only recommendation I might add is that it would have been really nice  if they taken place closer towards the end of the day). The quality of the posters are very high, I enjoyed them immensely.

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Exciting day filled with plenary session, tutorial talk, market focus and OSA student booth!

By Howard Lee | Posted: 12 June 2014

I was happy to spend most of my time today at several CLEO events; Plenary talk, technical talks, poster session and market focus. This morning’s Plenary session  was on the topic “Fibres and the future” by David Payne. Prof. Payne  gave a great overview on the works of fiber amplifier. Using cladding-pumped microsturctured fiber, amplifier with high output power at telecommunication wavelength or IR can be realized. Prof. Payne also suggested an idea that these kinds of fiber-laser would be designed as a powerful laser for next accelerator for CERN! This idea may be realized by using array of fiber lasers combined with multicore fibers to confine to a high power output laser and finally delivery by hollow core bandgap fiber.

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DOD requests information for an innovation manufacturing institute – photonics

By Sheng Liu | Posted: 12 June 2014

On June 2, 2014, Department of Defense (DoD) announced a Request for Information (RFI) Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation, RFI-RQKM-2014-0022.

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Advanced Semiconductor Lasers

By Dominic Siriani | Posted: 12 June 2014

Since it’s a topic that’s close to my heart, I enjoy the opportunity to see the latest work on semiconductor lasers whenever I come to CLEO. As always, I have been very impressed by all the work I’ve seen. And here I’d just like to highlight a couple of the many very impressive talks on this topic.

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CLEO 2014 continues with Plenary Session, CLEO: Market Focus

By Shamsul Arafin | Posted: 12 June 2014

On the Wednesday morning, CLEO 2014 started with an excellent plenary talk on Fibers and the Future given by the inventor of erbium-doped fiber amplifier, David Payne (University of Southampton, UK), which featured the recent advancements and developments of optical fibers and its associated technologies such as fiber lasers, modulators, detectors or its relevant applications in telecoms and sensing. In his presentation, he showed different type of novel fiber design concepts including multielement fiber, multi-core fibers, anti-resonant hollow core fibers and the pros and cons of each design in terms of the transmission capacity, cross-talk noise reduction capability and suitability of interconnection technologies.

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Topological Insulators in Photonics

By Dominic Siriani | Posted: 11 June 2014

In a recent Physics Today article, Mohammad Hafezi and Jacob Taylor reviewed their recent work on creating topological insulators for light (Physics Today, May 2014, p. 68, http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/PT.3.2394). One of the great things about CLEO is that this sort of cutting-edge research is commonly part of the program. And never failing to please, this year’s conference featured a couple of talks on this novel topic in photonic science.

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