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Propagating Further

By David Norris (guest post)

This is part 3 of a 3 series post on the Controlled Light Propagation Incubator meeting at OSA headquarters in Washington, DC

After a final session of talks on new developments in 3D imaging methods and funding opportunities, our host Jerome Mertz presented a timely summary of outstanding problems and possible solutions identified during this week’s IncubatorPropagationmeeting meeting:

  • The main challenge remains increasing the signal from a point of interest in the face of a large background of diffuse light. Tools such as spatial light modulators can impart a signal gain up to the number of pixels, but no further.  Multi-photon techniques hold promise but require compensation of both spectral and spatial degrees of freedom.
  • The utility of the so-called “memory effect” for scanning a focus across a sample was much discussed, but without clear consensus on whether it can work in the completely diffusive regime.  An alternative is sampling at multiple separated spots, either sequentially or in parallel.

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