• Technical Conference:  13 – 18 May 2018
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Thursday at CLEO: posters, pizza and postdeadline

By Howard Lee | Posted: 15 May 2015

Today technical and poster sessions are great as usual. Although it takes me some time to wait before getting a free pizza due to the long queue, I then have chance to chat with my previous advisor at Hong Kong on our recent researches. I enjoyed all these networking sessions filled with food and drinks to discuss science and the latest status of all our friends and colleagues.

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Wednesday Wrap Up

By CLEO | Posted: 14 May 2015

Highlights from Wednesday, May 13th at CLEO:2015.

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Tuesday and Wednesday at CLEO

By Arti Agrawal | Posted: 14 May 2015

I meant to write a blogpost yesterday but because I was up too late talking to some new people I met at the conference, I didn’t. But that is not too bad as we may explore working together on a new problem!

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Tuesday Wrap Up

By CLEO | Posted: 13 May 2015

Highlights from Tuesday, May 12th at CLEO:2015.

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So here we go: Monday at CLEO 2015

By Arti Agrawal | Posted: 13 May 2015

CLEO 2015 has begun with a bang. I started it with misplacing my suitcase at San Francisco airport and having to drive back from San Jose to San Francisco to retrieve it. Luckily this unlocked bag that had my laptop and other valuables was not stolen. It seems that the same luck is staying with me in my choice of talks. And I’ll get to these in a bit.

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Monday Wrap Up

By CLEO | Posted: 12 May 2015

Highlights from Monday, May 12th at CLEO:2015.

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Sunday Wrap Up

By CLEO | Posted: 11 May 2015

The first of the attendees arrived on-site today at the San Jose Convention Center. Exhibitors have started to move in and set up their booths in the exhibit halls. Each morning of the conference, we’ll be sending a daily wrap message – spotlighting things to note for the day ahead and highlights from the day before.

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An All-Star Assemblage Featured at CLEO 2015 in San Jose

By Lynn Savage | Posted: 9 May 2015

You can tell when CLEO is just around the corner when the Hollywood blockbusters start to arrive. Back in the heyday of drive-in theaters, the summer movie season started after Memorial Day, the unofficial dawn of the vacation season. But when the era of the summer blockbuster began in the 1970s – with movies like Jaws and, especially, Star Wars – the release date of so-called “tent-pole” flicks crept up earlier and earlier. The release of Star Wars in mid-May cemented the practice of pushing big-budget films upon an eagerly primed audience.

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Can't wait for CLEO 2015 and this special year, "International Year of Light"

By Howard Lee | Posted: 5 May 2015

When you look at the lineup of the plenary session of the CLEO 2015, you can absolutely tell how exciting CLEO is this year.

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A Mind’s Eye Journey through the Exhibition Hall

By Lynn Savage | Posted: 10 April 2015

Trade shows can seem like a necessary evil. Everyone goes to one eventually, but is anyone really enjoying themselves?

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